you've come a long way, baby

20 March 2015

or ... babIES.

or ... flashback Friday.

I'm in a constant battle ... or maybe more of a war for disk space on my laptop and just need to put everything on an external drive {tonight! after the kids go down! orrr tomorrow!!} and so I'm always going through my photos to see if I really need 99 photos of baby Julia in the bumbo demolishing frozen raspberries for the first time. The answer was always yes! until desperation got the better of me. Dee-lete x 97. Saved two because I'm real sentimental like that.

But I happened upon these rubies {why I made these collages is beyond me but I'm sure made loads of sense at the time .... loads} and had to recycle and repost.

uncanny? apparently I thought so.

And I remember thinking Julia had NO hair but she's just a month older than Phoebe is right now and I think it'd be generous to say Phoebe has half as many locks. Perspective for the dubya ... I guess.

And moving onto ...

Any Downton (season 2, I believe?) aficionados?

It might be VERY safe to say that Theo could and should get voted, "most changed" in the Patton child yearbook in his short two year earth tenure because .... holy Theodore Button.

Now to find doppelgängers for the other two ... which could maybe just be each other in both looks and personality as Phoebe is permanently parked either outside the locked bathroom or the locked pantry ... Sebastian's former favorite haunts.

Enough excitement for Friday!

Have a decent weekend.


  1. OMG, that is NOT Theo.....are you kidding me??! He looks nothing and I mean nothing like that baby picture....craziness!!!

  2. Hahahahahahahaha I can't wait for Bash and Phoebe's doppelgangers!

  3. Hahaha. My two year old is peeping over my shoulder and she cooed over the "be be" Julia, and then looked at me in confusion when we came to baby theo- "dat be be scawy" haha. I love old men babies.

  4. THEO!!!!????? I forgot how much of a little old man he used to be!

  5. Theo: Benjamin Button to Robin Williams to ??? Who will be next? We all want to know.

  6. Did you seriously wish us a decent weekend? Way to keep the expectations real low. Real. Low. (To be read as sarcasm and w/ love and endearment. If I have a decent weekend, I'll be overjoyed!!!)

    Also, my daughter is 14 months and has as much (little) hair as Phoebe. I get "he's so cute" all the time. (She also has special little ears that stick out. You could be that blessed! :)

    Have a decent weekend, Pattons.

  7. Hahaha I'm dying over Theo! But I don't feel bad about that because I actually think he's your cutest kid now. (I mean they're all adorable but I'm always like awwww, Theo) :)

  8. All I read was the title and the first line and my brain immediately jumped to "OMG. PATTON TWINS ARE ON THE WAY." You're probably relieved that my crazy thinking is due to sleep deprivation and not because you're actually carrying twins. (Unless you are in which case may I be the first to scream for joy.)

  9. You are a national treasure, Grace. :)

  10. theo looks so different! Julia hasnt changed much though, although she looks so grown up now!

  11. Grace, your blog just makes me giggle all the time. I don't have kids, I'm so far from it (still in college, still single, still don't know what I'm eating for dinner) but reading anything on here makes me think that maybe having kids can be comical and I won't become a lame, cut-off button up mom. Thanks be to you.

  12. ahaha! just made me LOL with the Benjamin Button line



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