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25 September 2016

Linking up with Kelly!

1. as promised, collage-o-photo-fun


1. nap skipper
2. B was quite taken with this lady baby's hair.
3. ladies in hand-me-down Hawaiian prints (thank you Ruth!!)
4. eve of J's birthday wearing their fun shirts
5. from the sweetest friend
6. student of the month
7. shirt forever and ever and ever tucked into his undies
8. sneak peek or full peek at another dresser revamp
9. children at river - still life

2. This Is Us - everyone gave it glowing reviews and I did enjoy it! I think I had heard that SO many people loved it that my expectations were super high and while it didn't disappoint it doesn't rank up there with my all time favorite: Friday Night Lights ... yet. I didn't see that plot twist coming but Simon kept saying how outdated that delivery seemed so - it all made sense at the end. I have to admit that I'm super excited to watch the season premier of Grey's Anatomy tonight -- drama city.

3. I'm SURE you've seen the "describe yourself in three fictional characters" meme floating around and they are cracking me up. Simon and I tried to brainstorm ours last night and this is the best we could come up with ...

Simon ...

Captain Von Trapp (his pick)
Jim (mutual pick)
Matt Saracen (my pick)

4. And onto G-unit

Elizabeth Bennet (his pick)
Eeyore (my pick)
Pam (mutual pick)

If you think these are terrible picks - you try it! It's difficult. Seriously.

5. Books: Okay so I finished both Eight Hundred Grapes and I was pretty underwhelmed with the second half of the book which was disappointing. I'd give it a 3 out of 5 stars if I was in a generous mood. It may have been because I switched to the audio version half way through and it just seemed to change the entire tone? But, the plot was lacking too. Boo. Anyway, I also finished The Secret Life of Violet Grant and love love loved it. I'm so glad/relieved there are two more books in the trilogy. Onto Along the Infinite Sea!

6. Julie started a YouTube channel! Woo to the Hoo. So so so so SO excited.

7. Oh! Thank you for all of the book recs for Julia last week - I loved all of the votes for Elephant and Piggy because that is Phoebe's favorite book so if I could get Julia to read it to her -- champagne and bonbons - where you at?

Have a great (rest of your) weekend!!


  1. I love the way Julia is wearing those bracelets. Very fashionable.

  2. I totally read take 6 as "JuliA is starting a YouTube channel" and I was SO EXCITED. PLEASE make this happen? Pretty pretty please? The world needs it.

  3. I also liked This Is Us, it I didn't love it and I think comparisons to Parenthood is jumping the gun! I plan on watching more, but I'm not quite sure about it.

  4. Have you heard of / seen Last Chance U on Netflix? It's like Friday Night Lights in real life. Just finished watching the series, and felt like I'd just had a reunion with Matt, Tami, and the whole gang.

  5. I love those fun shirts! Super cute idea.
    I've been giving the whole "3 characters" thing a lot of thought and so far came up with Rory Gilmore and that's it. I keep thinking of favorite characters but none of them are "me" lol

  6. You know there is more than one elephant and piggy book, right?

  7. I'm not completely hooked on This Is Us yet either, but even though I had read that a twist was there I didn't see that coming b/c I prefer to try to stay as clueless as possible when watching tv. ;) It did leave me thinking it's going to be really good though and wanting to see the next episode!

  8. I'm watching This Is Us RIGHT NOW (naptime!) and i really like it. I would have loved to watch it with an OB for their take on the delivery :)
    But even though i'm NOT a medical professional, it also looked outdated to me.
    but the show looks great!!

  9. That is so funny that he picked up on the delivery scene being outdated!!

  10. My 5 year old has started reading to my 2 year old and it is such a thing of beauty! I especially like when 2 wants to read the same book over and over and 5 gets annoyed. Sweet sweet revenge - you did that too kiddo!

  11. I felt the same about This is Us, I was afraid I'd cry the whole time and being a crazy mess of hormones, I read all the spoilers before I watched it to make sure nobody died giving birth! Hopefully it picks up as the characters develop. So just curious-- Grace when you read all these books, what format do you get them? Do you wait to get them from the library or do you just bite the bullet and buy them all as hardcopies? I am so much happier when I'm reading a good book and want to try some of the ones you've suggested!



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