Paul + Pauline (and some other things)

27 October 2013

Okay so I'm still not entirely convinced that my little brother isn't pulling my gullible leg here but ...

this is my brother Paul (on the right - in the event of any confusion!!) and the little lady he escorted to (on? for?) his college's homecoming court (I hope that's correct). Her name is Pauline. Paul claims Pauline and her mom (mother of nine! love it) are dedicated readers of the blog and thought they'd get a kick out of some posted pics.

So I'm believing and delivering.

Lie and tell me they aren't the most adorable. You can't do it. Because they just are.

Anyway, I may have made the bit up about "dedicated" because how dedicated can anyone be to reading a blog who's genre is: complaining ... but still. I hope any mothers of nine that read this blog just get a nice little chuckle every now and again over my pathetic leedle plights.

So Paul and Pauline. That was the main event.

Moving onto less exciting.

Mouse in the house. I was down in the basement a few minutes ago with the big kids when out ran a baby mouse. Just like that! Into plain sight. Julia jumped three feet right onto the nearest raised surface and Sebastian chased it around and I freaked. Until I put a glass over the brave little sucker and trapped it's bottom until Simon gets home from work tonight. Simon suggested I slip a piece of paper under the glass and just flip the glass over and take it outside.

Where is the hysterical laughter emoticon?


One thing at a time, Dr. Dreamer. Let's work on my gigando medal-o-bravery first. Milk chocolate or platinum will do. Either/or.

Life hacker what. So I like the blasted pumpkin spice lattes just fine but I really, really, really love the stupid salted caramel mochas to a fault. A big fat fault. I've found that purchasing any kind of caramely creamer (chocolate caramel, or whatev) and then salting (with sea salt because iodized table salt just kind of takes the fun out of it, you know?) the caramely creamed coffee is a very worthy subsititue for the real deal.

Don't hate me cuz you ain't me. Don't laugh and rain on my parade but I'm going to at least attempt to make a truck cake for Sebastian for his second birthday this week. Yes, I feel guilty because Julia got store bought cookies for her birthday this year but you know what? I tried last year. I did. It's a mostly selfish act because the cake will be carrot (my favorite) and the dirt is going to be crushed Reeses (my other favorite) and his big presents are going to be the trucks adorning said cake. Three birds - one very time consuming stone. I'll post pictures if it's 1/29304829348204th as okay looking as the real deal. And I realize Pinterest has way crazier cakes to shoot for but I know my limits and I know them well.

Stage mom. So I think I've touched on the fact that Julia is obsessed with ballerinas, performances, and anything to do with dance dance dance it's a toddler thang. I found some tap shoes in her size on thredUP and after missing out on a pair of cowboy boots for Bash last week I snapped them up and then happened to mention my genius purchase to Simon the other night. Never have I ever seen the man google (while simultaneously guffawing and eyebrow arching and looking at me like I had 9 new heads) something so fast in my life. "Do tap shoes ruin wood floors?!!!!!!!!!" and he was waving all the rants from fellow dumb parents in my face in about .000005 seconds flat. Fine, point taken.  (And there are some toddler boy tap shoes still for sale if anyone is in the market to ruin their floors like I was. Formerly fun mom.)

Triathlon Training. But not. Not ever. I saw this on Facebook (thank you Megan Rose!!) and thought it looked doable for the first fewish minutes of nap time?? Maybe? At least the first week?

It's getting a little bit too cold to run in the mornings so we'll see if I can stick to this. 

Pumpkin farming, apple picking, crisp fall weekending. Nope.

Call weekend for the lose.

But you know me and sports so lets focus on the Irish and the Cardinals victories yesterday ...
oh, and Pollyanna attitudes. Love those.

(Sebastian striding straight for the fake tree bark chips that would go straight into his mouth. Always. Grow up, dude.)

Anyway. Have a happy rest of the day ...

Or don't ...

I'll never know. 


  1. Paul and Pauline are the most adorable couple, so sweet and this last pic of Julia is amazing, truly stunning!

  2. Paul and Pauline. The best.

    Please tell me that they'll get married someday because that would be perf. I have a cousin Jesse who married a Jessica. Hilar. They just had a baby and we made them sign an agreement that they wouldn't name him after his father.


  3. Pauline and Paul FTW! I love it.
    Miss Julia's face in that last picture is just too much. Too funny. Mr. Bash loves him some trucks I see. Good to know. LOL!
    I have full and complete confidence in you. Your truck cake is going to be AWESOME!! I can't wait to see it. Can't wait!!
    It's going to be a good week. I just know it is...hugs from Virginia!

  4. Paul and Pauline!!! I love it. It's like Charlie and the Chocolate factory! Grandpa George and Grandma Georgina. I hope they get married. I do.

  5. I was reading this post on the way to the grocery store and guess who just left with chocolate/caramel what-have-you with a side of sea salt? YUP. Now I can raise my blood sugar and blood pressure in one fell swoop in the morning! Or, this afternoon because I can't wait to try it. Right along side the $3 lemon pound cake that was on clearance in the bakery. I'm blaming you for all this, by the way. Your mother-in-law's bran muffin recipe will more than cancel this insanity I'm sure.

    PS - Julia's face at the end...PERFECTION!!!! Day made.

  6. Love Paul and Pauline. I'm the Nicole half of a Nick & Nicole couple, so love it. But beware, doctor offices have been known to mix up our charts.

  7. I tried the salted caramel mocha once and it changed my life. And I can't get over how adorable Paul and Paulina are.

  8. Can we please get the play by play of this truck cake making? And I think I may be more disappointed about the tap shoes then Julia! I mean that little girl has some moves!! Could you imagine adding tap tap tappy sounds to those high kicks and twirls...bummed.

