trying the trend: jumpsuit style

17 June 2016

purse (c/o) 

believe it or not I hadn't had a sip of alcohol (yet!) in that last photo - just my natural face. lucky ME. 

This might be the first and last in a series of one - you know how bloggers can be with things like this. I play it really safe when it comes to my wardrobe which is fine but usually also very boring so I thought I'd branch out a bit and stop saying things like, "she can pull overalls off but I could never" which well, that MIGHT be true and maybe I should never wear overalls but maybe I should at least try. So - gateway drug to overalls and maybe eventually culottes (today's gaucho pants)- the jumpsuit. I thought this was a romper but Old Navy tells me it's a jumpsuit. Is it the most flattering? No. Do I still really like it? Yes. It's a pretty obvious copycat of this Madewell jumpsuit (that I actually saw on the clearance rack at Nordstrom Rack yesterday - the only difference is the Madewell suit zips up the back) and it's really comfortable and breathable and not clingy.

Simon and I are trying to go out just the two of us because well, we just are. We've done a terrible job of getting out sans kids ever since we moved here so we are turning that around now that Bosco is a little older and we feel comfortable leaving all the kids with a competent sitter. We went to a Tapas (which Simon always says I say too fast and it sounds like, "topless") restaurant that was so SO good where they had the best mojitos and twists on Moscow Mules. The jumpsuit made it's debut and I was expecting Simon to have plenty to say in the negative about my outfit but he surprised me by saying how much he liked it - unsolicited. Shocked face emoji. However! He did almost have a cow when I pulled a little cardigan out of my purse because we were sitting on the patio and it was um, warm. I do believe I was made for Florida living.

Okay, that's all. For now.

Oh! Thank you for all your dress votes and thoughts last week. I ordered several and didn't love any of them so I sent them all back I found something simple (and probably boring - those old dogs and their impossible new tricks) - I'll try to get a picture because I know you're dying to see.

Have a wonderful weekend!




  1. WORK honey (in my best Wendy Williams voice), the jumpsuit looks super cute on you and is further proof tall(er) people than I (tipping the ruler at a paltry 5'2 and sans torso) really do wear them well. Also. I really appreciate I'm not alone in my tapas/topless pronunciation -- my ears hear "tapas", yet peoples frightened faces heard "topless". Potato...

  2. Cute jumpsuit! And I'm with you on the temperature thing. Sweater solidarity! ��

  3. This is so cute. If I find a romper I can nurse in I'm sold.

  4. I saw those jump suits at old Navy and wondered who would/ could wear them. Well you look good, so question answered. Glad you are getting a date night.

  5. It looks adorable on you but all I can think of when I look at it is completely stripping to go to the bathroom! Glad you had a date night!

  6. That jumpsuit totally works on you! You look fantastic!



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