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07 April 2011

If you've come to be wowed

go away

click away

skiddily diddily daddle

not today

All you'll find today is another typical post:
1. Julia is mistaken for a young boy baby
2. Grace makes Julia a dress not fit to wear in public
3. Grace 'fixes' a dress but it looks like she just put on nicer shoes

 Excuse the monotony but I've been busy thinking up home decor ideas for the cardboard box we will be living in in St. Louis due to the ugly shortage of suitable homes available to semi-kind folk like ourselves. I've also been scouring the real estate world's answer to Facebook which is the super depressing Listingbook. Yawn yawn yawn. 

Alright, off we trot:

1.  On yet another outing to the grocery store for Grace and Julia 
(we like to go on a daily basis...keeps things spicy and I really was in the mood to devour an entire carton of cottage cheese...which I did on the two minute drive home) 
(Julia is finally outgrowing her allergy to affection)
this exchanged ensued:
lady clerk: oooo he sure likes to stare...or is he a girl?
grace: oh, yes a girl. Everyone mistakes her for a boy though...don't worry!
lady clerk: well! Its because you keep her hair cut so short! Keep it long and feminine!

well ring a ding ding...I'll have to refrain from that masculine daily buzz I've been subjecting little J to lately.

2. I found the cutest little girl dress tutorial on the amazing world wide web and since I still had a healthy portion of the neverevereverending bed sheet...I decided to give it a whirl:
Initially, I thought I had made the world's most modest baby maxi dress

until she sat down:
nothing modest about that. 
 Needless to say she will not be leaving the house in this frock until she is at least 12 months...maybe 18...we'll see how she behaves in the mean time. 

She was pleased with how the back camouflaged the dreaded "clearly I am wearing fluffy underpants" diaper bottom:

3. I bought this dress at a little boutique that happens to be a national chain by the name of Target:
I've never worn it because generally I like to be a modest mouse and wear cardigans over dresses and with the likes of those buttoned biceps dwarfed Hulk Hogan's and the buttons under the bust looked weird and awkward. 

So...I performed some minimally invasive surgery and cut off the buttons, cuffs and bust flaps and tightened it up in the back ever so slightly
and I added fancier shoes...obvio. 
the sleeves aren't perfect but will be hidden by a cardigan anyway
any better? I know not

and now I'm off to be frivolous and paint my toenails a lovely shade of nude. 

see you tomorrow...fear not!


  1. I have multiple questions/comments but in the interest of time I will keep short and sweet.

    1.WT the belt on J??? please do not tell me you are J are sharing belts now, because if you are I am coming to Kansas and force feeding you a milkshake!

    2. J looks soooooo cute in these pics I cant stand it.

    3. I LOVEY the cashiers comment. And I think it is mostly bc I could see you giving her a little buzz cut right before you apply her blush, mascara and marker earings!

    xoxo, C

  2. I love love love J's dress!!! Maybe not the revelation of so much baby boobie but its adorable and no one would EVER mistake her for a boy in it!

  3. i dont believe a cashier really said that. did she really??? ahahhahahahahahahahahaha! people never cease to amaze.

  4. ps i love her maxi. so adorable

  5. I loooove her dress! And the baby belt! I want one for ME. Work it, J!

    Freckles in April | a modest fashion and lifestyle blog

  6. I especially love the snuggles photo!

  7. Thanks for the laugh, Grace! It's no fair that your "mundane" is way more exciting than my entertainment!

  8. my fave fave FAVORITE Julia pictures...ever! What a perfect little dress, and what an adorrrrable little model!

  9. Best of luck in your house hunting. I too have become quite addicted to the Listingbook posts. I just keep thinking the perfect house is just one more click of boring, non-updated, overpriced pages away.

    P.S. If it makes you feel any better the lady at Mass yesterday said our little Thomas was "so pretty"...guess the football hat didn't help.

  10. Closing in on hour number 4 in the library and decided to take a (semi) well deserved camppatton break.

    Definitely gleaned some not-so-heartwarming looks as I laughed out loud to the idea of you shaving Julia's head daily. Please have some self control and restrain yourself from now on.

  11. heyyy this is a funny post. i LOVE THE DRESS JULIA IS WEARING! do i see a skinny belt around it? got to cinch that waist in.

  12. I spit. Baby boobs. What a scandalous concept.



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