  9. Hahahaha!!! Frownie-face Julia! Love that. I tried the truck cake one year for one of the boys (can't remember which one) (and no pictures). The trucks were also the presents. It was a huge hit, even if it wasn't the prettiest cake on the planet. Can't wait to see pictures.

  10. They are absolutely the cutest couple I've seen and their matching names mean they have to get married, right?!

    And you do not need to insert a hysterical laughter emoticon. I think a simple WTH would be just fine. Because doesn't Simon realize that the mouse could quickly and easily scamper out of the glass, onto your hand, up your arm and into your HAIR??? Although, I will say he probably has it right with the tap shoes on wood. Forget the damage to the wood floors, you would be insane from the tap, tap, tapping noise in about 15 minutes.

  11. That is THE cutest picture of Bash and his little smile. And Simon's insta-googling cracked me up haha, I love it!

  12. Aww, Paul and Pauline are cute!
    I am sure the truck cake will turn out great. :)

  13. My 2-year-old started ballet a few weeks ago (ADORABLE) and is in love with the shoes (and the leotard and tights and legwarmers). Totally harmless on wood floors, you can find them at payless. I'm in a condo so tap shoes would never fly... neighbors knocking down our door and what not.

  14. I love how you take a post about so many random things and make it so very fun and entertaining. Never before has a post about a truck cake a mouse and mulch made me smile. As always, well done.

    And it would have never ever I mean ever occurred to me that tap shoes ruin wood floors. But really can you put a price on that happiness? Girl's first tap shoes? No.

  15. Payless has toddler ballet shoes for like...$10. Maybe less I can't remember. Jordan has been twirlingtwirlingtwirling around the apt to Barney & his damn "tean up tean up everybody everywhere" so I've been seriously contemplating a cheapish/freeish local ballet class if I could find one. Ballet shoes won't scuff your floors or raise simonbrows

  16. Crap. My aunt just promised tap shoes for Grace. Oh well, it may still be worth it, floors or no. We had a couple of mice in the basement last fall, and Joe had the nerve to suggest I clean out the dead ones from traps before he got home. HELL no.
    Oh, and I don't recommend salted caramel things from Arby's. So much disappointment.

  17. Eeeeoooohhh!!! I had a mouse in my house too, a baby mouse too, what my husband did to him is too gross to describe here, good luck with the cake :)

  18. 1. My P has the same vest as J. Twinsies.
    2. Mice in the house are the absolute worst thing that could ever happen (or so my reaction thereof would indicate). We had one a couple weeks ago, and I refused to go into the room where it was originally spotted. I always made my husband or daughter (not even two years old!) go in before me.

  19. 1. P has the same vest as J. Twinsies.
    2. Mice in the house are the absolute worst thing ever (or so my reaction thereof would indicate). We had one a couple weeks ago, and I refused to even enter the room where it was originally spotted. I would made my husband or my daughter (not even two years old!) enter it first, in hopes that the mouse would be scared away before my arrival.

  20. Aaaand...I just commented twice. Awesome.

    Wordpress and Blogger really need to learn to get along better.

  21. Oh, salted caramel mochas! Everyone is like "PSL! PSL! PSL!" and just when I'm like "Meh, they're solidly mediocre" and think I'll have to turn in my 20-something-white-girl card over this blasphemy, I find that I'm totally hooked on another $4.01 expensive seasonal Starbucks confection and I can keep said card after all.

  22. Cutest. Couple. Ever! :)
    Loved this post, lots of giggling going on over here.
    And curse not being able to take kids out in the jogger. It's been like one week of too cold weather and I'm already sick of Billy Blanks yelling at me in tae bo. Yes tae bo. Time to uprade the work out vids? Sheesh. Or maybe just call it quits until the thaw, haha!

  23. I'm in on the turkey day challenge. We should check-in every day and make sure we did it........

  24. Those hospital floors look like the perfect place to tap dance. ;)

    I, too, have done the "your gift is on the cake" trick. I works once. Use it wisely.

    I hate mice. I have been known to drag a dead pig (more than one, actually) by its hind leg, but I refuse to deal with mice. They give me the shivers.

  25. Ugh! The mouse! The question is: what are you going to do with the glass once the mouse has been released? Throw it away? I would... or at least give it a solid dousing with bleach. It reminds me of a time when I was a kid and my mom tried to trap a small lizard that had gotten in our house (we lived in the tropics). When she slapped a cup over the top of him, she accidentally cut off the tip of his tale. We all screamed. Then, that cup was forever known in our house as "the lizard cup" and none of us kids would drink from it. Ha ha. Good memories.

  26. They're darling! All of them, Paul + Pauline (!!) and Julia's angry mug.

  27. Ummm, wow! Dashing couple as handsome and beautiful as William and Kate.

    This post was fantastic for a burning the midnight oil nursing feed last night! Thank you for the laughs!

  28. Hahahahahahaaaa I was like "oh, what a beautiful picture of little bash; he looks so grown up!" and then I scrolled once and--JULIA! That face!!!
    Your kids are hilarious.
    And your brother + date look SO adorable together!!!

  29. It's after midnight. I can't sleep. But maybe it's just because I didn't have my Camp fix. :) fun post and I'm thinking I might attempt the turkey day challenge. Maybe...

  30. I just want you to know you are the bravest woman I know. I almost had a heart attack reading that you captured the mouse. Don't let it back outside....what if he finds his way in again. I think you might need to get a cat.



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