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07 August 2013

Linking up with Hallie!

1. smiling at the staring speed walker passing by
2. I think this is when Simon asked, "why don't you wear your hair up anymore?"
3. and I can hear it now from Julia's future friends, "your mom is SUCH a b" ... but really I was giving Bash the old "check yourself" as he started revving his tantrum engine
3.1 blueberry bottom alert

sweater - Gap (brand new!) via thredUP
toothpaste on my legs - Forever XXI
boots - via eBay

And now down to the nit and grit with my five favorites ...

1. Well this isn't a favorite favorite but it's a fact and I'm inahurry to finish watching the Bachelorette finale even though I'm 98% sure I know what happens because of the internet and my eyes that can't unsee things on the internet. My fault mostly. Sebastian is in a lot of interesting phases right now (always ineffectively cleaning something, never ever without shoes on, mimicking every single thing Julia does) but the funniest is when he insists I wear certain things. He went fishing in the gigando mess of my clothing on the bed yesterday and came up with this and even brought me the boots when I went to put on some sandals because it's August. I don't love it because the pants are way too tight and even though it's not boiling here in St. Louis rain boots aren't totalllllly appropriate for the muggy weather but still ... here I am.

2. Mary's Pinterest boards. I'm not very good at curating pretty/interesting/useful boards as I usually hop on at some ungodly hour that Simon is working to look at the humor pins so I'm wondering if there is a copy+paste option? Because hers are works of art and I wouldn't mind just making them my own with one cheaty click of a button. Pinner Extraordinaire!! (And Mom Extraordinaire .. in December she'll have four kiddos under the age of three!)

3. Julia started saying "ya" for "you" ...

"Hey Mom!! Where are ya?!"

"Bash, what's wrong with ya?!"

"Are ya going to make me some wunch, Mom?"

etc . . .

4. ALL of the mascara recommendations on Fridays post. Awesome. I'm trying to narrow down a few to try as the two older kittens went to TOWN painting their faces with the last remaining bit of my current tube while I freaked the freak out that they had unfolded 99 loads of laundry that I folded this morning. I'm totally over it. Like 44% over it. Maybe less.

5. Last night. Theo was playing on the floor in the attic/our quarters when he fell silent and asleep. Theo is a mostly good baby but he loves a good coddle before he naps and goes to bed for the night so this was HUGE and I think I've brought it up to Simon 45 times today already. You know you're a mom when. Also to be filed under: get a life, Grace.

and I'm off to get my edification on with the most dramatic Bachelorette finale of all TIME.


  1. Four under three!?! I started following her adventures. :)

  2. Mary's blog is amazing - thanks for linking to it. And, the lipstick looks great :)

  3. that first pic of you and Julia...I'm totally in love with it. Frame it up.

  4. Love the sweater, and the accessory known as Julia. She is super cute! Mary and her 4 under 3 now gives me no room to complain! At least in a public forum...

  5. Your outfit is so adorable- you are so pretty! I love to find a good Pinterest board to be lost for a few hours in so i'm off to visit Mary's!

  6. Umm, I love that you wore what Sebastian picked for you. How awesome!

  7. I am still waiting for the toddler to just lay down and go to sleep....

  8. I love that shot of you and Julia! So cute!

  9. Don't talk about the sleeping. You'll jinx it forever. And you're such a good Mom to wear Bash's outfit. And let me know what you decide about the mascara, because I need some (mine is circa early 2012)and I'm too lazy to research for myself.

  10. I actually really like what Sebastian picked out for you. And now, I'm also going to check out Mary's blog :)

  11. Bahahaha!! "Your mom is such a b." lol! You are so funny! :)

  12. I will fall on the floor in shock if Camden ever falls asleep on the floor. Then I'd get up and do a happy dance.

  13. Sebastian has such great taste! :)

  14. The combination of the striped shirt & colored pants are so stylish. Good job Sebastian!

  15. Aw, Julia's so grown up! And I love your skinny pants with your Wellies!

  16. You look beautiful Grace! Julia is such a cutie. : )

  17. Oh, my Carson has that little shirt Julia's got on! Don't tell him, but J wears it better. :)

  18. Ohh Julia's smile is just .... beautiful

  19. I love the outfit! You've probably mentioned it before but where is the watch from?

    1. thank you! it's a cheapie from Target but it gives me a rash so ... I do not recommend it - ha!



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