tropical pineapple smoothie

12 March 2015

I guess that's kind of a redundant name? But, c'est la craziest vie. Let's roll with it. Or .... blend with it. Even worse.

These won't be winning any sort of "sneaky kale" health awards. At all. But they are packed with vitamin C because of one very transparent ingredient ...

I saw a smoothie pic on Instagram with a plastic straw and several people lambasting the poster for using ... plastic. The horror. So, I'm sorry if this offends you. Sort of.

Anyway. You know how smoothie "recipes" go - nothing is ever exact because please tell me you aren't busting out measuring cups for smoothies? I hope not. But here's what I've been pretty consistently doing when we're at the weird point in the day that the kids are hungry but it's even too early to consider a geriatric-timed dinner but we've already all had a snack and second lunch. You know that time.

~ one cup frozen pineapple (or "apple sings" if you're Sebastian) chunks
~ one cup greek yogurt (we use vanilla because that's what Costco sells)
~ one and a half cups (??) almond milk (unsweetened vanilla because again, Costco)
~ one ripe banana
~ one packet or Raspberry or Tropical Emergen-C

Just blend!

Phoebe is especially fond of my creativity in the kitchen ...

did I give her a handful of semi-sweets to tide her whine-ness over until I got the smoothie made? MAYBE. Maybe.

I'd like to say something in conclusion like how much ALL the kids love them or something sunshine-y like that. And all the kids DID love them for a few weeks until Julia watched me make them and realized pineapple was an ingredient ...

... and then changed her logical little mind.

Parenting ain't easy.
Or something.


  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha Julia. That last photo sums up how I feel about Mondays.

  2. Julia's face in that last pic is not a good sell for these smoothies, hahaha!!!

  3. HAAAAA! That last picture! These actually sound so good. I have frozen pineapple the sound of the blender should bring all the kids to the yard.

  4. HOW do you get Phoebe to NOT dump her glass? That is awesome, Grace.

    1. Ha. I was standing right there :)

      She'd dump it if left alone, guaranteed!!

  5. Our go-to smoothie recipe includes frozen berries, banana, carrots, frozen greens (kale, spinach, whatever the Costco bag is too!), Greek yogurt...and whatever fruits/veggies are on the verge of going bad. Ted loves smoothies and it's honestly the only way he really gets any veggies. I never measure anything and always, always, always make too much, but we live in the desert, so smoothie dinners it is for much of the hot year ;)

  6. ok but have those plastic straw haters ever tried to wash a straw??

  7. looks so refreshing!!

  8. Did I miss something with the plastic straws? Are they like, so last season or something? Did another kind of straw take its place?

  9. Many people have jumped on the overpriced non reusable paper straw bandwagon...hence the uproar perhaps?

  10. Oh children. I had the brilliant idea to make overnight oatmeal. They LOVE oatmeal so I figured it would be a great idea. They watched me prep it and now they hate oatmeal....

  11. Her face! I'm dying. Kids are the worst/best. Love your totally honest blog.

  12. That may be my favorite photo of Julia... ever. hah!

  13. I made this, leaving out the Emergen-C, with frozen banana, and substituting coconut ice cream for the yogurt. Much less healthy, but I have no regrets.



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