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31 March 2015

I really have no-ho-ho-ho business writing about hair care. Ever. {But that's never ever stopped me before!!!} The last time my hair was cut by a professional {aka not me and my subpar trim jobs} was during my first trimester with Phoebe and it shows. Postpartum hair loss doesn't kill me as much as postpartum hair regrowth does because I've earned myself a graduated bowl cut that sits real pretty directly on top of my head ... like a crown. The bowl crown grows like a notweed and taunts me daily. I suspect it will grow long enough to blend in with the rest of my hair sometime around 2025ish.


I am a hair product review reading junkie and a total sucker when it comes to trying the latest and greatest. I also subscribe to almost everything Kate recommends because have you seen her hair? Plus she's a professional. So, I have the greatest of faith in the following products and a little tiny bit goes a very long way when it comes to every single one of them.

My hair is really fine (a nice euphemism for thin) but I have a lot of it BUT it doesn't matter because it's flatter than Simon' 19-day-old Cherry Coke in the fridge so I'm forever on a quest for volume. Forever. So ... if you were blessed with voluminous locks of lovely ... these might not be for you! I couldn't tell you because I'm on the side of the fence with the less green grass. Aren't we all?

Okay ... heady foreword over.

Forging onward.

1. Pureology Hydrate Shampoo - At the beginning of this pregnancy my hair turned into an oil factory. I tried every clarifying shampoo under the sun and the vinegar rinse and and AND. So then I was that annoying friend that SOS-texted poor Kate and she said my hair was probably dried out and overcompensating with extra oil. Duh. She recommended this shampoo and my hair was transformed overnight. I only wash my hair every 3rd or 4th day (I know some of you can go WAY longer and I applaud you) so this bottle has lasted quite a while despite a few spills a la my offspring.

2. Aquage Uplifting Foam - Another Kate gem. I put this on my roots right before I blow dry it after I shower at night (boo - I've turned into a "shower after the kids have gone to bed" person because I don't trust any of the kids to be left alone during a potential daytime shower, for good reason and Theo's room shares a wall with the bathroom and even if I showered at 4:55 in the am .... he'd be up and crowing - WHO CARES? sorry). Then I just put my hair in a loose braid to sleep. I've had the same bottle for well over a year and it's still fairly full. So very worth the price.

3. Conair Infiniti Pro Dryer - my old hair dryer was older than my relationship with Simon ... much older. And it was a ticking fire hazard and probably kept the neighbors up at night because it was LOUD. I read about this on Kilee's instagram and she has the best hair and sang it's praises and I have loved it. It works really quickly and is relatively quiet and does a great job of getting impatient Julia's hair very dry, very quickly.

3. Mitch Stone Essentials Lustre Drops - I read about these on a few blogs of bloggers with bomb hair and had to copycat. I just put one or two drops in my hair after I blow dry it and before I braid it. And sometimes if it gets static-happy ... this will tame it without weighing it down and looking like a grease bomb. It gives my hair a little shine and tames fly aways. 

4. Kenra Volume Spray - Yet another Kate find. I lightly spray this on before I curl my hair which is probably terrible to do but ... I do it. And the curl holds well without looking like banana/barrel curls that would've been appropriate at my high school homecoming dance. It isn't sticky and even though it says "extra hold" it doesn't make my hair feel stiff. At all.

5. Cortex Ceramic Curling Wand - I should probably use a bigger barrel but this works for now and it's super hot and works quickly. I still don't really know what I'm doing with a wand but I do curl away from my face and do different sizes of hair pieces so it doesn't look too uniform but I still probably fail. I've tried several wands and this is my favorite by FAR.

6. Big Sexy Hair Powder Play - I've probably blogged about this more than I've blogged about all my children altogether but it's that good. I just sprinkle a teeny tiny bit on my roots and work it through and voila! volume! I use it on the kids' hair (minus Phoebe) too while Simon rolls his eyes in my general direction.

