06 June 2016

I am to the photo collage what Justin Timberlake is to sexy: bringing it BACK, bb.

Yes, I repeated a few grams. I'm the worst. 

As stated many times throughout residency but I'm stating it again: we don't/won't/can't take Simon's weekends off for granted. He has pretty much all of them off these days and it's just as amazing as I dreamed it would be way back in the call weekend hating day.

We took full advantage of the weekend and didn't even go to the beach. Fancy that unpredictability.

We'll move right to left around the collage ...

We're slowly but surely trying to turn the guest room into more of an office/guest room hybrid. You know I'll type more more more about that later but the first step was to move everything into a bathroom and paint the lavender/grey walls a lovely shade of white. There's an a/c unit in the window and the room is already pretty dark so we wanted to brighten it up a bit. Plus, we had leftover paint. Decision made easy.

Although it's sometimes chaotic and occasionally we have to turn around because someone sprinted ahead and skinned their knee we still go on lots of family walks. Julia loves to swing on the trees along the way - Sebastian does not.

Gratuitous palm tree picture number one. I've yet to snap a photo like this and look down not to see someone staring at me and mouthing, "tourist".

There are tons of (what I'm fairly certain are) White Ibis' roaming our neighborhood and every time we see them the kids can never agree on what they're called. This time Sebastian got all excited and said, "look! a duck!" and Julia sighed and knowingly corrected him, "no, Bash. It's just a rooster."

Simon kindly lined up a sitter on Saturday so that we could go to Ikea alone. We had big plans to pick some things out for the office-to-be but walked away with a chocolate bar and some waterproof sheets for the kids. Our only regret is that we didn't grab some blackout shades. Livin' the vida most loca.

Sometimes we go to get donuts after Mass and they are all gone but this week there were extras and the generous gal handing them out loaded the kids up as we walked out even though everyone had already had their fair share. We timed the sugar crash and burn to coincide perfectly with nap time. Win/win.

Gratuitous tourist photo numero dos.

Simon finishing up the room. The kids only got paint on a few articles of clothing and only one kid stuck the bottoms of his dirty feet on the not-yet-dried paint one time. I guess I just feel like Chip and Joanna should step aside at this point in time.

*not pictured:

oh, you thought I was done? Never. 

Some friends invited us to a brewery on Friday night and claimed it was very kid-friendly and so ... we went. And, it was! The kids played with the other kids pausing only to drink their "beards" (root beer - lost in translation somewhere along the way), they served cider for the beer haters like myself (sorry, beer), and there was even a food truck that seemed to tickle Bosco's fry loving fancy. I left early to put the little kids to bed but we'll be bawk.

Fine, I'll stop there.

I hope you had a pleasant weekend. And if you didn't ... I hear there's another one coming around the mountain in no time at all.

happy(ish) Monday.


  1. My 5 year old had some root beard (her words, not mine) this weekend. Must be some child semantics. LOL. ;)

  2. Breweries are the new park. They all have games/play areas for kids and they all have alcohol.

  3. sounds amazing and get me some 'beard' stat!! Mmmmm, a delicious root beer sounds incredible to this pregnant lady at the moment. Hello, new craving. We, too, are working on an office/guest room hybrid. So far, just about no progress to speak of (unless you count the mess that my first grader constantly makes in there doing 'special projects'). :) Happy day! Thanks for sharing the pictures and laughs.

  4. Haha. My boys call it "root beard" too. Real beer is "boozers." I think my husband had something to do with the beer one ;)

  5. Our 5 yr old calls nonalcoholic cider "apple beer"

  6. I was just thinking about you guys and wondering if Simon ever works nights now? No?? If not, hurray!!
    Man, I buy Ikea waterproof sheets and blackout blinds in bulk. Families with more than 2 kids should get an Ikea discount!

  7. Your posts never fail to make me chuckle. I even left feedly to open a chrome window to post this, it's that serious. So keep being you. Your family is awesome.

  8. I also am a not-beer person and LOVE cider! And Julia's hair is getting so long! And she looks so tall in that picture from church.

  9. We went to a winery tour and tasting, and I told Phil that we had to bring the kids back next time. It was gorgeous, there was tons of room to run around, and live music playing, and food trucks. Who knew? Very smart marketing, as who drinks more alcohol than exhausted parents ;)

  10. Serious question: What do you do if/when you encounter dogs on your walk with your kids?? I had a really bad (violent) experience being attacked as a kid and it stops me from getting outside with my three kids now. Have you ever had to deal with fending off aggressive dogs on your walks?

  11. ALSO: IKEA HAS WATERPROOF SHEETS??!! I am going to have to plan a weekend trip to the one in my city stat.



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