Hermine and other things

02 September 2016

Linking up with Kelly!

1. Hermine hit us hard ...

No, she didn't. We've only had some minor (well! Simon might call it more than minor ... ) flooding but I know that lots of people don't have power and are dealing with a lot more damage and SO - I'm not complaining one bit.

The kids called me out to ask me to get the frisbee for them and when I asked where it was Sebastian answered, "well, somehow it fell on the roof."

Yes, somehow.


On our 23492839048th Home Depot run of the month. Julia has declared that she, "doesn't like stores that sell wood" aka -- Home Depot because I always get lost and take too long but the boys - they're my troopers and have the paint swatch collections to prove it.

3. You know I can't not say anything about the new Bachelor. I know a lot of people aren't happy (and I do feel terrible for Luke - it really sounds like it was him up until the last minute) BUT I'm excited about Nick. I always like what Sharleen has to say and this topic is no different. A few people have told me they won't watch a season of him but we'll see if they're singing a different tune in January. We'll see!

4. I'm guessing your junk/spam folder is overflowing with Labor Day sales alerts but the one that caught my eye was 50% off jeans (and other things, as always) at Old Navy. I'm in the market for a black pair and am so curious about this sculpting (how Old Navy? how does that work?) denim so maybe I'll sneak out to try them on this weekend. Update - tried them on and loved them. Really loved! They aren't to be worn on super hot days but I loved the higher rise and they feel a lot like other much pricier brands. I just wish the store had had more colors in my size. They fit true to size but if you're in between sizes I would order up. 

5. I was really hoping this top would go on sale because the reviews are so positive and I like the length and feel of Madewell tees but no such luck - yet! I'll wait. And maybe browse their 30% off sale styles in the mean time. Just maybe.

6. Oh! Thanks for all your yays and nays on Audible. I am a big fan of Overdrive and checking out audio books from our library but I just always (always!) want the newer titles that have monthS long waiting lists. I'm going to try the free trial and let you know my thoughts at the end - de nada. I did finally just get off the waiting list for A Hundred Summers and have super high hopes. I'll let you know my thoughts about that too!

7. Phoebe is getting better and better at her selfie game ...

mom joke.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Just texted Simon to check on you guys and this showed up in FB! Glad you didn't get hit too horribly. Heard the kids were out of school. Not sure if that was good or bad!

  2. So glad you weathered the storm my friend. Good luck with the next home project. Can't wait to see it documented.

  3. Those sculpting jeans are freaking magic. Get them.

  4. Can you talk about that whole in your fence? Seriously. Although I see you still have a climber so I guess it's not an escape to the neighbor's yard???

    1. Haha! It's a plastic bubble so the former owners' dogs could see outside the fence - not a hole :)

  5. Glad you all weren't hit too hard. Love the rain jackets. They are precious. And I might just have to sneak out to Old Navy now too (it's Grace's fault, Chris.....). :)

  6. I love Audible! I'm going to check out this overdrive that you speak of. I have a 45 minute commute and I listen to Audible on my drive. They run sales often and I can pick up titles for $1.95 - $3.95 and they're new titles too. I also get the Amazon Kindle daily deal email. A lot of those sales will have "add Audible for $1.95 which ends up making the Audible book $5 instead of $15+ if you bought it separately. Just a tip :)

  7. I just finished A Hundred Summers! I'm on a Beatriz Williams kick.

  8. THOSE JEANS ARE AMAZING. I might have 4 different pairs. I might have just bought two of them recently and I might be mad that I'm missing out on this sale, but MAN those jeans are worth it.

  9. I am so excited that it's Nick instead of Luke! Luke was okay, but I find Nick so much more interesting. He can come off as kind of stuck up sometimes, especially in Andi's season, but he always seems to have really insightful things to say. He actually reminded me a little bit of Sharleen during Andi's season.

  10. Not sure if your library also offers Hoopla or Axis 360, but in addition to Overdrive, these are two other ways to get downloadable audiobooks. The upside is the books are always available - no wait lists! I swear by this trifecta to get me through loooong Overdrive waits. Ps. Love your blog & grams.



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