razzle dazzle

12 April 2011

razzle dazzle nothing.

Nothing at all.

Let's seeeee...Julia watched in awe/horror from the comfort of her walker this morning as I tried to make my way through portions of this DVD:
That's right. Hot Body Boot Camp. You know you're intrigued. Basically the instructor is crazy and her asymmetrical haircut and workout outfits are even crazier. I drew the line when she started doing a legitimate army crawl and then screamed/yelled/chanted something about sculpting those rock hard buns.

Sooo....we did that.

and I used these tutorials to cobble this skirt together this afternoon:
I'm not sure who died and made Simon the blogging czar of the universe but he said I need to stop taking photos in the dining Julia graciously ventured outside with me to snap this. 

Julia at her photographer's perch. Such talent.

That really is all I have to offer today. Lame to the o. I know. 

We'll hope for more juice tomorrow. 


  1. 1) Daaaang, Kate Gosselin really got ripped.

    2) I was just thinking to myself that you have changed your backdrop for outfit pics when you so kindly gave an explanation. Gracias.

    3) What was J looking at so intently in the pic on the right?? I must know.

  2. Hot Body Boot Camp looks like it's run by Suze Orman the financial guru....jack of all trades. Whipping your 401K and gluteus maximus in shape simultaneously!

  3. have to agree with simon. the backdrop makes for a refreshing change.

  4. love the change of scenery-i was actually waiting for it.



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