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31 August 2016

You know when you have a bunch of pressing things to do but you ignore them and do something not-at-all pressing that really doesn't need to be done at all? I do that all the time. ALL the time.

And this dresser is one of those things ...

I'm SURE you all remember the original color of the dresser (because Patton furniture colors are high on your priority list) and I still liked it and there was nothing wrong with it but we painted it over seven years ago and it just needed a little love.

One of my super sweet blog buddies sent a St. Theodore icon so I hung that up in the room, and I bought a really cool cow (cattle?) print from Britt's shop and replaced one of the photos above Theo's bed so why not just keep on keeping with the room sprucing? Why not.

I know it's smart to get paint samples before painting but I just picked the color that I thought I wanted and rolled with it. I'll be answering to, "Mrs. Wild and Crazy" for the remainder of the year, thanks. Also, if someone wants to turn back time, push that bottom drawer in, and retake these photos that would be great. Thanks again.

The process was a lot more simple than I predicted because back when we painted it for the first time I remember it feeling like an eight day long odyssey of sanding and painting and painting and painting -- I'm not sure what was different this time around. I'm a lot less thorough than Simon? I'm more rush-and-do-a-subpar-job rather than take-your-time-and-make-it-perfect type of person? I don't know.

I just used our handy little sander ...

(Wild and Crazy should've been wearing a mask, safety glasses, hair tie, and maybe some work clothes but she had to live up to her name)

and then used these amazing (really! so worth it) little tack cloths to get all the sand off and went to work with my paint+ primer combo.

I sanded in between with a super fine sander and put on two more coats (sanding in between) and then - done.

Oh, you didn't want a detailed how-to? I'm sorry.

But let me finish -- I went back a few days later and touched up some spots that I'd missed.

Okay, really done. With the dresser!

Onto another corner of the room. Cackle.

I found these little hooks on Amazon and couldn't help but sand and paint them too ...

but now I'm wondering if I need to mintify the bookshelves too? Too much - says Lazy Grace. Too much mint for one little room.

I wish I could tell you that this is the end of Grace's wildly impressive home projects but unfortuntaly we're just getting started, folks. Get excited or get out the way.

Happy Wednesday.

Also - not that my photos are ever awesome but I'm sorry these are grainy - it won't stop raining (like cancelled school type of rain - say que?) and the house is so dark and my photog skill are below average at best. I'll do better another time. I hope. 


  1. I love it! I'm soo impatient - the fact that you sanded in between coats is awe-ing me.

  2. Super cute! I might have to get some of those hooks for the boys room. I tend to shy away from hanging things too low on the walls for fear that the crazy little people in my house will attempt to use them to climb up the walls.

    Also, I dream of owning a sander. I should just bite the bullet and get one.

  3. I'm more rush-and-do-a-subpar-job rather than take-your-time-and-make-it-perfect type of person?
    #gracenotperfection :)

  4. Theo is so foxy in his sweater!

  5. I bet they are cancelling school for rain *cough* hurricane warnings* ... shoot they might cancel all the way up here on the SC coast!

    1. haha tropical storm! I think it IS moving up north :(

  6. I don't even sand 90% of the time, I just paint and call it quits!

  7. I don't think there's such a thing as too much mint...

  8. Grace! What's the paint color? :) Just painted our house navy with white trim and I want a minty front door. I'm wild.

    1. Enchanted Meadow by Behr!

      I love that! I REALLY want to paint our house navy!!!

    2. Evvvvvverybody said I was nuts to go so bold but now they're all admitting it looks stellar. Starless Night by Behr was our pick. Thanks for the mint color!

    3. Ha! We're going dark blue, almost navy for our house too and I am trying to convince hubby that the door must be mint. He's leaning towards red but MINT MINT MINT!!! (#mintsmyfavoritecolor)

  9. So how many coats did you actually end up doing? I am getting ready to tackle all things painting in our house (once I finish up with my church lady job last day Sept. 30 YAY!) and have several pieces of furniture I am going to paint. I listen to ALL Grace Patton advice so I purchased the tack cloths and already have the sander. Did you use the super fine sand paper in between to get the paint to stay? What are your thoughts on switching out hardware? Is Behr your go to fav in the painting world? signed - middle aged housewife soon to be painting fool

    1. I did 3 coats! but I think some colors you can get away with two - but since I was going from dark to light - 3 it was! I have no preference on paint brand! And yes, super fine sanding in between coats.

      My sister-in-law who does interior design - told me to switch out the hardware on some pieces and I listened to her - I think it makes a huge difference! Can't wait to see what you transform!!



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