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12 September 2016

I'm guessing the vast majority of you are at least vaguely familiar with Stitch Fix but if not -- read allll about it here! This post isn't sponsored in any way shape or form but I do use my Stitch Fix affiliate link - fyi!

Okay, let's get on with it

I normally love at least one or two things from every Fix I get but I have to admit that I sent everything in my last two boxes back. I genuinely think there was some sort of mix up because one box was full of styles/patterns I had specified I didn't like and the other box was very much geared toward someone that lives somewhere with much colder weather. Anyway, Stitch Fix was really nice about it and refunded my styling fee both times and I figured the third time might be winner and IT WAS. I've never really and truly wanted to keep every single thing but this was the first time I was tempted (I didn't! prudence won out, thankfully).

First up is this embroidered dress. It looks and feels a lot pricier than it was and I loved the looser fit - I should've taken my stupid hand off my hip in the first photo but the dress lays very loose and would be great in hot temperatures. It's slightly shorter than I normally go for but thought it would be cute for nicer dates or um - I don't know. I'm sure an occasion will present itself. I hope.

I kept it because it's rare that I really love a dress. Plus - it goes so well with my Fitbit and flatforms.

Onward. You know how much I love the looser fit peplum trend so you can imagine my excitement when I pulled this bad boy out of the box ...

It looks black but it's navy and I thought I would keep it but once I tried it on it felt a little short and boxy and I wasn't super in love with it soooo back it went.

Next up! I was so impressed because I'd forgotten that I pinned a few of these kick (cropped?) flares recently but my stylist noticed and added them. They remind me of my very first pair of capris that I never thought I'd want to wear ever again but here we are. I hate to be that person that says, "I swear they look better in real life!" but -- they do. I swear. Courtesy laugh.

When this trend first popped up (or um, I guess back around) I was like, "ohhh no you don't! no no no no no!" but I kept them because the rise is perfect and they fit well and my resolve is anything but weak. If I lived somewhere cooler I might pass on these but I'm almost 100% certain I can wear these year round with flats and wouldn't they look cute with my dream boots? (dream being the key there)

The brand of the jeans is Mavi and the style was: Anika (Phoebe's middle name) so of course! I took that as a sign. Coolia 4ever.

For our fourth contender we have the orange blouse in the above photo. I'm not a big lover of the color orange (on me) but I was surprised how much I loved it. I was SO tempted to keep it even though I thought I'd hate the longer bell sleeves (can I pull of this look? probably not but I wanted to TRY) but I ended up really liking them. Anyway, these bell sleeves are so hot right now that I'm just going to be on the look out for something slightly more affordable (I love the mock neck style on that one). I also found this one. Or maybe my fomo will fade eventually.

And last but not least (or maybe least since I didn't keep them) are these sandals ...

I didn't think I would love them as much as I did but that's what's funny about Stitch Fix -- I pull things out of the box and am kind of side eying the situation but then I put said questionable whatever on and am sold. But, I didn't get these sandals because I know I could find something similar on super sale now that all the fall/autumn/everyone's favorite season stuff is out on the store floors. But, I do love these. And my fancy pedicure.

Anyway, that's that. Shout out to my stylist (Kristin) for putting together the best Fix ever. You have more than mastered your craft!

Oh! I love that they always include different ways to wear the pieces and generally explain why they chose everything -- feels very personalized ...

Okay. I'm done! But, what do you think? Did I keep the wrong and send back the rights? Orrr ... what? I'd love your thoughts!

Have a wonderful night. 


  1. Ugh. Grace, that peplum looks so good on you! It's totally something I would keep. And that's probably why I have about 5 peplum tops in my closet just waiting to be worn when I'm postpartum next spring.

  2. that dress!! to die for! so chic!

  3. The navy blouse was probs my fave! So sad u sent it back. Maybe it's one of those thinGS that looks better on the interwebs? It sure looked cute in the photo.

  4. That dress is so adorable on you!!

  5. Love the dress on you! And I always love all your shoes! The cropped flares were a great keep, super flattering on you and those LEGS!!!!

  6. ooh that dress is gorgeous! do you have a brand name for it?

  7. Lucky! I tried SF for like 5 months and only ONCE bought something (and it was a necklace). I am pretty sure that my stylists never even looked at my pinterest inspiration board. I remember in December asking for cute sparkly stuff for the holidays and getting a wool and leather dress. Uhhh... huh? Or I'd get a pair of pants I LURVED and they were like $130. Uhhhh... no. I wish it worked for me because I was always so excited to get the fix and I DESPISE shopping. But, alas, it never did...

  8. Such a pretty dress and I agree w/ the others about the navy top- looks great, and that embroidery!!
    And I haven't been sold on the return of cropped flares either but they look really flattering- maybe the higher rise is what makes it work well?

  9. My sister is a stylist for Stitch Fix. (Kelli)
    She loves it and the clothes.

  10. I love them all! I LOVE the peplum top but I know what you mean about not liking things that feel boxy (it doesn't look boxy at all though!) This is the first time I've been super tempted to try Stitch Fix but I'd want them to send me those exact things....which probably wouldn't work out so great right now since I'm 7 months preggo... lol

  11. Loved them all! Go Grace. Go Stitch Fit.

  12. you made all the right choices as usual, except i love the shoes. love love love.

  13. love that top dress. and your hair in all of them.

  14. This is the best Stitch Fix I have ever seen. I have been tempted to try it, but I'm sure they would just throw all the clown clothes in my box.

  15. My last couple have not been good, but I just got my box last week and it was awesome! I did send a couple things back, but kept THE cutest dress and a really great top. They hit enough nails on the head that even though sometimes I'm tempted to cancel when I get a few bad boxes, I keep it up and I'm never disappointed!

  16. I love your shoes in the picture with the orange blouse. Mind sharing where they are from (if you remember)? You are always so adorable!

    1. Target - but from this summer and I couldn't find a link for them. I'm so sorry!



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