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Where did you get your wedding dress? (I know - it's thee most frequently emailed question by far!)  At a little shop in Old Town Alexandria by the name of Hannelore's. The church we were getting married in didn't allow strapless dresses -which was totally fine by me but this was the era before Kate Middleton made lacey tops super popular and accessible. I wasn't too keen on wearing a bolero jacket or a shawl or having to add sleeves. So the saleslady fished a Monique Lhuillier dress out of the back that wasn't on display because it was a few seasons old. It's actually a vest, camisole, ribbon belt, and skirt. Wish I could wear it again! Maybe to a Christmas party?

Where do you find kids clothing/shoes that don't cost a fortune? The vast (vast!!) majority of the kids clothing is secondhand thanks to the generosity of a few friends, thredUP, Goodwill, and eBay. I've probably purchased fewer than five pairs of brand new shoes for all of them combined because eBay is so great for finding amazing deals on sandals during the winter and boots during the summer.

I'm just starting to blog - any tips? I wrote a (long, long winded) probably mostly unhelpful post here. Otherwise - I would advise that you read some of the blogs under my blog roll because - they better than I'll ever be.

When will Simon be finished with residency? June 30th, 2015. Rager at our place. You're invited.

Were your kids spaced intentionally? This is far and away the most popular NFP question (well - along with breastfeeding + NFP but I've had little success in the bfeeding arena so - no help there). Julia and Sebastian are 13 months apart and Sebastian and Theo are 14 months apart and - totally intentional!! You can read a super lengthy explanation right here.

Do you know of any good pregnancy workout DVDs that don't solely involve deep breathing and swaying back and forth? I do! Post here.

More Q + A right here.

Let me know in the comments if you have another! I'll update asap!!


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

Question: Do you realize that Sebastian is going to be thee most handsome man when he grows up? He already looks so distinguished.

Kristina said...

that last picture!! what an awesome memory for down the road when they get older :)

Unknown said...

Can we get a straightforward shot of your ring? It looks so pretty from the side! Also, is it made out of a different type of metal than usual? It just seems like a different shade.

Lisa said...

"Do you know of any good pregnancy workout DVDs that don't solely involve deep breathing and swaying back and forth?" So true. Cracks me up. :)

Rachael said...

What's a good way for me to remind myself of everyone's current age? I don't believe your ABOUT page, or I don't believe it could possibly be updated on a monthly basis (I'm giving myself away here...I'm really asking about Theo, of course.) i.e. post their birth dates!

Grace Marie said...

ha. I need to update that!! Everyone's birth dates are listed under birth stories but maybe I should put them somewhere more prominent. A new header ??? :)

sayin' i love you said...

Wow, your dress is super gorgeous!!! You MUST wear it again. I did the whole skirt and not strapless top thing for my wedding too :)

Grace Marie said...

haha - I think there is a photo on Instagram ... I guess I'd feel kind of weird posting a photo of the ring :) The diamonds were from Simon's grandma's ring and he had them reset so it holds a lot of sentimental value. The metal is platinum -- I think there is only one kind of platinum? But I can't be sure ...

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