Grilled Nachos

15 August 2013

some disclaimers to get the fiesta cracking:
* I blatantly stole the font idea (on the above photo) from Bridget ... plagiarism is a bad habit-o-mine
* we also thieved the grilled nacho idea from Susan ... the hostess that slays all others in the hospitality department

So. This gorgeous weather is so crazy blah blah blah. We decided to be wild and spontaneous and put our fancy nacho dinner on a pizza pan, throw it on the grill, and pray that we didn't ruin the pan and our the gourmet meal in the process. Success! This is my new super lazy dinner that will join his comrades known as "other super lazy dinners" in my current repertoire.

Why grill?? Well ... just because. The chips are crisped nicely and honestly ... I don't know. These just really hit the spot last night and I'm wondering how opposed Simon would be to round dos en esta noche?

I feel silly even giving you instructions because it's pretty easy but here you go ...

chips (we like tortilla but if you're feeling the potato ... no judgment here)
cheese (essential)
chicken (not essential but I skinned a formerly cooked rotisserie chicken so don't feel like you hafta get fance)
veggies (or one singular vegetable in our case -- un green bell pepper)
salsa (essential)
avocado (not essential)

Layer the chips, chicken, cheese, and veggies onto the pizza pan ... or you might have a grill pan? Use that if you do. And when I say layer ... multiple layers. I think I went with three layers. Do at least that many. You don't want a mountain of dry chips topped with tons of cheese etc. Layer like it's the dead of winter and you're setting out to slowly walk a marathon. Lots of layers. Make about half as much as you think you'll eat because these are deceptively filling and these do not make good leftovers. Atall.

I emailed Simon for grilling instructions and he said, "fire up the grill, put the nachos on, wait about a Corona and a half, don't be impatient, and just wait for the cheese to melt."

You should probably write that down. Pront.

Why I post recipes when there is a thing called Google and a thing called Pinterest and about 999,999 actual food blogs .... is beyond me. Dumb. Dumbest.

Okay! Once the cheese is melted and the chips are super crispy ... pour the salsa on and throw some sliced avocado on unless find your resident avocado cannibal with her victim that she snuck and ate and is now using as a vehicle for water drinking ...

  ^^^ the name of that game is GROSS.

 ^^^ but she refused to admit we were right.

Then you eat. And let the food settle with a rowdy game of "hide-and-sink" ...

^^^ after she counted to 4 ... she ran to hide, "I betcha can't find me, Dad!" aaaand don't worry! We directed her to safer hiding spots after this photo. Priorities.

I think that's it.

okay going now.


  1. So cute. : ) Sounds great!! And...I just had nachos for lunch. Pregnancy is my excuse to enjoy all things originating south of the border.

  2. I so wish I lived next i could share in the avocado cup...nummie! LOL!

    I love me some nachos no matter how they are very, very good! Job well done my friend. A recipe to be proud of.

  3. I got so confused for a splitsecond trying to figure out what a tortilla chip from potatoes would be.

    Don't worry. I'm not operating heavy machinery at the moment. I'm only endangering myself with this rousing intellect.

  4. YUM... this just might make me take my propane tank to get filled (my better half will totally thank you if that happens)

  5. This Also, perfect for my level of cooking skills, haha. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love your recipe posts - especially the Gooey Butter Cookies. Mmmm... they've quickly become a staple at our house.

  7. Grilled nachos?! Genius. And with this weather, it's irresistible. Forget lesson planning, I'm going to dive into my Corona and avocado cup.

  8. What a SUPER idea!! I never thought of that. My people would be all "Whoa! Mom made nachos for dinner?? Sweet!". I'll get major brownie points for that, but of course I will throw all cred your way. And I'm amazed that J will eat avocado. No one under the age of 30 will touch them in my house. Of course, that leaves all the yummy, guaco goodness for moi!

  9. haha your spanglish is amaze! AND I would have never thought of this- yum! Grilled anything is better, it just. is.

  10. We regularly (at LEAST) once per week do nachos on a pizza stone in the oven. Layers required. We found the hard way that if you prep them too early the meat can make the bottom layer less crispy and more chewy. FYI.

  11. I only cook things that the timing is measured in consumed alcohol. I will be adding this to the recipe book, it sounds delish. Side note: will one and a half dos Equis substitute for coronas? Or will I need to do some conversion? Is it 1.5 beers per 1 medium margarita in time? I need a chart!

    I love happy happy Theo, happy youngest babies put a smile on my face and a twinge in my overies (tmi? Most likely...)

  12. Just curious... do you speak Spanish? I've noticed you often throw a few Spanish words out there when writing your post. I'm not Hispanic but i spent much of my childhood in Latin America so I speak Spanish pretty well. Just wondering!

    1. haha. NO no no no. I wish! I took some in high school and college and I grew up in New Mexico but no! Simon is fluent. He majored in Spanish in college and then volunteered at a shower facility in Puerto Rico for a year after he graduated. He really should start speaking in espanol to the kids!! :)

      I'll cut the spanglish out!! :)

  13. Nachos awesome. Woman-child with avocado cup even better. Holy crap I'm glad you document your life for all to see!

  14. The recipe sounds delish but the Theo pic is the best part!!


  16. YUM.

    ^^^^ ?Recipe tab? Rapidamente. Gracias. ;)

  17. Because your recipes are so much more realistic for us regular people! This inspired me... for lunch today I added (leftover) chicken to my nachos. Why had I never thought of that before?!? It was delicious. The downside...the added chicken somehow MADE me had heaps of sour cream too:)

    Thank you for sharing your recipes for us Joe Shmos.


    also really really really like nachos.

  19. Hahaha love the photo with Theo. I bet these are so yummy! Nachos are da bomb.



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