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17 July 2013

Linking up with Kayla + Hallie 

glasses - c/o SmartBuyGlasses
shorts - Old Navy
clogs - c/o Moheda

Kayla is hosting a fun style challenge link-up for peoples that want to try out a trend they've pinned. Technically I didn't pin these but I'm poorly channeling a mashup of Danielle's gorgeous outfit and Bridget's novel clogs + shorts look. Laugh on. I know.

And Hallie's link-up always brings the girls to her yard with her Five Favorites. Here are mine for the minute ...

1. Summer despite the holiest hottest weather and our 95 degree kitchen c/o our faulty air conditioning. I think I'm just now thawing and shedding my thick layer of loathe for the weather after the delightful winter and spring we were blessed with this year. Swimming in sweat trumps bathing in SAD tears any day.

2. my shades that I am guarding with my life because the kids can smell my favorite things from infinite miles away and hatch elaborate and successful plans to break or lose my precious tangibles. The person that invents ceiling storage - no matter how ugly and cumbersome - will be my hero because detachment from stuff has always been a strong suit of mine. SmartBuyGlasses is hosting a giveaway for a similar (foldable!!) pair on their Facebook page ... hop on ova!

3. running shoe tips over on el Facebook page. Lots of people said to go to a running store so they can watch you run which I've done and got the Brooks Adrenaline which were great so maybe I should just run with those again even though my DSW clearance pair of Reeboks have been totally fine for my little teeny tiny walky runs.

4. cut the umbilical cords - as Simon so sweetly dubs it. After a night of waking up with Sebastian every 30 minutes last week I finally agreed to sleep with the monitor off. We can still hear the kids if they are screaming SCREAMING (and they do - sometimes) but only getting up once with Theo at night has been glorious. I'm not hacking up rainbows in the morning or anything but ... I don't feel like I slammed a bottle of zillion proof alky-hall the night before either.

5. this sea salt spray - Sebastian emptied my favorite bottle of hair powder into his hair the other day (and I think he thought that he'd murdered my best friend by the way I slightly overreacted) but I remembered that I'd picked this stuff up a few months ago and it's great. Not perfect like my powder but definitely a keeper.

And bone-us ... I'm putting together a FAQ page (why did you cut Julia's hair to pixie length for the first two years of her life? how do you keep your house so dirty? etc) so if you have anything for me ... throw it over!


  1. Same shades as Ryan Gosling - excellent taste!

  2. I cannot even get attached to a pair of glasses. Too much heartbreak from too many broken pairs. Cheapo glasses from the grocery store for me.
    And good job kicking the monitor to the curb! Enjoy the extra sleep.

  3. When I used to the good old days....Brooks were my favorite. I found the pair that worked for me and stuck with them for YEARS. YEARS I say. Happy hunting or returning to tried and true!

  4. I really like that sea salt spray! I've always had super super straight hair and then my hormones decided to go haywire and now I can use sea salt spray and it's super curly and kinda looks like I got a perm (but in a good way). My only complaint is that the spray makes your hair feel "different." Not greasy but you can definitely tell there's something in it. So I did some exploring and have been trying out a few different ones. I know it's a little more expensive but this stuff:

    is great. It does the job and your hair still feels soft.. as in I can still run my fingers through it which I love. I have a couple cheaper ones to try out still so if I find one I like even better I will let you know. Sorry this got so long, I just like to butt my nose into other people's business ;)

  5. I love that beach babe spray. I spray it on my wet hair and then use my flat iron to do the waves and they last forever. And Brooks my absolute favorites. I have the pure flow 2's and they are so light and fit my awkward feet really well.

  6. This is maybe more of a post idea than a faq, but I would love tips for shopping on ebay and craig's list. You seem like a deal-scoring pro on those sites!

  7. I continue to wallow in jealousy over your legs.

  8. How do you use the beach spray? I have a bottle of it, but haven't ever been able to get it to DO much. My hair just feels kind of grimy and still hangs limply. Maybe I'm not using enough?

  9. I have been rocking a sweet pair of cutoffs the last couple of days. Like the oldest pair of jeans ever that I just took the scissors to. Neat. And sea salt spray, yes!! I use the Redken kind but might have to try this one!

  10. I just found your blog and you and your family are too cute! Julia's comments on the last post....oh my...can't wait for my 11-month old to talk! Keep up the good work! Beautiful family. :)

  11. nailed it.

    also, every thirty minutes? shit. that ain't fun. sleeplessness is like my worst enemy. given previous statement, you'd think i'd have sleep trained but no, i didn't. but second time around? (you know, if we go there)... i can see the benefits. :-\

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