I don't feel strongly about a particular conditioner (I'm using this now and it's fine) but I've been buying those little 99 cent Keratin masque packets at the grocery store and have been liking them well enough. And I was sooo excited to try this texturizing spray that I've read so many rave reviews about but before I had a chance to use it ... airport security took it. My fault. But ... seriously. It did smell amazing. Anyway, I might have to give it another go.

Any volumizing magic tips and/or tricks that I'm missing?? I hope so. Let a lady know.


  1. I just ventured into the (somewhat disturbing) world of healing clay hair detox and the results have been voluminous. I had a similar early pregnancy oil overload and was choking on the fumes from my daily dousings with crappy dry shampoo, so...somebody recommended I use the Aztec healing magic clay and follow the tutorial on this site and I did and ... voila. I look like the lion king. My hair doesn't exactly feel very nice, (gritty business) but it's very, very full and needs little to no attention for days on end.

    1. My hair goes WAY DRY in pregnancy, but no volume love to speak of. I'll admit for all my crunchy leanings, I've never found a hair care option that didn't leave my hair feeling...not quite right. This doesn't mean I'll give up trying (hear we come Yucca Root!) but I do really appreciate some good ole paraben rich shampoo.

    2. Haha Jenny I just saw this post & the Aztec stuff is the first thing I thought of! Grace, put it on your hair. It's miraculous!

  2. This is the shampoo I use:
    and it's the only shampoo where I've had multiple house guests comment after using it how it's had an effect on their hair and how they love it!

  3. You have mermaid hair, so I trust you when you review products. I love all these! I started using the Aquage thanks to you and I love it. I have also been really liking Loreal Boost It High Spray for all my volume needs. Kenra hairspray for life! My hair got really frizzy while I was pregnant and I got obsessed with Sachajuan Hair Oil. Other than that....night showers and air drying is my jam.

  4. excellent choices, if I may say so myself.

  5. i love the big sexy powder! and using on your kids? i'm trying that tomorrow. i think the only trait my daughter got from me is my fine flat hair!

  6. LOVE!! My hair is just like yours - fine but a ton of it!! I'm already using Pureology and love it - I'm for sure going to have to test out some of these other items!!!

  7. Can I just say that I, too, shower in the evenings. I use it as a nice "cool down" after running after my younglings Your hair is beautiful, especially in your most recent bump pictures! One of these days, I'm going to bite the bullet and try Aquage. If Kate loves it and you love it ... well, what more endorsement do I need?!

  8. Logistically impossible I know but I get the most volume when I airdry my hair. It inevitably looks weird and I have to flaturon parts/curl others but still- VOLUME. Also I use my boar bristle/nylon bristle brush. I use the brush between washes to distribute the oils and it helps with volume a lot!

  9. A curling wand is a lifesaver to limp hair (like mine)!

  10. Re: #2 - same boat here. Our 5 year old and 1 year old sleep next to the main bath. Can't shower there. Too loud. The baby sleeps in our master closet (connected to our bath). Can't shower there. Certainly can't shower while they're awake - potential mega-trouble. Solution - don't shower. What? That doesn't seem like a solution? Oh. Maybe my standards have slipped a bit.

  11. I've been a loyal Small Things reader for a while now and I'm also faithful to the Kenra 25 :) and I've always thought about purchasing the Aquage uplifting foam since Kate raves about it, so I may have to pull the trigger. And oddly enough my 6 year old hair dryer died last week and I purchased the Conair Infiniti.
    My holy grail product however is not on this list which is Dove's dry shampoo. It's amazing, and its like 3 dollars. I've spent much more on dry shampoos and texturizing sprays and honestly this works the best for me. Actually I'm a little low on it now and that's making me nervous.

  12. I have fine AND thin hair, so count yourself lucky that you at least have a lot of it! Love that blow dryer - bought it a few months ago when my also-ancient one died.

  13. I hope you just got some Amazon points or something--my blow dryer just died last night so this post could not have been timelier. Thanks!

  14. I want the Big Sexy hair to really give me big sexy hair. Are you telling me it does this? Don't lie to me, Grace. I know where you live.

  15. I recently found a new gem AND it's only $4.99 AND pumps up the volume like none other...

    It works better than actually teasing your hair, I swear by it!



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