7 Quick Takes

28 September 2012

Joining Jen over at Conversion Diary like I usually do.

1. I'm on day 3 of 21 of the almighty sugar detox ... and so far - so fine. Of course I'll provide obnoxious and detailed rundowns of the whole en-chee-la-duh as the weeks go by but I think my sugar-starved shakes are subsiding and a chocolateless existence is good for my mental accuity. I think.

2. We are 25% done with night float. Depressing.

3. Shorty figured out how to lace up his pointe shoes, stand on his tip toes, and open doors. Of course he is particularly interested in the door to the death stairs that does not lock.
This should end well.

4. Ashley gifted the internetters with two whole posts this week: A Short Story and An Open Letter to Food. Bless her hilarious heart.

5. Many congrats to Cynthia AND Jenna ... I la-la-la-loved both of their announcements.

6. Julia let me try to put her hair in voluminous nubs tonight ...
Someday it'll happen. Not today.

7. Did you enter the Daisy Rae giveaway? Go if no.

7.5 I didn't cry at our wedding or the births of the kids but this Justin Bieber story that I heard on the radio earlier this week totally had me in serious tears (and confused Julia to no end). Send help, I'm getting soft.  

Off you trot to see Jen and read about her adorable grandpa who gleans culinary inspiration from Pinterest like a boss.



  1. Love love love Julia's pig tails!!!

  2. Yes, seriously love the nubs. Also, I'm pretty sure Sebastian is a genius baby...he's on par with most of Marley's current milestones- you're in trouble :) Kudos to you for posting so often- I've only got one kid and I can't manage to get one post up in a week...

  3. 1) weird! Jinx on the sugar fast - even to the same day of starting! Gooooood luck sista. The hardest part for me is salty coffee. Blehhh.

    Yummy sugar-free shake sub (that only a true addict could've come up with): coconut milk (full fat, from the can) in a blender w pineapple juice (cannot be canned or its gross). Lots of ice, and a squeeze of half an orange. Really satisfies a persistent crave :)

  4. ha! Julia's nubs are hysterical.

  5. The curvy door handles that allow children to simply open all willy-nilly by the sheer force of gravity are EVIL. I don't care how lovely they are to look at (and they truly are), I spit the fire of a thousand horrible memories every time I see them. Solidarity, my friend.

  6. We had the same problem with our basement door. Slap a chain on it!

  7. I used to have that same iphone cover. what i'm saying is....we're best friends.

    Too much?

  8. I'm going to start that detox on Sunday! U totally inspired me!

    1. Now I should probably go finish off all the chocolate in the house.

  9. Thanks for the mention, Grace! Ultrasound today...btw. Crazy! That Julia is too adorable...voluminous hair and all :)

  10. Jen's grandpa mastering that recipe is true BAMF status. I love love looooove when you capture your kiddos in action. Basher's tip toes are so adorable - want to eat them up! I saw the Beebz thing on the Today show yesterday morning and cried too!! Husband thought I was crazy. But JB is a good guy. love this all!

  11. We have a door like that, no lock on it and it led outside! We use a Safety 1st Oven Lock (you slide the handle up to open it) in adult's reach so the kiddos can't get out. Works great!

  12. Woo hoo for nightfloat being 1/4 done! We're halfway through trauma as of this week.
    I think this calls for a virtual celebration! *clink*

  13. PS - Have you seen Ellen's videos of her sugar cleanse? She has several. It's just her talking backstage, but she's always funny so they are worth a watch.

  14. For Lent, I gave up refined sugar. I didn't realize how terrible my brain fog is when I'm eating sugar regularly (which is all the time right now). Good for you for taking the plunge. I vacillate between wanting to give it up and knowing I love it so.



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