7 Quick Takes

19 July 2013

1. So we're finally pulling the trigger, biting the bullet, whatever the whatever and buying a new air conditioner. Yay --- funnest purchase ever. The guy was going to come over "for 30 minutes" to walk me through different options and give me quotes (and I was fully prepared with my "we just want basic - not a bell or whistle in sight - please and thank you!" speech to be delivered with a smile) but after 4 minutes of sitting at the table with the big kids as they ate lunch and Julia peppered him with questions like, "are you a mans?" (I don't know if he was a day over 19 so ... jury's out there) he popped up from his chair and told me he'd just email the quotes instead.

Come on, Scott, you can't hang with the crazies?

No, he was really nice and polite and I appreciated that he didn't give me the deets on different units because no comprendo that kind of prattle. He sent quotes that are a bit cheaper than we'd anticipated - never happens so .... bright sides abounding. 

2. I'm still loving reading all of the love stories that are linked up over here.


3. Okay ... the Bachelorette. Why is the Men Tell All a week early? I'm fairly certain that they normally have it narrowed down to two people when they air this episode, right? Something is rotten and fishy in the state of the franchise and I don't like it. I guess my pick is eh ... Drew minus a bottle of hair product? I was leaning more toward Chris but after that bizarre nasal treatment his father gave him combined with him saying "brb" in serious conversation ..... toast. Good thing it's up to me. Ashley has the whole hilarious scoop - like always. Checker.

4. I Googled "depuff face" in the middle of the night because me and insomnia are bff+e and I woke up feeling like my face had been stung by a bee - minus the pain - plus the puff. I found this awesome list of masks and scrubs and I have alllllll of the stuff in my kitchen. Fancy that. I've only done the coffee + honey but can't wait to try the rest and listen to Julia's observations ... "well, maybe, you just got some dirt on your face maybe." Yep.

5. So I've never even met Kayla in real life (or IRL if we're getting internetty uh-round here) but she sent me a BirchBox subscription for my upcoming birthday. Nicest lady alive. (also the edgiest - check out her totally functional and grocery store friendly ways to wear faux leather) I had to laug - ahem LOL when I opened it because ...

my kryptonite. I love it. (and it's a good thing it came with nail polish because ... nook at dat half naked thumbelina)

I had a lot of fun filling out my "beauty profile" ...

I'll take everything, please. 

Anyway ... best gift ever ever.

6. Another phenomenal blogger that I've never met but grown to love is Shana over at Ain't No Mom Jeans. Even if you aren't big into caring about the latest trends Shana's blog is still totalllllly worth reading because she's quick and hilarious and relatable and as real as they come. It's a good thing Philly is faaaaar away because I'd be knocking on her door faster than she could say "we need to move AWAY." She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy last week and she's been putting on the bravest face despite the fact that her recovery looks like pure hell according to her grams. She kindly let me guest post and if you don't want to click over and commit to reading a long post - fear not! I thought it was going to be a mashup of posters so I kept it short for once in my life. 

7. Okay. Giving up. If this post is totally incoherent it's because Sebastian now takes the world's shortest naps 

 ^^^ oh, are you tired? I'm so sorry.

that don't even qualify for kitten status and he always finds a way to wake Theo ...

 ^^^ who be like ... thanxalot.

and tries to wake Sleeping Beauty but nothing will get in the way of her four hour siestas because she is her father's daughter. 

Off to buckle my fun belt because Simon isn't even close to starting his last notshort surgery of the day so ................ TGIF-it. 



  1. I love your quick takes and your writing style. You make me smile. Hope the weekend is bearable -- or better. :)

    PS and I'm really kind of excited that my post is included in your screen shot in #2. It was fun trip down memory lane.

  2. That reminds me: I need to write ours!


  3. I love that Julia scared off the A/C man!

  4. Ah, that Julia. And you will LOVE birchbox. Enjoy!

  5. Dang, that Kayla! So nice.

    And I totally had a dream that involved your kids, specifically Bash. I think he was dumping formula on the ground or something and being a terror. Maybe I need to start limiting my Camp Patton blog reading time.

  6. Ok, so my comment has nothing to do with today's quick takes. As I started reading these, my husband's like "remember to check out so and so web page I told you about", and I'm like "ok, I just have to show you some pictures of Bash from the other day" and he's like "ok". What's the point? I don't know...anyway...have a bearable weekend Grace :D

  7. I'm totally honored to be in the screen shot for #2! Thanks. Oh and Frank thanks you an Anne for "making his wife remember why she fell in love with him!" And all the perks that go with that new-found-love...
    Talk soon?
    Off to resume the babe who has claimed onto my nightstand while typing this. Never! Dull!

  8. #3... ugh! I know! What was with that nose treatment? That was so weird and totally grossed me out. I can't believe that was their father-son bonding activity. So strange!

  9. i'm laughing at the image of the 19 yr old HVAC guy. glad the quote came in low, that really never happens!

    and i just threw my love story in the link up since i somehow missed it when you first posted. it involves tim being wrapped in bubble wrap. yup.

  10. Looky there's me no. 81:) am I the only one who didn't do a 2 parter lover story haha, I couldn't help myself with the editing;) this link in was such fun, like social hour for bloggers:) too many smileys?;)

  11. We bought the highest seer rating, whatever that really is, and our electric bills in the summer were immediately cut in half: just an FYI. Plus, we're in Tejas and this was 2 years before the Real heat wave of 2011.still held true in that summer I wish to forgeddabotit.

  12. Bash is a tiny tiny Simon. I love miniature things!

  13. Oh, I feel your pain on the short nap thing. My son, who is very close (as in I think six days older) in age to Sebastian doesn't nap much. Or if he does, bedtime is cray-cray. Last night I was praying, Please God, make this child sleep! I thought babies need sleep! And he's my fourth so I really should be used to this. Right?

  14. 4 hr naps? I am so jealous.... I don't think my kids have slept 4 hrs straight during the night since they were born, let alone nap time. I think my motto since becoming a mother has been "People don't have kids to get more sleep"



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