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19 October 2013

Why so serio?

I don't know. It was the 6th anniversary of Simon sending me the Facebook message that started it all (full story here) and since he's working 3 of the 4 weekends in October we took advantage of the occasion, nabbed a sitter for 90 minutes on Wednesday and went to dinner. I think it was a little too dark/windy for pictures but here's one where I'm not eating my hair. Okay enough. No one cares.

I'm letting myself putz around the internet while two of the kids sleep and the other one plays trucks in his crib because I took them all to the post office this morning and didn't die. I prepped Julia and Sebastian that we would have to wait in a long line and if they didn't stay right next to me then something really REALLY awful would happen. Julia seemed to get it and Sebastian just nodded emphatically and stuck by her side. When I was paying Julia tugged on my sleeve and whispered, "um, so where's the wine?!"

I thought I'd share some of my current best of picks ... because I didn't get my act together to join Hallie last week and I'm not big on scheduling posts in advance so ... seizing the moment now.

Best Nude Nail Polish: My top TOP pick is Sally Hansen's Cafe Au Lait but I can never find it in the stores anymore so I tried OPI's Samoan Sand and it's a super, SUPER close second place - it's just a tiny bit more on the pink rather than the beige side.

Best Sippy Cup: Okay - I'll be honest and admit that if we'd let her Julia would still totally drink out of a bottle at three years of age. This was my fault for not nipping her favorite pastime at the recommended age of one exact year and let's not dwell on my mistakes, thanks. I did a bit of research (don't you love when people use the research euphemism when what they really mean is Googled a little) and found these Boon Sippy Cup. They are far and away my favorite. Even Theo loves when he gets to play with them and has an easy time drinking a bit of water out of them and there aren't a million parts to lose in the dishwasher and I love them. Oh, and I told Julia that her old bottle died after she wouldn't accept the, "lost" lie thinking she would just forget it and drop it but she is very eager to tell anyone that's willing to lend an ear about the tragic death. I'll dedicate a chapter in my parenting manual to "tough stuff" ... fear not.

Best Slouchy Sweatshirt: It's really nice that the slouchy look is in because I can just change from my yogas to some denim if we need to venture out into civilized society during the day. I saw this sweatshirt over on Natalie's blog and trusted her judgment and ordered it online. I washed and air dried it once and it didn't shrink up to my clavicle and it might be a stretch to say it looks Madewelly but it definitely doesn't scream Forever 21. Or maybe my 30-year-old judgement is clouded. I have pretty broad shoulders and ordered a small and it's still slouchy mcslouch. Like a boss. You can sort of it see it in action on my person here.

Best Blog: Okay well no. I could never choose a favorite blog but I love reading Fran's blog because she gives really great and honest reviews of clothing. And she's funny about it. And she has impeccable style that somehow doesn't seem terribly far fetched or unattainable. And she's in med school and I can feel like 1% of her pain after dating Simon during his first year - (I would never claim to know the hell that is anatomy lab!! Promise.) She has me almost sold on the Everlane t-shirt. I'll keep you posted.

Best Pinterest Boards: I've already told you about Mary's - genius. And now it is my great pleasure to ship you over to Anna's masterpieces. I need to waste less time on Hulu and devote more of my vegging to Pinning.

Best Readers: Duh. All of you. Always. Thanks for voting over here last week. Have an extra piece of Halloween candy I know you have stashed somewhere. You deserve it. Maybe two.

And if you think you know of a better than best listed above, don't hold back!! You're probably right. 

Now I'm off to search for the best acorn squash soup recipe. I bought one last week and Simon made it very clear that he would be having absolutely nothing to do with, "that green thing" so ... his loss. Or not.


  1. Acorn Squash Soup
    Cut, clean and cube acorn
    Roughly dice one onion
    Roughly chop some garlic
    Roughly chop one stalk of celery
    Roughly chop one stalk of carrot
    Toss all of these in some EVOO, salt, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, sage (fresh or dry)
    Roast at 375 for 35-45 minutes (Depends on the size of the cubes. They should be mashable)
    Put the mashed/roasted goodness into a pot/blender/vitamix and add 1-ish box of chicken/'vegetable stock. This really depends if you want it thick/thin. Go wild. Either blend or use an immersion blender. This step varies a bit based on your tools.
    Bring this to your desired temp on the stove.
    If you want it to be extra lush and creamy add some butter and heavy cream.
    Best served with homemade croutons aka torn up baguette tossed in olive oil and baked.

  2. I really like that looks like something I could sleep in AND go to the park in AND sleep in the next night, too. WINNER!!! Maybe I should get two to carry me through a whole week?
    Please get the everlane t! And post about it and tell us what you think! I think I am going to get the ryan charcoal one for my birthday ;)

  3. AZAT65R Sorry, that was Sophie. I could use a good sweatshirt, since mine are mostly relics from high school/college and look like it. Hope you're holding up okay this weekend without backup! X Ceas

  4. Love, love, love the Zoli BOT Straw Sippy Cup. The straw is weighted so when your child tips the cup to drink, the end of the straw automatically goes to where the juice is. This was a big deal for us because the littlest dude must drink from a straw and must tip the cup at the same time. Which resulted in major frustration - on everyone's part. So the Zoli BOT Straw sippy is our new fav.

  5. My kids are older so instead of best sippy cups I could tell you about my oldest son's favorite beer. Or the youngest kid's favorite cigarettes. Or the middle son's wife's favorite disney princess. I'll spare you.

  6. I'll just say "second" to what Meredith said above - I was going to tell you the same thing.

  7. whoa, wait - where is the buffalo check top you're wearing from? did I miss this?? You look beeeeautiful!

  8. can we talk about how hot you look in this photo?
    i'd like to.

  9. Do you remember what color your sweatshirt is? I don't usually buy online but I love that top! When I went to order from F21 it was calling the darker grey one navy. But it didn't look navy! Haha, am I crazy?

    1. shoot. I looked on my online invoice and it didn't say! I ordered the not navy one -- I don't know why it's pink?

    2. I don't know why the colors and names aren't matching up! In my cart it's calling it navy, but the picture shown looks dark grey. I'm just going to go with it. Thank you for the suggestion! :)

  10. I'm so glad baggy slouchy comfy is currently in. I found this man's sweater
    at a hurley outlet fo $30 and loved loved loved it and DIDN'T buy it. My week's biggest regret by far. (along with having an entire box of TJ's Speculoos to myself in 3 days' time.)

  11. Grace, you look wonderful! Love the buffalo check!

    One easy (and a little decadent way) that I make acorn squash is to cut in half, scoop out the seeds and then fill the opening with artichoke/spinach dip. My local grocery has the dip in their deli case and it is meant to be heated up. I bake the squash with it right in there. Yummy! May have to get that for tonight!

    1. YUM. Definitely warrants buying another one to try this genius.

      Thank you!!


    Thanks for putting me on this list! Happy happy! Good to know my pinning obsession is good for something! :-D

  13. Brilliant list. I just really love lists. They're so FUN!! Also, not sure if I missed it but I must know where that glorious vest is from?? I'm suffering from serious buffalo check fever and I need more. xo



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