15 June 2016

I have to say the cliché and wonder out loud how Bosco is already a whole year old. I know I'm his mom and of course I'm going to say he's the best baby but -- he kind of really is. We had a rough couple of weeks after we moved but since then he's been a little dreamboat the vast majority of the time. I can see tiny glimmers of toddler 'tude here and there -- throwing the occasional toy when he's angry, slapping my face away when he wants food and not a kiss, and getting antsy when I take the time to open the blinds after his nap when he just really wants to get out and play with the kids. But, overall he's pretty easygoing, loves his naps, and is at the glorious age when he's thrilled to play with a set of measuring cups and a spoon for long stretches of time.

Because everyone cares about other people's babies culinary preferences I'll tell you that his favorite foods are avocado, pizza, hummus, and strawberry smoothies. When he hears the blender going he does a very happy dance from wherever he is perched in the house. Much like Sebastian, he's a big fan of any and all trucks and even has a little sound effect that puts into practice whenever he spots one. He could play with the cabinet doors on the toy kitchen for hours, and started saying, "mama - mamamamamamamama" on Mother's Day but has since stopped that little trick. He's forever trying to get outside and his eyes shine bright when someone opens the front door and he sees an opportunity to escape by way of the ever efficient crawl.

Phoebe is always happy to play police and tell him, "no, Offy!!!!" which brings her greater pleasure than I think any of us realize. We keep telling her it's Bosco's birthday to which she scowls and says, "no - mine." Selfless saint in the making.

I was all set to make him a carrot cake when Simon said he didn't think Bosco liked carrot cake (aka - stop making carrot cake, Grace) so we're set to make red velvet cupcakes and probably some pizza for his big (little) celebration tonight.

He's VERY excited.

Happy birthday sweet Bosco Ignatius! Thank you for going with the daily crazy flow and letting Phoebe pretend you're her own personal saddled horse day after day :)

+ Bosco's birth story
+ newborn snaps (thank you Janel!!)
+ 3 months old


  1. Happy birthday, baby. Remembering your birth will always make my heart swell!

  2. Happy birthday to the sweet little prince! And happy birthing day, mama!

  3. Happy Birthday Bosco!! He is so stinking cute!!

  4. He's an absolute doll. So handsome. Happy ONE year to your sweet boy!

  5. Yay! Happy birthday to the littlest Patton!

  6. you make the CUTEST children! He is adorable and I love his twinkly eyes :)

  7. Soooo Cute! I have a 13 month old little cutie. He too is obsessed with getting outside to play... enjoy the crawling while it lasts, John Ellis has been walking since he was 10 months!!

  8. Happy birthday, Bosco!! Cutie. :)



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