26 weeks

27 March 2015

 three tops c/o Golden Tote (post sponsor)
support tank (not pictured :)) c/o Blanqi

Well, I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow but who's counting? Me, baby, me! Come on now

I might be the world's biggest fan of maternity clothing just because I think it suits my bump and body the best so I was pleasantly surprised when Golden Tote and their fun concept and service was able to come up with a tote full of clothing that was so bump-friendly. While there are lots of similar services floating around out there right now, Golden Tote is a monthly tote service that lets you choose two items and then surprises you with the rest based on your specified and requested style profile. My stylist was cognizant of my pregnancy and even stretched me out of my style comfort zone a bit which I appreciated because I can get outfit rut-happy pretty fast. And as someone that rarely to never shops anywhere but online I appreciated the convenience of not having to leave the house while having someone else do the "is this in style?" legwork for me.

The founders are clothing designers from Los Angeles and are able to score deep discounts on fashion brands and have even designed some of their pieces themselves. I was so happy with the quality of every single piece and am already thinking ahead to the fourth trimester of the nursing tank and my postpartum self is already appreciating the loose and flowy tops included in my tote.

My large tote (5-6 pieces) included the three tops pictured a la Grace above along with the blue dress, vest, and black and white striped top. Not bad for $149 (totes are valued up to $600 so odds are very good that you'll come out WAY ahead). There's also a smaller tote option that will get you 2-3 pieces for $49.

The next tote will be released on Monday, April 6th (although there is a bit of March inventory left!) and you can check out past totes and browse their inventory here!

I'll only subject you to a quick (ha!) paragraph about baby #5 but I have virtually no complaints. My usual back pain hasn't set in quite yet and the occasional fatigue is my biggest issue which really isn't even an issue at all. I'm still pretty confident in my guess that it's a girl because I feel like I'm carrying e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e (face, legs, face) like I did with the girls but my cravings for sushi and salt are giving me slight pause as that's all I wanted with the boys, so! We'll shall see, won't we?

We shall.

p to the s ...
27 weeks with Phoebe/Sebastian/Theo
26 weeks with Julia


  1. You look so great! Seriously, I don't know how I'll look pregnant, but I hope it's like you.

  2. Agree you do look fabulous! This "is this in style?" is so totally me and if it IS in style than means I'll ruin it ASAP.

  3. Looking beautiful, Grace! And still smaller than I am even though I'm a month and a half behind. I love the top with the blue embroidery. I'm convinced this week we are having a girl! Sushi and salt over here, too (along with mac and cheese, lasagna, chick-fil-a, and sorbets)

  4. You do look great! Looking at your past pregnancy photos, I think your face looked a lot puffier with Phoebe than it does this time.

  5. So cute! Love your clogs :)

  6. If, as a general rule, girls make you carry everywhere, then I am IN TROUBLE if I ever have a girl. After Henry's pregnancy (an overall expansion), I hate to see what additional all-over carrying might look like.

    So terrifying.

    I'll just hide all mirrors and cameras.

  7. love the blue embroidery! sending blessings to you & the little babe :)

  8. You are such a cute preggo woman!

  9. you look incredible, Mama! And what a neat idea the totes are!

  10. You are the prettiest pregnant mama (been reading for years but rarely commenting)!

    I know you love shopping online for kiddo clothes for cheap... I found out about a site today from another blog. Sign up and get $15 applied to your account (you'll see it when you check out). Shipping is free right now too! Free clothes! Also check your email because they sent me an extra 25% off right away, so I got to add one more thing. Not sure if you get the $15 off without a referral link, so I'll attach mine if you want...

    Tell me its only a little crazy that I thought, I have to tell Grace about this... ; )

  11. You look fabulous!! I just had a baby and people thought I was crazy having fun styling my body. Now weeks 32 until the end... well I just wanted my Mommy and sweats.

  12. Such cute maternity clothes! I have a weird question - what kind of styler do you use for your hair? Some kind of large barrel curling iron? Or a straightener? Please don't say that's just your natural wave because I'll be really sad.

  13. stunning as the tops.

  14. Is it possible that with each pregnancy you are looking better and better? I think it is, because man, you make this look good!



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