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10 March 2015

Did you watch The Bachelor finale last night? Are you above it? If you are ... I'm sorry! Skip the next paragraph. Just slide riiiiiiight on down to less trashy typing.

Whitney and Chris! So sweet! In my expert opinion he totally made the right decision. I was a big Becca fan but I'm fairly certain she was the first runner-up in the history of the franchise that shed a total of no tears in the limo and it was clear she just wasn't that into him. Whit was! May they live happily ever after. They seem really happy ... please last!! But then the bombshell that is: the two bachelorettes? No. I woke up at a miraculous 8am this morning (Theo "he who wakes at 5am without fail e-v-e-r-y day" Patton is not adjusting well to the time change which works out WONDERFULLY in the morning and terrible in the evening ... whatever) and would normally be quietly cartwheeling around the room but then I remembered the idiotic announcement that was made about both Britt and Kaitlyn and my mood took a page from Bash's repertoire of happy faces ...


I was proud of Bachelor Nation (capitalized, of course!) for storming the Twitter waves and voicing their obvious disgust with the decision as well. I really, really hope that the producers are having a big fat "oh curse!!" hellish hangover this morning. And I have yet to miss a season but if Britt is the chosen one ... see ya. ABC cares, I know they do!! I really, really hope Sharleen pens a post about this insanity.

That's it! But, really - I guess this what it feels like when your team loses the Superbowl, or something? I don't know. Too invested? NEVER.

Moving on, I promise.

I'm the worst of the worst at printing (and framing! and hanging!) photos but am pathetically prolific at posting to Instagram like the phone fiend that I am so I think a happy compromise would be to just bite the bullet and print my pretties over here.

I can't remember where I read it but I know that Costco's generic brand (Kirkland, I love you) goes through insanely rigorous testing and is oftentimes proven to be even better quality than name brands. So, I'd like to propose that Kirkland go ahead and come out with a five gallon sized vat of this stuff because we've been flying through it lately and it really is a miracle worker when it comes to impossible (even old!) stains.

Boooooks. I keep starting book after book and eh. Have you read anything amazing lately? I have the gestational diabetes (just the one hour for now but ... I'm always flirting with having to take the three hour so ... we'll see) test coming up and I'd love to have something other than my phone and a sugar high along for company. Maybe I should take Rachel's inevitably sage advice?

My current favorite maternity shirt ... I just wish it came in 88 more colors.

With the warmerish weather I've been trying to slowly fill the gaps in the kids' spring and summer clothing and have been having great secondhand luck over here and here. If you do the same just stay away from sizes 12mos, 2T, 3T, and 4T ... okay? THANKS.

Simon reminded me last night that Phoebe's birthday is next month (say que?!) and I'm thinking this might be the simple cake route we take ... if any at all. J to the K ... Feebz.

Ooooookay. The majority of the kids are awake so I guess their fearless leader should figure out some dinner. I GUESS.

Happy Hump Day Eve. 

Happy indeed.


  1. I don't understand how two bachelorettes even works?! Both of them all season or the guys all pick one girl to stay? I thought it was pretty obvious the audience was not split! I love Sharleen's blog! I also found this one that is super funny! (She also posts right away for those of us that are uber-impatient! That's me)

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  3. Very confused by the Bachelor drama - but felt compelled to Google. Clearly ABC missed the memo about feminism and equality. Not exactly leaning in. Or reclining in. Or even standing near in.

    As for books, Me Before You has been the best read of 2015.

    All the Light We Cannot See is also on my list.

    Beautiful Ruins was great!

  4. I don't normally comment, but thought you'd find this recap hilarious!

  5. Okay, please don't hate me but I have never watched the Bachelor. I'm sorry. I do happen to watch other insanly ridiculous reality tv so I am above nothing. And I have been finding so much good stuff on kidizen lately! Don't worry we are in the 5t territory!

  6. Birthday cake time already???? Oh man, hard to believe that little baby P is almost a year. Criminy, where does the time go? Totally go for the easy cake route- those animal party hats are fab.

  7. I really liked Complications: a surgeons notes on an imperfect science, and I'm so-so liking Jim Gaffigan's latest book (love his shows!) but I know others who really liked it! And I think the glucose test just about covers one's Lenten sacrifice. :)

  8. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers is my all time favorite book. Check it out! I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your life with others. ;)

  9. I Capture the Castle is fantasic. Great read!

  10. (I commented and then lost it - so if this is a repeat, please forgive me) - You should read Outlander. I am not sure what genre you normally enjoy, but this has a little of everything - history, romance, sci-fi, and mystery. When my friend highly recommended it I thought she was off her rocker - a time traveling nurse who falls in love with a Scottish outlaw?!? Really?? - but she was right; it is wonderful. I think it's ruined me for awhile from other books. I finished the last book in the series last month and have yet to find another book that can hold my attention or whose characters I love so much.

    If you don't want to commit the next few months of your life to a series, I suggest Wonder (although with pregnancy hormones you may have to get the industrial size Kleenex at Costco), or the Year of Biblical Womanhood - I laughed right out loud with that one and read it in a day.

  11. Grocery store cupcakes FTW. She'll never remember and then there won't be a bunch of extra cake tempting you to sugar rush and crash.

  12. I'm not sure if nonfiction is your thing, but if it is I just finished Boys in the Boat. If you like WWII era stories, this one is for you. It's really good, I promise.

