some simple staples for fall

29 September 2016

Alright, alright, alright.

It was not my intention to do two shoppy posts in a row so please accept my apologies but the kids had other plans for their precious nap time and this was hanging out in my drafts just praying to be picked and some of the items are on serious sale so -- the shoe fits for today, I suppose.

More about me me me me me SOON.

I think I did a pretty good job of sticking to my summer basics this summer and while of course it still feels like summer here (as it should - we do live in Florida) it's fun to think about a little fall uniform lineup using things I already have and maybe adding a couple newbies here and there.

Did you know today is national run-on sentence day? It is. Sorry coffee.

1. basic grey t-shirt - self explanatory. The sleeves can be cuffed or not cuffed which makes it a lot more exciting than one might initially think, amiright.

2. basic white t-shirt - I won't scale my Everlane soapbox but suffice it to say I might be their biggest fan. Simon isn't picky about much but he can't handle t-shirts that get stretchy necks after one wash and so - he's a recent Everlane convert since they pass his semi-picky test.

3. graduate cardigan - longer cardigans are all over the place (and I just discovered that there's such as thing as a coatigan???? back in my ancient day they were known as sweater dusters) or so it seems and this one is really lightweight and great for warmer fall climates or dressing up your tee and yogas - or so I've heard.

4. anorak - I've had this jacket for a couple of years and last year bought two more colors on clearance because it is the bomb dot com. Seriously. It's a great length, has a zipped in hood, big pockets, a drawstring waist, and um maybe that's it. I think it's the big collar that sold me? I don't know but I love it.

5. high-rise denim - I've already blogged about these at length so I won't waste your time again but my sister-in-law texted me that she bought a pair and loves them too. So, there's that. I still love the look of distressed denim but will forever love darker washes the most. Don't tell my holey jeans. Thanks.

6. long sleeve striped peplum - I'm not letting my peplum love go quite yet. I have to admit that I've only ordered this but the reviews seemed positive (it runs big, is warm, and long almost like a tunic) - I'll update as soon as it arrives.

7. high-rise flares - flares 4ever. I tried this pair on recently and was impressed with the fit/look for the price. I already have a super similar pair or else I would've been tempted to bite especially because they are on sale. 

8. black floral dress - I'm so so SO happy darker florals are "in" right now (although -- who decides what is in? I don't know - I just keep seeing them all over the place) along with the midi dress length. Match made in happy heaven. And this dress has (wait for it) pockets.

9. New Balance - predictable as ever. Maybe I'll branch out on the sneaker front one of these days. I wear these all day - most days. If Phoebe sees me puting on a different pair of shoes she get sent into a tizzy and dee-mands to know where I'm going because it's probably somewhere fancy. Without her.

10. ankle boots- ankle boots seem to be inescapable these days so I'm giving my beloved clogs a little breather and trying the trend. I have these but ankle boot queen Audrey says this pair is top notch for the price.

I'm tempted to add in some bonus accessories but I also want to get this up before midnight so I'll leave you alone.

Until tomorrow!!



  1. I've been waiting to pull the trigger on some Everlane tees, but I get nervous on tees because the fit can be so good... or so... not good. But you like the fit? Like not too fitted but not too slouchy?

    1. more fitted than slouchy but not tight by any means!!

  2. If you're interested in getting a version of Phoebe's power sweater for yourself, Anthro has a great one that made me think of you!

  3. I want to get an Everlane shirt because I want something I don't need an undershirt for. Do they fit the bill?

  4. The link for the high rise jeans goes to the Loft shirt. What are they?

    1. Shoot, I'm so sorry. Old Navy's high rise denim -



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