hello Wednesday

06 April 2011


was Simon's exact response to my response to all of the wrong gender assumptions about poor little J:
 Yes sir. We shoot for the moon and land among the brightest stars around these parts.

and then when I walked out wearing this get up for a family walk with little Huckleberry last night:
 he asked, "do you ever say things like, 'heavens to betsy!' when you're alone?"

J came to my rescue and helped de-age my outfit a bit with her flying nun habit/bun cover
knee slap. 

I forgot to mention yesterday that I had an award to give out:
kind comment of the week to my good friend Caitlin:
in response: every post please.


somethings new learned in Scrabble land this week: "urines" is in fact a word and the word, "eh" will score very few points no matter how strategically it is played. 

Now, can you tell me how to get back to More-Excitingville as I seem to have taken a wrong turn somewhere wayyyyyyy back in January?

much obliged.


  1. I love your blog! You crack me up every time! Heavens to betsy.. hahaha.

  2. your floors look shiny... flylady is working!

  3. is it that cold there still? knee length sweater AND a scarf? heavens to betsy - one of Slug's favorite sayings, so it's all good. you are in with the underground hip-hop crowd.
    and caitlin's comment is hilarious.

  4. Hahaha! No, sorry, heavens to betsy! I can't believe you put make-up on your baby. That's the funniest thing I've ever seen.

    If it makes you feel better, I firmly believe that all babies are androgynous until at least a year. Even mine. Especially mine. If the evidence hadn't suggested otherwise each time I changed her diaper, I would have sworn that Charlotte was a boy.

    Don't worry, she'll get girly enough when her hair grows, and then when she throws a temper tantrum in the shoe aisle because you won't buy her the most godawful sequined heels, you'll wish you were back in the days when people said, "Oh, he's so cute!"

  5. its 10:42pm and I am shackled to my desk working on yet another mind numbing excel sheet for yet another uneventful event that I am forced to put on weekly for my [un]happily em-ployed existence... I take a little hop to camp p for my daily antidote of humor (G) cute (J) and of course things I have never thought of...(S) and HEAVENS TO BETSY what do I find!!! An award given to ME ?!?!? Honored is not even the HALF of it!!!!!!! Day made (and JUST in time!!!!!!!). I accept the award on behalf of all your faithful readers!!! Thank you thank you thank you. (nice pic too! I wish I could take credit for that up-do but that was New Mexican work!)

  6. hahaha i love the award. it's fantastic. T says things like "dadgum" and "doggone" and quite often starts sentences with "i damn near..." what??? so i'm sure heavens to betsy is soon in my future.

  7. I'm back to reading and seriously, you crack me up.



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