20 April 2011

No stumping Camp Patton's readers!!

Delicious chicken dinners are in the mail to all of the smarty pants!!
Thank you for all of your lovely comments and heart will remain warmed until about mid-June.

Julia was a little laughing machine yesterday...finding almost everything I do hilario. 
I was innocently eating my dinner last night (Simon was on call otherwise we would've been eating like civilized people standing at the kitchen counter) and she thought it was a real riot:
Maybe I should've rented her out to the circus for the night...make her earn her little keep.

She is normally so serious for the camera:
(seeking praise from her mute and heartless mother)


wake up! No more videos...cross my heart.

Just this happy photo post successful St. Louis home inspection this past weekend
Simon, big boy and Grace (rocking a seam bulging bicep)

(sorry so short)

Back to your regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow...I think. 


  1. shits and giggles from tejas!

  2. So cute (both the house and Julia)! And everyone is looking at the camera and smiling in that last photo. I would say it should be a photo for next year's Christmas card, but obviously one person's little face isn't pictured. :)

  3. THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG!! YAY!!! I will be expecting a chicken dinner very soon...or a replica of that black dress you made because I am a very jealous sister over here in the bubble...

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