Favorite Item in My Closet: Linkup

18 September 2012

You know I love a good linkup and it just so happens that the three lovely bloggers Janssen, Merrick, and Landen were hosting one today. I am allllllllll over it.

(there they are, fyi)

I decided to run with my new light denim (chambray? not sure) shirtunic. It was a recent Forever XXI purchase and I believe some fashion experts might call it an "investment piece" because it was pricey ($13) and it is obviously very well-made and timeless and will see me through countless seasons of high fashioning.

(ignore my hair - I'm going to get it cut next week for the first time since b.c. [before christmas] and I'm not sure what I'm more excited about: the forced awkward convo with the chopper or the moment she recommends I just go ahead and pull a Miley)

Okay. Left to Right.

1. Earth Muffin. I was wearing this earlier when I met Simon for lunch and he compared my attire to that of one of the attending doctors he works with who is approximately 64 years of age and set to retire any second. I don't love it either. C'est la whatevi.

2. Mediocre. I wouldn't wear this anywhere that I would be forced to remove my vest because it looks terrible. I would also maybe not wear the belt because it seriously inhibits my ability to breathe.

3. Band-Aid. Or would you call the color of that sweater more of a 'liquid foundation'? I don't know. It's obviously too tight and looks odd. I think I have about 2.3 days of wear left in those pants before they get cast into the "I'll see you in my 5th trimester" pile.

To see how they experts fared ...
click here to see Janssen's red maternity skinnies
and here to see Merrick's polkadot Maxi
and here to see Landen's yellow striped shirt

And then run and join the fun yourself because there's still time, I promise.


  1. roman numerals makes forever 21 seems WAY classier. i'm totally doing that from now on. cute link-up!

  2. If you opt for the pixie cut, let me do it, K? It's more or less what Joaquin's got going on right now, so I'm all sorts of expert at cutting it.

  3. So glad you joined in on the fun! Your captions are hilarious as always, and your outfits are fab. Need a chambray ASAP...I think I need to stop in at forever 21 one of these days.

    1. the old navy polka dot one is tdf--got it with some super cash.

  4. i love that you have tilted your head to the left the same amount in each pic.

  5. I am all about those kinds of investment pieces, even if $13 is kind of pricey for me.

  6. I actually like the last one. But then I am 5.7 years behind current fashion.

  7. So cute, Grace! And I love this idea!

  8. I love the light chambray. Where is your teal skirt from? It looks so comfy cozy! Can't wait to see what your new hair looks like ;o)

  9. Please, please, please, I beg of you...never, never pull a Miley. Oh my goodness. Can't wait to see your new "expectant mom with two toddlers" do! P.S. I would never be able to pull off the adorable things you come up with but I think you always look so put together. