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07 September 2016

Well, today I'm blogging about something I never thought I'd feel passionate about or blog about but I do, and am, because life is just a box of chocolates, isn't it?

If you've been reading along for the past few months you know that we've slowly (ever so slowly) been trying to get the house looking a little better than when we first moved in, project by project. One thing I never even thought to update was our blinds but Blindster (kind post sponsor) generously offered to help us out in that department and both Simon and I were shocked how much nicer the living and play rooms looked with new and improved blinds. Our old blinds were fine -- a few of them didn't stay up, and on more than one occasion the entire structure would come crashing down on me if I didn't slowly cradle it up when opening the sensitive sucker.

Almost all of the wands used to turn and open our blinds were broken in half or fallen completely off when we moved in so it feels extra luxurious to be able to open the blinds with just a little string pull - especially in the playroom, where we really need the natural light.

Holding a child with one arm and opening the blinds with another?

living large!

The great thing about Blindster is that their customer service is exceptional and they are very committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and offer a Fit-or-Free Guarantee, which means they'll remake your blinds within 60 days of mis-measurement - free of charge.

Our old blinds hung down far beyond the bottom of the windows and it's amazing how much more polished the windows and therefore the room looks with the correct blinds installed. We opted for faux wood blinds because our kids might take it upon themselves to try to break them and faux wood holds up better than real wood. Simon was so happy to see that the top molding was magnetic 

because we had issues with our previous blind moldings staying put. 

If anyone is in the market for someone to model blind operation 

I just might know a girl ;)

Blindster's prices are all well below retail value and you can get 40% off your order with code: CP40 at checkout until September 18th. 

I never thought I could be overwhelmed with options in the blind department but Blindster's inventory is impressive and there really is something for every room aesthetic. 

Happy Wednesday!


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