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14 June 2016

I know I've typed about kids' shoes before and how important it is (to me!) that I find shoes that: 1. fit and 2. the kids can put on themselves. Emphasis on numero dos. So much emphasis. I've drifted here and there for the sake of aesthetics but ultimately steer myself back to the safety of sanity land. I started looking for dress code friendly shoes that Sebastian could put on himself months ago (found them!) even though he doesn't start school for a few months because I was starting to have nightmares about what I like to call rush hour before we leave for school. Heaven forbid I have to tie a pair of shoes or coach a kid through tying his own shoes somewhere in that there hour. Have I mentioned how laid back I am? Good, good.

Anyway, okay - here are my favorite staples. As always - I love looking for shoes at thrift stores, over on thredUP, on Kidizen, and on IG closet sales. Kelsey recommended putting dryer sheets in particularly smelly shoes overnight and I could kiss her because it's worked so well on the boys' tennis shoes. SO WELL!!! Genius.

Here we go. Finally.

1. Toms - I'm not sure why I was such a Toms naysayer for so long because a few people kindly gave us a few hand-me-downs and they are awesome. The three older kids can put them on themselves, they aren't too narrow, and there are so many styles beyond the basics now. I believe I saw that they are on Zulily this week too. Score.

2. Saucony Jazz - We are usually big New Balance fans but I haven't had much secondhand luck with them lately and the Saucony are just as wide and easy to get on and off. Plus - they kiiiind of have New Balance beat in the color variety department.

3. baby Minnetonkas - While I think baby shoes are super cute (who doesn't) I've yet to meet a non-moccasin pair that doesn't get kicked off (and likely lost) after a few minutes. These stay put and look cute for the times when bare feet aren't on the dress code du jour.

4. Pons Avarcas - I have a pair so I know firsthand that they check out in the comfort department. I sort of thought these would slip off but -- they don't. It's like magic. I didn't love the little kid style (or maybe my kids' feet are just too wide - despite even going up a size) but Julia lives in hers and I'm patiently waiting for Phoebe to grow into her old pair.

5. Rain Boots (in pink too) It rains every single day here in the summer and leaves behind small ponds/puddles all over and I hate to be the uptight mom telling the kids to stop splashing (I mean sometimes it's necessary) so some sort of waterproof footwear is a necessity. I love these because they have great treads and the kids have to try REALLY hard to slip and fall.

6. saltwater sandals - none of my kids can put these on but the bonus is that Phoebe can't get them off which is one of her new car hobbies (remove and hide my shoes - so fun). I like this version better than the traditional style because the toe strap is adjustable and they just look more comfortable.

7. Natives - I wish my kids were more into flip flops (because hello cheap) but they really prefer to wear these which is fine because they are waterproof and last forever. Everyone is jumping on this shoe style bandwagon ... Old Navy has an adorable version and even a girl's mary jane style. The Crocs version look even easier to put on. (Phoebe can put her Natives on all by herself which never fails to elicit some sort of angelic song from the heavens above - dramatic? never) And look! Even Toms is getting in on the action.

8. Thunderbirds - Theo is SO picky about shoes and how they feel on his feet which is his prerogative but incredibly frustrating at times but he requests to wear these quite a bit. They slip on fairly easily and stay on and we've got a pair that's been passed down through three kids and they are still in really great shape.

One honorable mention: Bensimon slip on sneakers - I lucked into a secondhand pair for Julia a few years back and can't wait until they can fit Phoebe.

Okay, enough!

Do you have any favorites I haven't mentioned? I'm sure you do. I'm far from a shoe guru, obviously.

have a great rest of your day!


  1. 2 summers ago I bought a pair of Natives because of you, we are on our 3rd pair in blue and first in pink. (Poor thing is going to get blue for the foreseeable future though since we have the next 3 sizes in the house already.) Natives should probably give you a cut.

  2. I was a huge toms person until I started to break out.. Turns out they are or at least at the time made with latex. The kids I nanny for Rock Bob's the sketches version that still give shoes and they are latex free and adorable. I hate to say it but crocs for the kid who never keeps his shoes on are a blessing too.

    1. ah! thanks for telling me! my grandma wears Bob's and loves them!

      And yes - it's only a matter of time before I try out the classic Croc :)

  3. Try for the kiddos! They're made in Key West, which is great, and they last a pretty long time (I have some of the women's sandels and I am hard on shoes!) just a thought ;) (bonus, they're only $11!)

  4. Keens!! The velcro sandals. Big rubber toe and sole. Waterproof. Last through multiple kids.

  5. I saw natives at Walmart (!!!!!!!) that were super cute & a fun lime green color. I was rushing past so I'm not sure what other colors there were but, game changer!

  6. Really?? I need to investigate. Thanks Heather!!!

  7. We have cycled through lots of your choices above and just one to add: Cienta. My 3yo and 1yo both have had pairs in different styles and we love them! (Zappos carries them, which is good because we had to do a little trial and error on the sizes.)

  8. I can't believe New Balance didn't make the list! ha!

  9. Crocs all the way. My kids live in them - all styles. And they don't smell. And flip-flops. When they get older they morph into those.



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