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26 April 2011

is lame. 

The creative director of Camp Patton (Simon) suggested I do a fashion post today. 

H No. 

But then he roped me in with his poses and charm after a delicious dinner out with his family and a family outing to the grocery store. 

Take One:
poser on your left and elephant ear-sized flared nostrils holding eminem and housing 13 week old in-utero baby wearing predictable and boring amniotic fluid on your right

Take Two:
(Simon's sister fittingly deemed Simon's outfit: LL Bean-esque) 

in a more relaxed setting. 
this is minutes before Julia spit up...not out the usual mouth avenue but using a forbidden thru street: her nose. 
Should I be worried or proud?

Simon is finished with school until his residency starts in June and he has generously agreed to share waking up with Julia duties during his little sabbatical. Luckily for him, Julia slept in until 6:30 this morning. True to his word, he popped out of bed and got her up when she demanded but crawled back into bed almost a minute later. I didn't think much of it until I heard an adult female voice yell, "buttocks!!". My inner helicopter's propellers started to turn so I got up to investigate and found Julia very engrossed in crazy asymmetrical hair's workout that was still in the DVD player from yesterday's half-hearted workout sesh.
lazy, innovative or still asleep?

When I asked him about it he said he was merely, "spicing things up for her."


and on a much more exciting note...the former homeschooler in me can't get this song out of my head. 
(especially the "...or asked the grinning bobcat why he grins?" line)




  1. G,

    1) I want those HOT wedges in mustard yellow.

    2) I did not know you were home schooled (I was too...for a little while).

    3) Your former Gallupian self is coming out with your love for Pocahontas songs...just sayin.

  2. giggled myself through this post and yesterday's!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I just made your day.... considered yourself a blog award recipient! Love your Blog Grace...Julia deserves to have you make her a new dress or pants or something for being such a wonderful little muse.

  4. it took me until now...and a severely drawn out explanation from my roommate realize there is un bebe numero dos in the oven!! the riddle you had a few weeks ago, ___and___in the ____...i obviously thought it was Grace and Julia in the kitchen. Silly me!!!!


    im going to give myself a stern talking to now...

  5. okay wait what?!
    I obviously am out of the loop b/c
    1) you are moving most likely in June? So soon! Hope you all have had some luck house hunting. So exciting!
    2) did you just slip in there that you are 13 weeks preg? oh em gee.
    If this is true, sending virtual excitement and congrats:)
    Siblings are glorious to watch.

    Oh and you all crack me up as always.
    Julia is presh.
    That's all for now!



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