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30 March 2015

I hate to throw TOO much spice into your otherwise inevitably humdrum Monday but mom bloggers gotta mom blog about spicy things and sometimes they've gotta a weekend to recap with photos and captions. Extra spicy. You were warned.

Julia warming up to go "trick-or-treating" at the Easter egg hunt at school on Sunday. The reason for the season, folks.

Even with Simon working long after I'd gone to sleep Friday night and getting up to go back to work well before anyone was up for a quick 24 hour shift on Saturday morning ... we still managed to make the most of Sunday a la house projects and house projects. I'll keep those to a maximum, worry not.

Simon kept busting out power tool after power tool while I was like, "anyone care to admire the closet {singular} I organized?!"

Sebastian wakes up every morning asking to make cookies and so after months of saying the requisite, "we'll see" (meanest mom) I finally obliged on Saturday ...

I'm sure this makes me less of an American and the polar opposite of a foodie but I prefer my chocolate chip cookies to err on the fluffy and cakey and not very many chips side. Basically I just add cornstarch to ye old Toll House recipe. Yawn.

Not pictured: the cheerios I ate with chocolate chips sprinkled on top while the cookies were baking. I didn't come close to failing my gestational diabetes screening like I normally do so I'm living it UP for the next trimester. My postpartum self might be flipping my current self an angry bird. Maybe.

Okay, Grace. More spice!

Ah, here we have Theo finally happy after I gave in and gave him a "blue" straw ...

Isn't his blue shirt nice too?

Probably thee most exciting development went down in the bathroom because we had the bath and shower reglazed (technical term, I think?) ...

hashtag no filter.

Now if we could just reglaze the entire house .... we'd be good. No, but it made a WORLD of difference ... because when we moved in it was a lovely shade of tannish gross (aka old) so ... now I want to take the bathroom with me because while we're stressing about every last square inch of paint around here I'm looking at potential Florida houses with electric blue and/or (really!!) lime green interiors and archaically wallpapered walls. A blog post for another time. Get your eyelid props ready.

Anyway, the kind gentleman that did the glazing had to wear this getup ...

... and you know how much Phoebe loves strangers so THIS ... this sent her into a frenzy ...

She be like, "WTF"

I honestly wasn't sure she'd make a full mental recovery but soon she remembered that the kitchen she loves to destroy was still there ...

... and she found Simon's toothbrush and and went to work happily cleaning her toes so, she's good now.

And I hate to end on a somber note but ...

... goodbye my aquafresh lover. Goodbye my friend.

And aside from a most disastrous church performance by certain children on Sunday .... that was the freakin' weekend.

I hope yours was similarly wild and all kinds of cra to the zy.


  1. How do you make everything sound fun and witty? How? The world is lucky to get five of your kids, I must say. No eyelid props needed here.

    A Devoted Reader

  2. 1. I've even made chocolate chip cookies sans chocolate chips. Desperate times and all.
    2. Trying and failing to not be jealous of your shower. Maybe if I cleaned mine more??
    3. I think I'm going to go ahead and preemptively give up my kids' Palm Sunday behavior for Lent every year. Luckily, nobody's eyes were poked out and despite Sophie's best efforts, no palms were ingested, so, winning?

  3. You knocked out more in one 48 hour weekend than I have in all of 2015. It's just shameful.

    UGH and a most sad goodbye to the aqua kitchen. It's been real!

  4. I can't even bring myself to look at that last picture for too's just well, goodbye aquafresh you will be missed! And Phoebe and her wtf stare is pretty darn funny....I don't blame her one bit, I mean that guy in that suit....I'd love to know what she was thinking! Hope Julia got lots of stuff while "trick-or-treating"....hilarious!

  5. Any chance Theo is color blind? I just heard that some people see pink/purple as blue...

    1. ha! maybe! but blue is the only color he can say and the definition changes hourly (this morning it was the orange straw :)

  6. Phoebe looks like Theo in the WTF picture!

  7. I positively adore your family.

    And yes, cakey hardly any chocolate chip chip cookies are for sure the only way. Any other is just not as good.

  8. You're a rockstar mom for handling the chaos of all these house projects while trying to keep 4 little ones away from said house projects! And those are the exact kind of cookies I like to make. Personally I'm thrilled when we "accidentally" run out of chocolate chips in the dough after round one goes into the oven!

  9. Have you ever read The Child Whisperer? Phoebe seems so Type 4 to me and it makes me happy.

  10. omg that photo of Phoebe's reaction is priceless!

  11. We sold our house last fall and I had to repaint a living room wall and kitchen wall almost that exact same of what I call, easter egg blue. I was so sad! Realtors and their beige. Sheesh!

  12. Replies
    1. ha! we didn't even get palms -- I think it was the triple decker gospel that got 'em ;)

  13. whew I'm exhausted just reading your post! :)
    so said to say good-bye to the aquafresh!!

  14. I'm la la lawving these house posts! If I lived a wee bit closer you know I'd be over helping. :)

  15. We cried uncle before the homily even started. All 5 of us - out of our 2nd row pew and straight to the "cry room" (conference room with video of mass). I asked my husband if he had put Red Bull in their sippy cups. Of course the answer was no. But that is the power of the palms.



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