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29 June 2016

One thing we walked away saying after selling our home in St. Louis was that we didn't want to let house projects go undone this time around. Simon's schedule is so much better these days and we want to enjoy the time we have in this house instead of saying, "wow - why didn't we just bite the weekend bullet and get such and such done from the beginning?" ... of course, we've been here a year and we still have a long to-do list but we're chipping away slowly at our wishlist of projects and improvements.

We have kind an odd split-level situation in the back of the house with a guest room and bathroom upstairs that we never use unless we have guests and it was kind of a waste of space and catch-all room. Simon does a lot of research for work that he can do from home and we thought it would be nice to have a dedicated area for me to blog so he hatched the idea of turning it into a guest room and office; a room that we would love and use instead of ignore and hastily clean before guests arrived. However, it's a small room and it felt crowded with a bed and a sizeable desk and a bookshelf and (some day) a reading chair of sorts so Simon decided he was going to build a bed that folded up into the wall. When Kathy Davis approached us about collaborating on a post we knew the time was right so we (he) got cracking on the construction.

Even after he'd purchased the majority of the supplies I still just smiled and nodded because I thought it sounded like an awfully ambitious project for someone whose last big woodworking project was a beer pong table he built in college but he proved me VERY WRONG.

Very wrong, indeed.

Okay, so here's the before ...

after we cleaned ... lolol.

And the after!

Not only did he build a super functional bed but also built shelves to go on the sides and made it look pretty darn aesthetically pleasing when it's not in use ...

Here's how it unfolds in case you were curious ... (I know you are!) ...

Not bad, right?

If you know me at all you know that I'm terrible at making any sort of home decor/design decisions so I was thrilled that Kathy Davis offered to send some bedding from their home line. I loved hearing that the brand had evolved from the belief that everyone has the right to, "create a life they love" and felt like (Simon) creating a room we love drew a fun parallel to their philosophy. Kathy Davis is committed to creating meaningful products that foster connections, inspire others, and honor their brand mission.

Simon often say we should just do away with our comforter and duvet cover and just get a comforter so I'm thinking he'll be lobbying to move our new guest room bedding down to our room any night now.

I know myself and I would've gone with something simple (whispers: and boring) like plain white but I love the pastels on the comforter and I love that's reversible should we choose to switch up the look at any point in time.

Kathy Davis is built on four brand pillars; one of which is to create a home in which you feel relaxed and inspired - to appreciate yourself. Simon says the room won't be truly relaxing and conducive to getting actual work done at our (yet to be set up) desk until we get noise canceling headphones but ... I think we're well on our way.

If you saw how many crayon murals I've cleaned off our walls and furniture you'd understand why this room is very much off-limits to the kids but we made a little exception for the one child that isn't skilled at crayon wielding ... YET.

In an effort to recognize the peace and beauty we bring to our surroundings how we begin and end each day Kathy Davis is generously giving away a bedding set to one of you fine readers.

Best of luck! And a big thanks to Kathy Davis for sponsoring this post and helping pull the room together in a major way!

KATHY DAVIS™ & Camp Patton Bedding Giveaway


  1. Wow this is amazing!!! Such a great idea.

  2. Such a good idea! We've got a queen size bed, sewing machine table, coat rack, desk, and other random crap in our spare room. This is such a good idea, but I don't think my husband could do it haha. He's lucky to hang a towel rod level. Good thing he's good at other things ;)

  3. Looks wonderful!!!! I absolutely love the idea

  4. So cute! Also, I think you should do a top knot tutorial blog! ;)

  5. Can you share the details of how he made the bed! Amazing

  6. Can you post the details on how he made the bed!

  7. Can you share the details of how he made the bed! Amazing

  8. Amazing! I know I told you that I super impressed on snapchat one too many times, but this is so awesome! Puts Chris and I staying up to put bunk beds from Ikea together to shame my friend! I love it all!

  9. Hope this means there's going to be a guest post from Simon with a hideaway bed tutorial. I mean, it's the least he can do since Simon Says got shut down.

  10. Great idea! I also see potential for a wall hanging of some sort on there (removable of course)!

  11. What do you think about wallpapering that space behind the bed? I think that would look really cool! Wallpaper is expensive, but its such a small space. I would go with something blue and bold! That's neat Simon built that. That is a beautiful crucifix you have hanging on the wall.

  12. Simon is so very handy! It looks fabulous!

  13. The bedding colors look so peaceful. Also kudos to Simon on the bed!

  14. Hope you share how he made the bed sometime - we are thinking of something similar and he did a fantastic job!! Great use of space too!

  15. Great remodel, thanks for sharing! You could get double duty with a wall hanging by putting. Small nail or screw in the bottom of the bed and hang something on it when the bed is closed up, and take it down and hang it up above the bed when you have guests and the bed is down



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