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18 June 2016

1. Good morning. Welllll, the older boys set a new house record for ungodly wake up hour morning and rather than wailing and gnashing my unamused teeth -- I'm going to lemonade the situation and link up with Kelly. I'm also going to order this clock. And put them to bed at 4pm this afternoon. Karma and consequences are a b, gentleman. 

pause for a photo of Bosco having the first of his birthday cupcakes and a couple of middle children not able to hide their confusion and annoyance at the situation.

If looks could kill ... my cell camera is dead, buried, and long gone.

2. Only about two years behind the curve I tried my hand at zoodles this week and the general family consensus was shockingly (shockingly!!!!) positive. Simon and the kids are not veggie lovers but with a little avocado sauce and some garlic shrimp helping the situation along - I just wish I'd made a lot more. We'd previously had this contraption which only led to frustration, a bleeding thumb, and the tiniest zoodle yield time after time so I went for the gold after reading lots of positive reviews and I'm a satisfied customer. I might even take the time to write a positive review. Or blog about it. Like I just did.

3. I was so happy to read that I wasn't losing my marbles after reading Christy's assessment of The Nest. The book really left me scratching my head over it's popularity and I'm pretty easy to please in the book department. I was SO happy when Hallie kindly let me know that Emily is coming out with a new book and I'm in the middle of The Assistants which is okay - but SO much better than The Nest. My apologies to any Nest lovers out there.

4. You know I'm a pretty big fan of Stitch Fix and this touching story only made me love the company more. I had a pretty great "fix" earlier this week that you KNOW I'll be sharing with you via many, many mirror selfies. Gird your pupils and judgment. Gird them good.

5. The older three kids start swimming lessons this morning and I think it could either go (wait for it ...... ) swimmingly (stop, Grace, stop) or disintegrate into a very public meltdown disaster. I'm going to pray for the former and prepare for the latter. I'm honestly mostly worried about Phoebe realizing she's not part of the aquatic activities and throwing a small to medium tantrum but we'll cross that bridge over potentially troubled waters when we get there.

6. Sebastian found this (sadly deceased) itty bitty baby lizard yesterday and after having me take a picture he ripped it in half and threw it at Julia's face.

She reacted accordingly and I didn't blame her ONE BIT.

7. Okay, well the boys are requesting a third breakfast and they aren't taking, "in a minute .... or two" for an answer. Maybe I'll take them on a long and step-heavy walk beforehand. Selfless mother

There's so much more I have to say -- like the delicious genius that is this dark chocolate but not super unhealthy popcorn that I discovered this week or how much Bosco relished and enjoyed and looooved this birthday cupcakes (from a box) -- oh, fine! A photo.

Okay, I'll save the rest for later.

Have a wonderful Saturday. I pray you were able to sleep in until 7. At least.

over and out. for now ;)


  1. The Patton pack have the dirty look down pat ;)

  2. We bought a similar clock (the onaroo one) and it's not fool-proof BUT it has been a big help for those mornings when the kids think it must be time to get up because the sun is shining even though it's before 6 am. Hope it helps!!

  3. I am a YES YES YES ALL THE YESSES to that clock. We have the same one and I love it. Keeps my kids in until seven and such an easy response of (is it green? Then go back) without me getting all cranky first thing in the morning. Do it!

  4. Your prayers worked for us: made it to 0715 after a 0445 nursing session--but I'll take it! Try reading The Nightingale: a heartbreaking page turner.

  5. Hahaha their faces are hilarious! And I was also so happy to see christys the nest review since everyone was raving about it! I feel like it saved me some time

  6. okay, that first picture is amazing. hope the swimming lessons went well!

  7. I didn't love The Nest and I'm finishing The Assistants now. Don't love that one either. But both were a nice summer read. Have another stack from that list I sent you, so I'll let you know if I find something I love! Got that zoodle-thingy this spring and it's awesome! I've been wanting one for so long.

  8. Phoebe's face in the first picture is gold. Pure gold.

  9. Phoebe's side-eye!! I can't breathe!!

    Thanks for linking as always! :) I have heard about The Assistants and I'm curious to read it too, I've heard good things -but from the same people who said good things about The Nest.

    Swim lessons. It's always hit and miss. I'm equal parts terrified and terrified that Max is old enough for swim lessons at the lake this year. I'm preparing myself for 7 straight days of tantruming refusals!

  10. Phoebe's look in picture #1. Ha!

  11. I was not impressed with The Nest either. It was fine but didn't see where all the rave reviews were coming from. I have The Assistants from the library, in my too large pile of books to read. Hoping it's better!

  12. This is so dang cute! My husband and I are traveling for the entire month of July with our daughter and this set would be a dream come true for all our long flights!

  13. A super experienced mother I am not, but I swear by that clock!!!!

  14. I would love to win a set for my oldest, this would be perfect for him to play with during nap time for my youngest and I love open ended play!

  15. Hi! Regarding #3, have you ever read any of Liane Moriaty's books?! ( She is one of my (newish) favorite authors and I love every single one of her books - especially What Alice Forgot. I am still reading The Nest and am disappointed to hear the not so well received reviews.

    1. every single one! SO excited she's coming out with a new one soon too!!!



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