out of the house

18 April 2011

...but only for a cold minute. 

I'll be back tomorrow. 

In the mean time I have this to share and poll. 

Simon, Julia and I went to Mass on Saturday evening and just as we were all heading out the door Simon and I noticed that we had unwittingly dressed in matchy match outfits.

Simon suggested that I poll the audience to ask,

Who Wore It Best?

See you tomorrow...bright and early!


  1. Grace wore it best, but Simon worked the camera better!

  2. Either that's a weird camera angle or Simon's got a bow in his legs that could rival Christina Aguilera's.

  3. yeah i was going to say grace wore it best but simon's pose stole the show.

  4. Hahaha! You should have at that point just made J match too, but that would have totally swayed the poll. Wish I had been seated behind you at Mass to notice. Didn't even see you guys, most likely because I was busy keeping G from eating the palms and keeping M and J from sword fighting with them.

  5. What exact pose was Simon trying to do? So funny!

  6. school uniforms.....but who took the pic? J in her bumbo?

  7. You two are freakin' hilarious! Josh and I do this more than I like to admit. But I, being the more dominant personality, make him go back and change. After all, I do usually look the cuter :)



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