my most recent Stitch Fix ... in all its selfied glory

24 June 2016

Does it feel like something is missing from your life? Well, feel no more. A bevy of Grace selfies (Gracies? too much? yes.) a la Stitch Fix are coming your way. Right here. Right NOW.

My most recent "fix" before this one was --- no bueno. Like, pants that laced up and had grommets bad. But! I've had such great luck with past fixes that I persevered through it and was a lot more specific about my preferences (pointing them to my Pinterest board) and was mostly happy with what I got. Allow me to show you ...

We'll start with my favorite and spiral downward from there.

Forgive my facial expressions .. I was trying to beat the naptime clock - no time for perfecting my "this selfie is so normal" smile. None.


So, I'm really loving the looser peplum trend - maybe a little too much because I wear this shirt multiple times a week. And I really (crazy intense eyes) love the embroidery trend (is it on its way out? I don't care) so that was a match made in crazy Grace heaven. Before I even tried it on I knew I wanted to keep it - as long as it wasn't a crop top.

So, I did - because it wasn't.

Moving right along. I'm sure they wouldn't do this but I could swear I've gotten this exact tank from them before. Maybe not - maybe something super similar. It was just too short for my liking and a little too loose (the fit was fine I think the style was just billowy) and so ... back it WENT.

same shoes as above, duh.

I requested some dresses to wear to a baptism in July anddddd .... eh.

The first one was this ...


The length was a little too short in my opinion, and the weird bunching was really weird unless it sat just right which it won't because Bosco and Phoebe and maybe Theo will be pawing around my lap the entire time. And the pattern reminds me of something I might've loved in middle school. Not that my taste has matured much since then but -- just not a keeper.


I like this one quite a bit more but I have a really similar dress in blue that is just a teeny bit longer and more appropriate and it seems silly to have two of the almost same dress. Right?

I'm not a big wearer of purple though and I did like the dress a lot!

And la-la-la-la-LASTLY.

We've got this ...

I WANTED to love this. I did! But, button-ups sans collars always look a little silly on me ...

And the curved hem made it just a little too short for a church function, I thought. So, three strikes there. But, I do love my tank enough that it's allllll good.

And lest you think we have some magically empty white room floating around our house -- here's what the other side of the room looks like ....

the guestroom/office is SO close to being done. Obviously.

Okay, over and out. Happy Friday.

(this post isn't sponsored at all but I did use my Stitch Fix affiliate link, f to the y to the i :))

Have you Stitch Fixed? Did you love/hate/like if so? I'm not a devotee but I'm a fan, usually!!


  1. That room looks like it hosted a bar fight.

    You have seen this, no?

    1. i hadn't seen that but i LOVE labor stories (i am such a mom...eye roll at myself) thanks for posting!

      and, grace, for your sake i hope you knocked down that chair for effect! ha!

  2. Grace, you look lovely in all the outfits. I really like the first dress. The color suits you so well.

  3. Grace, you look lovely in all the outfits. I like the first dress. The color suits you perfectly.

  4. I love those shoes! I've been on the hunt for some good espadrilles but haven't found any that have been comfy enough. How do these fit? Are they comfortable? I've got some Amazon gift cards burning a hole in my pocket right now 😊

    1. they run a 1/2 size big, in my opinion! Super comfortable -- I've been trying to find some that aren't REALLY tall - tough to find. I used some gift cards and don't regret it!!!

  5. Definitely lol'd at the last pic on the bus ride home 💕

  6. Umm....I want the whole outfit from the first picture!! You look so cute!

  7. that last does is absolutely not to short for a church function! It looks great!!

    1. haha - I just know I'd feel uncomfortable -- I loved it otherwise! thanks Belinda!!

  8. My last fix was AWFUL!That embroidered tank gives me hope for the future :)

    1. I've heard that if you tell them that - they'll take everything back free of charge -- I haven't done it myself but won't hesitate next time! ha

  9. You look adorable in all the outfits. Can you tell me the brand of the first shirt? It's super cute!

  10. My favorite part of this post was seeing the other half of the room. (& the tank top, it's super cute). #keepinitreal <3

  11. Sooo... you're adorable, Grace. And I'm not sure how you managed to get your hair to look so not stricken by the Florida humidity? but serious props to you! (and potentially your AC?) Great choice on the tank top! Though I think you would've won with anything you would've chosen!

  12. can you by chance tell me what brand that tank was? so i can hunt on the internet for it? i never wear patterned or colored clothes because i am a typical black clothes loving millennial, but i love that tank!!

  13. I love all of the looks! Wow, everything looks perfect. The first and second looks are my favorite.



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