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01 July 2016

Linking up with Kelly, per my predictable nature.

1. I'm really enjoying Emily Giffin's new book (juuuust wishing I'd bought the Kindle version because finagling some sort of half functional phone light situation to read at night -- not ideal, I'll survive, I'll SURVIVE) which is nice since I feel like I've struck out the past couple of books I've read. Chick lit beach reads 4 ever.

2. Thanks for all the breakfast ideas on Tuesday's post! I'm feeling wildly uncreative compared to the likes of you all and your genius breakfasts.

3. I haven't even finished this weeks episode of the Bachelorette and the podcast I listen to every week agreed on the bore/snore front. I think I gathered from the podcast that Alex sticks around which BOGGLES my mind. 100%. I can't wait to read what Sharleen had to say this week.

4. Phoebe has been really into taking a purse or backpack of sorts EVERYWHERE she goes. The other morning we were in a hurry to get out the door and she didn't have time to find one of her (many!) bags so she made do ... little red riding hood style.

I'll definitely be encouraging some Eagle Scoutess aspirations with those kinds of creative survival skills.

5. And in going through the (zillllllllions of) photos on my phone I found this one from a walk with the big kids and realized I really can't blame anyone for asking or assuming these two are twins ...

... Julia is still the tiniest bit taller but I think those days are numbered.

6. I'm forever keeping an eye on the Jcrew Factory sales and while I often see the 40% off clearance sale -- this weekend they're doing 50% off clearance. Yee haw. I rarely get the girls matching outfits but I totally caved and got them these tops and don't regret it one bit. I miiiight need to replace Phoebe's power sweater as well.

7. There's a sweet giveaway going on over on Instagram with Rebekah Gough Jewelry if you're so obliged.

I hope you all have a Happy 4th! We're having a little shindig here with Simon's co-workers and if I know myself I know I'll scour Pinterest for cute food ideas and then just end up going the burgers, hot dogs, chips + guacamole, fruit, and margarita route. So maybe I should just skip the unrealistic middle man, right? RIGHT.

Anyway, Happy First of July for now. 


  1. Ha! I am the same way.....look at all the cute food displays and then think, well who the hell has time for that? Pass me some burger patties! And Julia's shoes in that last pic, do they come in my size? Please?

  2. I love paper books, so I bought a headlamp. It is so much better than a book light for paperbacks and heavy books! I use it for crafting and home repair too...anything that requires task lighting but my hands will be full.

  3. J Crew factory gets me every time! Just ordered some pencil skirts I've been eyeing forever! :)

  4. Byron finally passed Addie in height over the last year. I'd been telling her for years it was inevitable, but her growth spurts managed to keep her ahead. (Though for the first couple years people asked if they were twins because Byron was sort big/ tall/ massive.) Then Byron hit puberty and now people ask, "Who's the oldest?" and that's like, the worst thing EVER for an older sister to hear (until you're my age.)

  5. Pretty sure you should just get that power sweater in a few sizes so she won't go without! ;) Seriously, that Phoebe. The girl just gets me.

  6. I've been waiting on the list for Emily Giffin's new book at the library for what seems like forever! Maybe I'll just need to bite the bullet on that one. Phoebe is too cute with her accessorizing!

  7. Love the pic of the oldest two. Definitely twins. So cute.

  8. On the list for Emily's book. Bash's legs are getting SO long. And Phoebe looks like Julia's mini-me from the back. Those are my random thoughts for today!

  9. if you need a good book try Silver Girl by Elin Hilderbrand--I've had kids for 23 and I've NEVER read a book in a day but this one was so good I couldn't put it down!

  10. What the what? Emily Giffin has a new book?! I have been waiting for this? How have I missed this under the piles of laundry, dirty diapers, sleepless nights, obstacle course of toys in my living room. YES! I am so happy. Thank you!

  11. 800 Grapes by Laura Dave is a fantastic chick lit read!! I couldn't put it down!



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