the calm before Colin

22 June 2016

Welllll ... this is a little bit like blogging about Christmas right around Easter because tropical storm Colin rolled through here a few weeks ago but I have an embarrassing number of photos from directly before the storm that are just dying to see the light of not my phone camera roll. So, I'll keep this brief ... ish.

I heard talk of the storm but didn't go to any great, "buy all the milk and bread" lengths because I didn't think it was going to hit us too hard and thankfully ... I was right. I was mostly worried that we'd be stuck inside for days on end due to the predicted heavy rain so when I saw a relatively non-rainy hour in the forecast on the morning before the storm I pounced on it and took the kids for a walk.

Rain coats because you just never know.

doesn't Sebastian look like he should be entering 3rd grade and not um, preschool next year? spoken like a true mother, I know.

Phoebe loves to hold Theo's hand ...

... Theo does not. But, he obliges on occasion.

One of these days we are going to wake up and Phoebe is going to tower over Theo. Maybe. Just a parental prediction.

the kids didn't go in the water and this was before that poor toddler was snatched by the alligator at Disney World but you better believe we've stayed far, far away from the water's edge ever since then especially because there are alligator warnings posted (although we have yet to see one in the flesh). My heart really, really goes out to that family - what a nightmare.

Anyway, the kids were intrigued by the "black goose" ... my little aviary experts.

Phoebe was especially happy because there were absolutely no dogs being walked - I'm guessing due to the weather. Dogs are her new grocery store cashier -- her latest and greatest fear. It makes going to the park VERY fun.

Ah, yes Bosco was there too. 

Riding lonely in the triple. He is a lover of the stroller which I will never take for granted because we've had a few stroller hating little angels and a fun life they do not make.

always wrestling - no matter how public or inappropriate the arena. c'est la wildest vie, I suppose.

Later that morning I tried to run an errand and was met with flooded streets and witnessed a semi take down a stop sign so I turned around and s-l-o-w-l-y made my way home. But, other than that the storm was pretty mild in our area. This time! I'm told tropical storm season is young.

Happy Wednesday :)


  1. That picture of Theo and Phoebe holding hands is just the best!

  2. Those raincoats are brilliant! So glad your back to blogging, I missed your salty updates on the Patton crew!

  3. I just love the last pic - the one of Theo and Phoebe wrestling. What a great crew you have! I love hearing about their diverse personalities. My husband is oldest of 7 and they are all so different and so fun. :) Big families are the best!

  4. she was afraid of the cashiers?! OH I am rolling!

  5. I have a son like Bash, he's 4 & everyone thinks he's older than his 6 yr old sister. It's real fun when he's acting his age & people are looking at him like he should be more mature - sorry peep's, he's only 4, he's just a beast! ;)
    Anyway, I am so happy you are blogging again, I love updates on your family & glad you are all doing well :)

  6. haha, Theo and Phoebe wrestling. Such cuties. I think Phoebe is my fave. Is that weird? Sorry/not sorry. ;)



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