7 (official) Quick Takes Friday Volume VII

08 April 2011

Linking up to Conversion Diary's Quick Takes once again.
Friday. Yay. 

1. Julia has a boyfriend and his name is foooooood:
she loves him. so very very much.
(the clip is nine or twenty six bearable seconds long...just watch)

2. I made my first non-failure of a salad dressing the other night.  I simply Googled, "best salad dressing in the world" and this genius gem popped right up. 
  • 1 cup vegetable/olive oil
  • 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced

    the recipe said to combine and shake but I chose to go wild and blend in the blender...refrigerate for an hour and reblend...something about letting the natural flavors come to life.
    It is very good in my high and mighty opinion. Julia even devoured 1/4 cup straight up.

3. I am definitely (or defiantly which seems to be a very popular spelling for definitely these days) regressing in the sewing department. I made this disaster (don't tell her but I had a heck of a time getting this over her hips...after it wouldn't budge over her head) of a skirt for little J but I told her that she better appreciate or her little one cent per month allowance would be shaved down to one cent per quarterly period. 
 She immediately cooperated with no questions asked. 

4. Oh...what is she holding you ask? A little product I am going to plug. This Pantene Pro-V Beautiful Lengths Conditioner is pure magic in a bottle and the monster bottles are on clearance for $1.98 at a Target near you. My hair is woven into intricate nests by rats on a nightly basis and is perpetually a tangled nightmare. One application of this pretty potion and my brush had no trouble gliding through my locks post shower. I even skipped my usual three coat routine of Double Dutch Apple Detangling Spray (for kids).  I'm hoping it will work the same magic for Julia's thick and knotty locks.

5. More dress resizing. Don't be too blown away. 
what? you didn't do anything. Well...I did. But if I were honest and showed how loosey goose the top was would see the spate of immodesty sins this dress was committing whenever worn. Now it is basically indecently short. 
Bah humbug.

6. Photo filler...I think Julia looks like a big two year old here:
oh, profundity.

7. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel here but my mom's phone called my phone the other day and I picked it up:
G: Hi Mom!
other end: Oh, hi Grace (clearly was my brother...Peter)
G: How's it going?
other end: oh, sorry just so you know this isn't Mom..this is Peter
G: Oh, thanks. Confusion all cleared.


Julia and I were enjoying the beautiful weather on the front porch earlier today. I was reading and she was playing with one of her obnoxious singing stuffed animals (and by playing I mean suffocating and chewing his/her hand to drooly bits). I decided to break from my reading and sing the ABC's with her toy which Julia generally finds highly amusing. After I loudly sang/yelled and applauded my duet with the toy I looked over to see our retired professor neighbor (whom I have never seen crack a smile) knee deep in fertilizer obsessing (as usual) over his lawn no more than 12 yards away and chuck chuck chuckling. Little soundtrack for his sweat. De nada.

Have an awful weekend!

Just Kidding


  1. What was J eating that was so delicious?? So adorable!!! Would love a video of you belting out the ABC's too!

  2. oh my god how were you not cracking up after each moan? Whatever she was eating made her heart swell with delight. It reminds me of the noises roxy used to make when she ate burritos from frontier. or the noises i make when i have taco bell in hand.
    i think i have that same dress in black. from target?
    and her skirt is adorable.

  3. LOL!!! video=awesome. love the skirt and headband on J!

  4. quick takes:
    1. Please post more videos of J eating! so so so funny. I love how much she loves food. she reminds me of a young me.

    2.while considering posting more video's of J also consider posting one of you singing along w said stuffed animal. I think all of your faithful following would enjoy.

    3. I think you are refering to me when you speak of popular ways to spell definitly. and fyi. that is a hard word to spell.

    thank you.

  5. I showed the video of J to Hew and he yelled, "Baby!" and giggled at her enthusiasm for food.

    I am beyond flattered to think that that precious baby reminds Jessica of me. Even if it is for the weird noises.



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