vacation prep

07 June 2016

We're not leaving for quite some time but Julia is very concerned that when we're gone on our trips this summer new people are going to move into our house.

So, she set them straight with a sign for our front door.

I appreciate that only the parents are worthy of apostrophes. Also, it's never to early or too late to start thinking about Christmas. Or our imaginary chimney - smoke and all.

And Sebastian was worried that the steps weren't clean so he mopped them with a broom in the pouring rain and lined them with paper towels in case GG (great grandma) slips. We are actually the ones going to visit her but better safe than sorry, says Sebastian.

And Mama G is giddy over the thought of only having to pack one pair of shoes (on their feet while we fly so not really packed, I guess) per child that are both waterproof and church appropriate (Julia, Phoebe, and then the boys are going a slightly more casual route, c'est la summertime vie) and fitting everything in one big suitcase. Giddy!

Anyway, I'd say we're basically ready to walk out the door.



  1. Be careful with the one big suitcase route: I did that for our family and we ended up having to pay overage fees because it was too heavy. Would have been more cost effective to do two bags.

  2. The paper towels are so thoughtful. Love his foot print on the top step.

  3. OMG - this gave me a MUCH needed laugh this morning.

    Thank you.

  4. This. This is hilarious! Thanks for the much needed laugh this morning, Grace.

  5. I wish I could manage to pare it down to one pair of shoes per kid for vacation. We're set to bring 3 pair for each of the girls: flipflops for pool and beach, cute sandals for church and going out, and then sneakers for walking. But at least we're driving, so I don't need to worry about how many bags we have.

  6. I love it that he was so concerned for GG. What a sweet sentiment. Good luck with the one suitcase trip. I pray it works out just as you envision it. :)

  7. The paper towels...I mean...chivalry is not dead my friends!



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