Julia Styles

16 October 2013

shorts - eBay
sweater - Gap via thredUP
boots - c/o Joules
scarf - from sweet Lauren
dance - the "ta-da" dance ... it's electric

oh, you think it's too soon for another one of these? Me too. Me too, dear reader. But it was this or a little hash about the morning that involved Grace leaving the pantry unlocked for the hottest of seconds and Sebastian pouncing and pouring out 1.25 gallons of vegetable oil.

mmm. just let that seep and spread for a minute because that is enough oil to cover our (albeit small) kitchen floor and spill downdowndowndown the stairs. And trip Theo - who was innocently sitting in the enemy's path. 

My fault? Fine but really - not really. When do these children start acting on the little bit of sense they was born with?

Anyway, the yellow rain boots are shining brighter than my pocketful full of sunshine and the kitchen floor is a hazard to your tailbone because it be slick. If you come over in the next six months .... watchit or you'll dropitlikeitsrealhawt.

So, Julia. I'm guessing the toddler years are a gentle foreshadowing of adolescence? I'll be curious to see if I've gone fully bald or fully grey by then - stay tuned. This morning Julia offered to "watch the kids" while I ran the errands we have to run (no, but thanks - I'd like "the kids" to be alive at sundown) but in the next breath was marveling at a sizable bit of gold she'd mined from her nose ...

... and in the following exhale she was carrying on about how I should probably rush her to the hospital because Sebastian had gently tapped her on the forearm whycuz she was bleeding (she was not).

When we returned from our errands Julia was confused and upset that we hadn't seen her friend, "Erin" even though we know no Erins. Errand/Erin .... to be on our next and first spelling and vocabulary lesson. Right now we're busy working on the concept that St. Louis is more than just the inside of our house, "we're home to our house, St. Louis!" and that Wichita is more than just Simon's parent's house, "I think I'll just go inside Wichita and see Grandma ... "

And she has Sebastian trained to applaud after every single bathroom performance and should he accidentally forget the verbal affirmation she's sure to give him permission to do so, "you can say good job now, Bash."

So he does.

Or maybe adolescence will be more fun. We'll see.

Julia asked what she should do for a picture ...
Grace:  hmmm maybe put your hands on your hips?
Julia: oh, okay. I will.

And she did.
She did good.


  1. She has an amazing mind! I love these little snippets of her. She cracks me up.

  2. Miss Julia is da BOMB! I love her sense of style and her little snippets of convo...hysterical! Thanks for making a grey day brighter...those boots ROCK!

  3. Oh gosh, toddlers are just the best ever. Sometimes. Anyway, I was literally lol-ing.

  4. haha! Julia is awesome. Grace usually wants to go places without Sophie... maybe it's a sign that I need to start paying more attention to her. Oh, and we're still working on the whole 'the town is not just limited to our house' thing too.

  5. these pictures are priceless. i absolutely love every julia post.

  6. I love every bit of feisty in that girl. And oh, vegetable oil?? He couldn't have picked a worse thing out of the pantry!

  7. As an Erin, I am going to have to agree with Julia, the pronounciation can lead to confusion. So much so anytime one of my friends tell her daughter they are going to run errands, she pipes in with a "and see Jon (my husband) too?"

  8. Convos / Fashions with Julia make my week!

  9. Julia just makes me smile-not only is she cute, but she has TONS of personality! What a special kid!

  10. I mailing you a set of the best bandages ever for Julia. No hospital trips required. You'll have to be very careful when the package arrives because the bandages are "invisible." I always have keep a spare in my pocket and pull it out, unwrap and stick it on with the drama it deserves. Hopefully Julia will love these. Everyone should keep a couple in their pocket.

  11. Vegetable. Oil. My heart is racing at the very thought of cleaning that up. Gaaahhh....

    And Erin? That's hilarious. I love these posts. And J. And you.

  12. Oh Bash, you are a treat.. Vegetable oil, what will you think of next!!

    He and Easton are too alike. Earlier this week it was a whole jar of pickle juice emptied into a kitchen drawer. So the house smells like pickles &plusalso what 2 year old can open a pickle jar!?!? Most adults can't do that!!

  13. When we had an oil spill at work - lots of salt....absorb then sweep. I don't know if this works for vegetable oil too, but maybe just leave the salt low for Bash to reach. :)

    Oh, and Julia "bleeding" to go to the hospital to see Daddy or eat french fries?! Sneaky girl that one.

    As always Julia is awesome. LOTS of awesome!

  14. I cannot believe that "thinks an entire midwestern city is just her house" is a developmental stage, but I have a just-turned-three-year-old who thinks that "Chicago" refers to our particular apartment building in Hyde Park. What is up with this?? But every time I try to correct her she gets really angry so I think we'll just live with that misapprehension for a while...

  15. My oldest was born during the season when his young parents were just discovering credit cards. Ok. Just one credit card: Macy's. And for us - everything came from Macy's. As a result, when he was Julia's age, if you asked him where babies came from he would answer, "Macy's". True story. Also... I have done the cooking oil cleanup before and it's enough to make you swear off fried foods for life. I don't know for sure that they ever grow out of such catastrophic disasters but I do know that eventually move out and after that it's their mess to clean.

  16. Eire met Julia by computer today. She stared (distracted from having just shut her thumb in the screen door for the second time today) and repeated, "Dew-ie!" before grabbing my water bottle and running off.


  17. My husband once dropped an entire bottle of olive oil all over our laundry room floor. Which is miniscule. So it was drenched in oil. On linoleum. Not pretty. And that girl is just awesome. Truly.

  18. Oh my gosh ... I can't imagine cleaning up a gallon of vegetable oil. I am so sorry, that is awful!

  19. Your daughter is a model. Really! I can take headshots and give her some pointers and act as her agent for a small fee of $5000 upfront...

    But being a doctor's daughter, she should probably work on where the hip bone is.

  20. I love Julia. My son, at 3, is convinced that The United States of America is the closest main intersection to our house. It's a small world, dear boy, but not that small!

  21. You are so funny, Grace and your kids are hilarious. You do an amazing job making it all sound funny.

  22. These puctures crack me up. Love the one-lensed-sunglasses. She pulls them off like no other.

  23. What a cool styling!!! Love this smart casual outfit! It looks easy to put together and super stylish in the same time!
    Great job!
    Have a good weekend!

  24. Gaaaah, you are such a good and hilarious writer, Grace. You can tell why Julia is so stinkin' cute (props to the man behind Simon Says, too, of course)!!

    The first photo is my favorite!

  25. the scarf!!! looks even cuter than i had imagined. #styleicon



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