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21 October 2013

I know!! I know - total cheater cheater pumpkin cookie eater of a post. Despite the fact that Simon worked this weekend and Monday's shift should feel like a soft pillowy landing - I still managed to pull out of the Costco parking lot with my groceries stillllll in the cart and said cart neatly tucked away in the corral. It's as if Theo is 9 days not 9 months. My excuses are running low/I've got none.

So! Cop out post. Boo me hard.

1. Julia is very into all things ballet and performances these days. Theo makes up her entire fan club. It's called, "The Enthusiastics" ...
2. Sebastian waiting for Julia to notice his lap doll. And waiting for her to freak. She always does.

3. "Here's something that should go down niiiiice and easy"
4. Great Grandma and Little J tricycle derby. Does anyone want to teach J to peddle?

5. Sebastian's hell. 
6. Theo's attention hogging heaven.

7. Theodore + John Deere = bffornever.
8."Bash and I are just playing ballerina while I pick some corn."

9. If Julia ever sees this post - consider them dead.
10. If you're giddy and you know it ... smile.

I'm sorry - these are all repeats. I won't do it again for another few weeksmaybedays.

And I started putting together a little FAQ page .... if you dare to care it's over there. And I'm serving kale for dinner ... in case I go missing ... question Simon. He may have thrown me out.



  1. bash's face with the julia puzzle on his lap. so good.

  2. Haha, I don't mind the repeats at all. Especially with your captions. They're gold!

    My favorites are Julia loving on all things Ballet and the boys in the tutus. HA! Cracking me up for days.

  3. adorable!!! question for FAQ...are you ready for #4 ? ;-)

  4. I love kale. But Simon may divorce you for that. And I love the boys in the tutus. It's like Bash knows ALLLLLL the way to make her crazy already. They will be fun as teenagers......

  5. Kale?!?! The Acorn Soup must have gone over well

  6. I would love to teach J to peddle. :)

  7. Personally, I loves these posts cause I don't follow your Instagram (I can't be that stalker-ish yet, in time, in time). So I love seeing the pics and hearing the hiliaria commentary! No apologia necessaries! Annnndd, I just noticed the above comment and totes off to scrutinize the FAQ for a reveal of possible sorts!!!!!!

    1. No, no reveal! I think the question was phrased awkwardly I guess

    2. Oh, before I peruse your FAQ, I have to mention that while I would love for you to cook for me and I feel healthier even looking at your menus, my husband would vomit and probably throw out the D-word if I ever even thought to serve kale as main dish. Kudous to Simon for his adventurous taste buds!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. For some reason Grace is into ballet right now too - no idea why, just a lot of tutu wearing lately. Here's a Q: will there ever be another Simace vlog??

  9. Love, love, love the spaceship ride photo pic. One of my fave pictures of my two oldest boys is one where they're 4 & 2 on one of those. Said boys are now 13 & 11 but I still have that one hanging on my wall.

  10. when did bash turn 15? that last pic in the stripes he is totally looking grown up!! love the tutus.

  11. Every morning in our house:

    Ellen hides in closet. Mother must announce:
    "Now presenting Ellen the ballerina!"
    Ellen prances around like Joe Cocker.

    Repeat xKillMeNow

  12. I'll take whatever you got...repeats or not. I love Miss Julia playing ballerina. Reminds me of my own ballerina days. Hope the week gets better...

  13. I read your blog right before falling asleep and definitely had a long dream that I was babysitting at your house and just having so much fun. Blog stalker? Maybe.

  14. Um, Theo's thighs.... goodness gracious they are amazing! Thank you for sharing the awesome story that is your life :)

  15. oh my word theo's thighs...i could just eat them. but i won't. you're welcome.

  16. cop out accepted you smoking hot woman.

    It's been WAY too many days since i've been here.

    glad you're keeping up with the greens (not). but seriously, if you fry kale in SHIT loads of butter, it's kind of okay (for the kids).


  17. That last picture of Basher looks so much like Simon.
    Can you guys move to Omaha? I would love to have you as neighbors and spy on you in your backyard. I think Julia would keep me and my kiddos well entertained :)



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