night at the beach

05 September 2016

It occurred to us this weekend that we hadn't been to the beach since Memorial Day weekend and thought it was high time we rectified that situation. I'm sure you're all thrilled that I'm opting to document and share our trip ... 

... Bosco is right there with you except his feelings are actually genuine.

Simon kept remarking that he's never seen Bosco so happy which is saying a lot because aside from some rough teething patches he's a pretty jovial baby/toddler.

But, it's true. He would get visibly and audibly angry if I tried to pick him up to hold him which is hilarious because he does love a good hip perch a la mom.

But not at the beach ...

Destination: Independence. Population: Him.

About 12 seconds after we arrived Phoebe suited up in her puddle jumper and started rummaging through the cooler for some food and then looked at both me and Simon with an expectant look on her face while saying, "sit sit?" ... she needed food AND a place to rest her weary body.

Princess Patton.

Simon took Bosco out for a dip and then brought him back to land/safety ...

... and took himself back out for a swim but swam back in shortly after because he says he was stung/bitten by something on his shoulder (jellyfish? stingray? shark bite? there's no telling out at sea) but when all the kids wanted to go swim said that I was welcome to take them out ...

... thanks.

I walked away unscathed, mercifully.

Theo was happy to get back to his favorite pastime:

hole digging. He'll break for the occasional string cheese or short swim but he's very committed to his sand play which is nice because this little piggy sprint-crawled away every chance he got ...

next time we're bringing a beach leash.

The girls and I rocked our matching suits ...

... which I never pictured myself doing but parenthood makes you do cRaZy things I guess.

I found this on my phone when we got home ...

so either Sebastian has an invisible selfie stick or he employed the likes of Phoebe to capture this gem. The gentleman behind him looks especially amused.

We love coming to the beach in the evening because we don't have to be too terribly worried about sunscreen applications galore, umbrella set-ups, and by the time we get home everyone is ready to fall into bed.

Julia and an unenthused digging session.

Parking is usually relatively easy to find and the crowds are thinning dramatically for the day ...

... if you were ever wanting some bullet points on evening beach going pluses. Now you have them.

Oh, the light is always great for parental selfies too ...

blow it up and frame it? don't mind if we DO.

So, that was the night in a blogshell.

We came home to watch that nail biter of a Notre Dame/Texas game that did not end in our favor but the season is young and at least Notre Dame didn't get killed. The silver linings are shining bright, I suppose.

And! I updated my quick takes post but I did end up going and trying the sculpt denim at Old Navy and really, really loved them. I'm tempted to get a second pair since they're half off until the end of today. I also posted about these tutu dresses on Facebook because I'd thought they'd make a good Halloween costume base - look at me thinking ahead for ONCE. I'd love to hear if you've found any great Labor Day deals too!

Hope you're all enjoying the end of your long weekend.




  1. Love the photos! And yeah still in mourning today :( Next game!

  2. I love bosco's swim suit! I really am glad you decided to update us on your beach night :)

  3. I tried on the sculpt jeans this weekend too...they definitely sculpt. 😁 it was like peeling off a layer of paint when I took them off. A no-go for me.

  4. We do the evening swims too! Not having to worry about sunscreen, crowds, etc is the best.

  5. You're an Irish fan! I was also watching that game/reading with 3 generations of Notre Dame fans. The older 2 commenced with their Kelley hatred like no time had passed between seasons and the youngest may have been rooting for Texas (but he's 6 months and takes queues from the crowd).

  6. Love, Love these pics! I just got back from the beach with my crew last night. I always underestimate how fast a one year old can run on sand...and overestimate the storage capacity of a Suburban!

  7. Ok, now I feel like I need to be a matching bathing suit kind of mom. Where are those from??

  8. I love the family beach pics! And look at you girls matching. Love it! That one of Bash cracks me up. :)



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