park and ride

08 September 2016

Before Simon started his fellowship lots of people warned us that it might be worse than residency in the hours department which I didn't believe for one single second. Not one.

And for once in my life -- I was right.

While we're excited for Simon to be finished with training (still two years to go - it's an Iron Man, not a cute little marathon) we both admit that we are probably getting a little bit spoiled with the flexibility of his hours right now. The adult world will definitely be a bit of a reality check but we're making the most of these years for now.

Por ejemplo ... yesterday Simon suggested we bike to a playground downtown with the three little kids because we could!

When we bought our triple jogger off of craigslist a few years ago the seller kindly threw in two bike trailers which have gotten very little use until this year. Simon bikes the kids to school sometimes and um, I haven't done that yet. And maybe I never will - you never know.

Anyway, back to yesterday's ride!

I tucked my phone into my trailer pocket which Phoebe immediately found, threw her favorite song (Cheap Thrills) on, and snapped MANY wildly flattering photos of her Clydesdale that I won't be posting - de nada.

The ride was just a touch longer than I thought but it felt good to do a different kind of exercise and other than Phoebe asking for water almost the entire time - it was fun. We even timed it right so that we saw Sebastian happily playing out at recess as we rode by the kids' school. Do we live in Pleasantville? Or Tampa? I don't know.

Bosco and his kingdom.

Or just the University of Tampa. Same thing, B. Same thing.

I kept telling the kids to be careful when they got off the merry-go-round because they'd be dizzy but you know who almost toppled over?

Their guardian who underestimated the power of pushing it around while holding Bosco down so that he didn't stand up, fly off, and earn himself a trip to the closest emergency room.

Our whips ...

... stolen from Snapchat because I'm that kind of blogger now.

Normally I'm the bench warmer parent at the park but my how the tides have turned -- just this once ...

Bosco found it as comical as I did.

Crawlers gonna crawl ...

He's giving Theo a run for his retroactive money in the latest walker department. It's going to be a tight race.

Theo is in the super fun, "genuine smiles for miles when he sees a camera" stage of life ...

the funnest.

Phoebe saw Theo scale the concrete 1/2 circle so of course she wanted to do the same but when the rubber hit the road she would not not not let go of my neck ...

until she womaned up and did ...

And that was our morning at the park - to ourselves! mostly! which is the best, as I'm sure you know!

Cheers to fellowship. For now. 


  1. An empty park is THE BEST. For introverted me, that is. You may have inspired me to go for a little after dinner walk to the park tonight.

  2. You're back on snapchat!? I haven't seen any of your stories. I always thought your kids were adorable/hilarious!

    1. I went private - I might change! I'm always going back and forth ha

    2. I was going to ask the same thing! Go public! :)

  3. I was going to ask the same thing as Ashleigh about Snapchat! My husband is a dr too, and your posts about the long hours are helpful. :-)

  4. This makes me so happy to hear because we are currently in intern year with a baby aka I am currently dying.

  5. Riding bikes to the park is one of our favorite family activities! My son calls this one the blue playground due to the blue music play thing.

  6. My Alma Mater! About 50% of the reason I went to UT was because it looked like a castle, lol. If you haven't already, you should go through the museum. Most of the building is classrooms and offices, but they do have some of it preserved as a museum as it was while it was a hotel.

  7. I keep thinking I’d really like to get a bike trailer. Now I really REALLY want to get one.



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