Advertising with the Camp

Please email me ( for the Camp's most recent traffic stats and current collaboration rates. Ad spaces can be purchased below. Thank you!!

Social Media Stats for 9/2014:
18,500+ Instagram followers
6,800+ Facebook fans
3,400+ Twitter followers

Past Happy Campers:

"Advertising with Camp Patton was a perfect fit for our family friendly audience. We had over 10 signups which translates to over $3,000 in revenue this year after purchasing the large ad. What a success!"
- Blakely Cragun, Together Box

"You set a record for most comments we've ever received on a Blogger Spotlight!" - Minnetonka Moccasins 

"My site traffic has more than tripled in the last 24 hours!" - Gracie B. Boutique

"Grace was wonderful to work with and put together a beautiful post for my client. The traffic and revenue it brought to the client’s site was outstanding, and it remains one of the highest engaged posts we’ve seen! I’d recommend Camp Patton to anyone looking to advertise or raise brand awareness – I hope to work together again in the future." -
Natalie Newman, Talented Talkers

"I keep getting Instagram follower requests. Stop tagging me." - Simon P. Patton

The Camp recently won Apartment Therapy's Homie Award for Best Family and Kids Blog and is currently one of the top 5 family blogs on Bloglovin'.

We've also had the pleasure of working with Joules, Wendy's, Minnetonka, Soon Maternity, Boden, and many more!


  1. hahahahahha Love the instagram comment from Simon. Ben has said the exact same thing.

  2. Is Simon's middle name Peter? Because that would just be awesome.

  3. Simon's on instagram?! He knows me. Come on. He does!


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