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12 October 2013

Linking up with Jen!

ah. it's Saturday. I started this yesterday with the intention of finishing it up last night after we drove up to see our grandparents here in the Quad Cities but then as we were trying to leave Simon got called back to work (nothing shocks in the residency department anymore - nothing) so our departure time was delayed by a lot and then we hit lurch and go traffic on the way out of St. Louis because the Cardinals were playing (forgiveable!! Especially if they clinch the series - did that sound sporty natty enough? I hope so) and we all collapsed into bed upon arrival. Well, Theo into dark walk-in closet. Bright side? I didn't see every hour of the clock last night with the hackers like I have this past week. The kids were so tired that they just slept right through their lingering smokers coughs and I woke up in a mood that can be likened to that of Giselle's ... 

it was crazy.

1. First and most most importantly ... Happy Happy Birthday to my bff+e, Jessica!!!! I hope you're having the best day. TGIBirthday.

Jessica wrote my favorite guest post the Camp's ever had the pleasure of posting and here's a birthday post from two years ago and if anything you have have have to click on her halloween costume from last year. Pure platinum. Good luck topping that this year!!!

2. I've been meaning to pen an entire post to all the people I met in real life on our vacation that I initially met on the internet but I have children and they have reached brand new heights of needy this week - for good reason because of their illness but now Theo has come down with it and he is the neediest of them all and I'd like to get this pounded out before the next illness strikes so here we go!!

In order of appearance ...

3. (no pictures! what was I thinking? nothing smart!) ... I've been reading Sarah's blog for quite some time as she and the birthday girl used to work together and I used to work with Sarah's sister at Hot Dog on a Stick (my resume? it sparkles). Anyway ... she has a daughter a little bit older than Julia and a son just a few days older than Theo so we are basically a match made in real life heaven. Sarah had us over for banana muffins and princess dress up and had thee best music mix playing in the background the entire time. I wish we lived in the same city because I would be that annoying friend - despite my deep introverted tendencies - that would just happen to be in the neighborhood and stop by incessantly. She is one of the most genuinely kind people I've ever met. Not an ounce of saccharin to be tasted - just good people. Really good.

Oh! And her daughter, Piper, is a legit movie star. Really. She is.

4. And then we lucked out and were able to meet up with Emily and Nick in San Antonio. They are both residents so I really have nothing to complain about in the crazy schedule department (but I still do because welcome to this entire blog) but they were so sweet to spare some of their Friday night to meet us for ice cream. And share their ice cream. Theo gobbled a chunk of his body weight straight from their cup and then Sebastian polished off their cone. Great impressions ... we make them. Emily even braved the bathroom with me and the kids and lived to not tell anyone about it. Anyway - she is the cutest and if my kids ever wind up in the ER (pleasenoPLEASEno) ... I hope we have a resident half as awesome as her. Even a 1/4 as awesome would be just fine. Her blog is one of my favorites to read (you know the ones that you click on first in your reader? yes) because it's neat to read about life from a female/wife resident's perspective and I want all of her clothes. And her bangs.

5. And finally celebrity blogger extraordinaire, Jen Fulwiler!!! She made the two hour (more like four because of rain and traffic) trek down from Austin when we were in San Antonio to be greeted by a bathroomless hotel room (Bash was asleep in his suite/el baƱo when they first arrived and it was pouring rain) and nothing to do!!! We wandered the halls for over an hour and let the kids run wild in the lobby - where they helped themselves to cups upon cups of cucumber-lemon-ginger infused water.

You can see three little water shooters if you look carefully. And one of her girls is taking the photo -- WHEN is that milestone? That will be my favorite of all them all.

Jen's girls were so sweet and helpful with Sebastian - sprinting after him when he bolted which really was a huge help to me because sprinting after him gets riddy riddy old after awhile and at the end of the night Simon watched her three oldest girls so Jen and I could run down with Pammy to grab a quick plastic up of wine at the bar and he reported that our kids had a lot to learn from hers in the manner department. Anyway - the visit was far too short and I wish we'd had 12 more hours to hash and if you'd told me a year ago that I'd ever get to meet Jen in the flesh I would've laughed a cackly laugh so - it was a HUGE treat for me. Hopefully she'll agree to meeting in the flesh again .... hopefully.

6. Catholic Mom did their good deed for the year and ran a little feature on the Camp ... check it here. It's quick! And painless!! (Thank you, Sarah!!!)

7. And I'm guessing something really terrible is going to happen to me next week because everyone was so kind this week. Kayla let me pop over to her awesome "1 Stylish Mama" series

Head over! And read her hilarious new post He Said/She Said about what her husband thinks of some of her outfits. Too cute.

8. Bonus!! Lucky you. I put up new stats and ad rates yesterday if you're interested in an ad space. Giddy up. I'd be so thrilled to have you! You can start any day of the month so ... be not afraid, or shy, or anything at all. Email me with questions. The kids are asleep so doitnow!!!


off to not watch football.



  1. It cannot be possible that I am the first commenter. Wahoo!! I win!! you, love your posts as always. You truly are one stylish Mama and damn funny as well. So very glad the kids are feeling better and I can only imagine your joy upon sleeping through the night. Oh Happy Day!! Enjoy your visit with the grandparents!

  2. I've been trying and trying to comment. Love both features!!! And jealous you got to meet Jen!!

  3. Yesterday, Piper specifically requested that I fix her hair "like her friend Julia, in two buns, please." I'm hoping I can show her J's photos and talk her into wellies now? And I reallyreallyreally hope you come back and hang out with us again--such a FUN day. Also, how have I not discovered Emily's blog before?! I would like all of her hairs please.

  4. A pic of 2 great worlds colliding!!
    Jen led me to your awesome blog and me loves your hilarious-y-ness!

  5. Girl, when Jen mentioned on HER blog that she met you I was all NO THAT'S JUST NOT FAIR. Because inside my brain you guys are like my BFFs. In the sense of "BFF" meaning "people I stalk on the internet."

  6. There are so many bloggers that I want to meet in person... El Camp Crew def on top of the list... If you ever need a place to crash in NC... Hit me up!



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