7 Quick Takes

12 July 2013

It's Friday! Soooo, I'm joining Jen like I never do.

1. Okay I just deleted an entire take about folding laundry. It's like I want the blog's readership to be painfully chiseled down to just Simon and my mom. How about I try a leedle harder.

Let's talk about the blog's new look! Jenna worked her magic again and tweaked and tweaked and tweaked after I kept asking her to change little things here and there. She's so patient and great and very reasonably priced and I highly recommend her if you're looking for a whole new design or just a button or a header or anything. Highly!!

2. I had a fairly easy time finding my wedding dress at the second place I looked thanks to my good friends doing some serious shop scouting but for some reason I had a really hard time finding a dress to wear to our rehearsal dinner. I actually ended up buying two viable options that I really liked but didn't love and changing into the fancier one for some dancing before we left the reception.

I don't know. That's our only dance move together - circling him with my fingers securely on his head. Makes lots of sense at the time usually. 

I don't know why I thought I had to wear white to the rehearsal dinner and maybe no one does that anymore but I really wish I'd had Kayla's awesome white dress roundup when I was on the hunt. She's a curator extraordinaire.

3. If you're in the market for mindless beach reads but that you won't want to put down I've been a big fan of Elin Hildebrand's books. Hallie gave me Summerland (and Simon read it ... but I didn't type you that) and now I'm totally hooked. Not appropriate for children or the easily scandalized. 

4. I made the How We Met post a link-up and I am LOVING reading all the stories linked so far. There are so many great ones and I don't know why a lot of you don't have book deals because your writing is phenom.

From Jenny's "A Girl Walks Into a Bar" ...

I remember getting to the restaurant and hearing Diana still on the phone with Dave, coaxing him to just  'cancel your plans, you can always drop by that party later' and please come and meet us for dinner. I have no idea what kind of promises she made to him, but he did eventually show up at the restaurant, and I was immediately aware that this was the guy I was supposed to meet. And honestly? Not my type. 

... the rest here.

(read it!!!!)

And Katrina's Part I ....

One day I received an email that, "Chris Harrington has requested you as a friend." In the typical fashion of my generation, I promptly went through all of his profile pictures, and then called my sister over to the computer demanding that she looked at the guy who just friend requested me by whispering, "Look how hot this guy is!" From my Facebook perusing, I could tell that he was a looker. And he seemed to be from a big family, which caught my eye. However, I also found out that he was a senior so that made me furrow my eyebrows a little bit. "Why would this hot senior guy need to friend freshman girls?" Then I saw that he had a girlfriend. Robbing the cradle while in a relationship? Two strikes. I also saw that a few other freshman girls had written their excited to come to campus declarations on his wall. The fish were swarming. I was not going to follow suit although to be honest before I found out that he was in a relationship, I was tempted for a hot second even though that is something I normally would never ever do.

I'm DYING to read the rest!!! (So if she could get on that ............ thanks)

I'll leave the link open forever if it will let me after December 31st 2013 so type and post, pretty please?!

5. In the sink or swim competition that was yesterday I totally sank. I'm still clinging to a shred of hope that I'll eventually finish the post I was trying to write yesterday but was interrupted 9999999999999 times by the kids so I'll leave the fun for then -- you might get lucky though and it just might sit in the drafts folder FOREVER. Anyway Simon left at 6 and got home after 9 ...

... and then had to defer some med school loans and get ready to do it all over again today. When this rotation is over I'm going to throw a rager and you're invited. Can't wait.

6. I've only watched until the first commercial break of this week's Bachelorette episode but was SO happy to see some ladies from last season. It made me nostalgic for happier days on the show and gave me hope that it will return to it's former level of greatness (shut up - I'm a superfan) after this wretched season is over. Even Jones hasn't bothered with a recap so you KNOW it's bad.

7. Did you enter both the Wren's Nest giveaway AND the Whole Parenting Goods giveaways? I hope so.

Hope your weekend is not terrible.

See ya lay-duh.


  1. That dance picture is the funniest ever!! And Jenny's story was awesome this morning!

  2. I totally listed you on my blog today as one of my favorite places to visit on the internet. You make me actually laugh out loud, not the internet version that is really more internal than external. And even though I'm a cynical old bitter cat woman who vows to never fall in love again, I'm loving the how we met stories. And I hope they all live happily ever after.

  3. Aaaand there goes the rest of my weekend. If you need me I'll be sitting here eating M&Ms and reading everyone's love stories.

    1. Ditto. Know what I'm doin' tonight. Living large and reading love stories via strangers blogs. If I had any ability to put my thoughts into words, I'd give mine a shot, but it would sound like a second grade report with a topic sentence and 3 supporting sentences.

  4. Laundry post? I'd read it. I knoooow I need to write my love story. I've been planning it forever so now your link up will perhaps brush off the laziness and I'll do it. I loved yours.

  5. Since jones didn't answer my tweet ima gonna ask u: why did Catherine say she and Sean were looking for best friends?! I'm perplexed. Seems like a ton o' drama just to find a new bestie

    Hope you're surviving in the Friday night trench...I might make it out alive but the jury is still out haha

  6. I loved reading your love story, and throw that laundry post up here especially if it contains the words " I have yet to actually DO the laundry" because that is one I can relate too :)

  7. Everyone in blogland is like "ooooh, Grace is so cool and put up her love story, and now I have to." HELLO, I wrote mine in 2010, so how much cooler am I?

    Ha! Just goes to show how much of a Blog Oprah you have the golden touch my dear :-)

  8. I've been waiting on pins and needles for Ashley's Bach post this week, but judging from the tweets I've seen, this season is nothing to write home about?

    I love the look of your blog! I'm always tweaking as well- never fully satisfied!

    And the love stories truly have been wonderful. I've had so much fun reading through all the different accounts! Thanks for starting the link up :)

  9. If you're breath is all bated and you're lying awake thinking, "HOW DID JENNA AND MIKE EVER MEET??", rest assured: our anniversary is at the end of this month, and I thought it approp to link up then. Phew. I'm glad I cleared it up for you.

  10. woman. I have no idea how you live through 15 hour days.

    No. I would die.

  11. Re: #1 - Jenna is working on a redesign project for me, and I'm looking forward to seeing what she comes up with.

  12. I recently discovered your blog and you crack me up (I'm sure you get that all the time). I love your not-overly-annal-parenting style (I'm being serious). Anywhoooo, I will link to your How We Met link-up with my engagement story (posted on my blog a few years ago-- I rarely blog anymore) b/c my engagement happened on the Hill, as it appears yours did too. And it is kind of a funny story (but aren't they all).

  13. loved this post. i adore your blog.



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