  13. Do you have a kidizen shop? I only have 3 items up, but hope to add summer stuff soon. I should have 12mo stuff also. My shop is Sugar ~N~Spice

  14. Book recs:

    1. I read Boston Girl--read Maude if you liked Boston; it's a true story. Beginning is great ending is meh, but still good. And it's a free borrow with Amazon prime.
    2. The Girl on the Train. Very good mystery. Similar to Gone Girl but not *as* dark.
    3. Still Alice is a recent favorite!! Soooooo good!!!!
    4. Wild is also a favorite.

    Still Alice is the best one I've read lately.

  15. Attachments
    The Rosie Project
    The Storied Life of AJ Fikry

    Fun reads!

  16. That is at least the third endorsement I've seen in just the past two days for the decluttering book, so perhaps the Big Guy is trying to nudge me in a certain direction :-)

    Apparently Theo and Lucy swapped, as she was up at 5:30, when she normally sleeps until 8:00. Of course she then konked out an hour later, but here I am, one Hart of Dixie down, and two cups of coffee. Guess I should be a grown-up and do some paperwork or something.

    Or just look up Bachelor recaps, because I don't watch it, but you got me totally hooked on reading recaps!

  17. Glad I'm not the only one with a toddler who wakes between 5 and 6 each day. One day I hope we make it to 6:30 or day.

  18. Oh the Bachelor....I really hope Sharlene pens something too cause I am really interested in to what her take on the two bachelorette thing is! I am however, not a fan of it....just plain stupid. hey, let's put two girls up against each other and have one lose and watch their self esteem plumet to a very low point...genius! It really better be Kaitlyn that goes on for the season....I am not the biggest fan of Britt. Chris and Whit are super cute but there is something that just feels a tad off about them and maybe it's just Chris being kind of dry that he doesn't show as much as excitement as Whitney cause girl was excited! Oh and for a book, I just read Gone Girl on my flights to Houston this past week and I loved it!

  19. I keep chuckling to myself remembering Julia's comment about telling the ladies they can buy roses at Costco.

  20. Being my first year watching The Bachelor, this will not be experienced commentary. Besides the fact that I absolutely howled at Chris' "dolphin laugh", I think Whitney was definitely into him and Becca was not. I got the distinct feeling that she was very relieved to be off the hook. Who could blame her? She moved to Cali to get life experience and something different than where she was raised and the thought of moving to middle of nowhere Iowa when she wasn't truly in love would be terrifying.
    Not sure about whose who on the two bachelorettes but the one that cried super dramatically when she went home might not be the best candidate, but what do I know.
    As far as books are concerned, I've recently read 2 fantastic books. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and
    The Girl On The Train. Best wishes!

  21. Theo's face. "I might not be the bigger boy BUT I HAVE THE BIGGER STICK YO!"

  22. I read the japanese tidying book. Our family of three go threw away 6-7 large bags of garbage, plus donated another 6-7 bags..which includes about 100 pieces of clothing. The house is the cleanest it's been since we moved in..maybe even cleaned cuz there less junk hanging around.

  23. 1. I'm still in shock over the lame-o double Bachelorette... I was also really bothered by how okay and excited Britt was about it. Didn't she hear how much more the audience loved Kaitlyn? I thought it was.. interesting that she's now wearing significantly less makeup. If she does end up being the sole bachelorette, I won't be watching. For reals. Last Bachelor thought - I was really impressed with how so many alumni were bashing this new twist, especially Sean and Catherine.
    2. Here are some books recommendations! The Night Circus, The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry, All The Light We Cannot See

    Alright, ONE LAST Bachelor comment... I thought this article was interesting and I really hope it's wrong in its prediction.

  24. Yes Please! It's the perfect amount of funny, insightful, and "I totally feel ya, girl!" snippets :)

  25. I loved Wild by Cheryl Strayed

  26. UGH the bachelorette drama. I am not a Britt fan, I find her extremely fake. Kaitlyn was hilarious when she said her first thought was "well that's not ideal." It was uncomfortable to see how uncomfortable the two girls were when they came on stage. Side note: this was my first bachelor ever! I always made fun of to friends but my husband has been out of town for the better part of the past three months so naturally I've been filling my time with this blog, Shahs of Sunset and the Bachelor. This will be my first bachelorette and I can say if Kaitlyn goes home I will not be watching. It's pretty disgusting that they are making these women fight for the approval of 25 men when the bachelorette is supposed to have that power.

  27. Try Chatbooks to print instagrams. Highly recommend.

  28. Hi, Grace! This is my first comment ever, and I'm writing to urge you to take Rachel's advice and read the life-changing magic of tidying up. The title does not lie: it is both magical and life-changing. It's a pretty quick read, and this will be especially perfect timing since you guys have a big move coming up!

    I also love babies and the Bachelor, so I feel like I can confidently say you will love this book ;)

  29. I'm a couple of days behind on blog reading so this comment is late, but I have to second every single thing you said about the Bachelor. I am so afraid that Britt will get it, because even though Bachelor/Bachelorette viewers CLEARLY prefer Kaitlyn, I think the 25 suitors and their stupid penises will fall for Britt's pretty hair and the way she'll act like everything they're saying is a-MAY-zing. Vent over. Now I have to go read all the recaps and articles about the Bachelor that were linked in this comments. :)

  30. I just finished the eight Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon. I wasn't able to put them down! I'll have to be content with Starz series based on them until the next installment comes out in about 4 years!



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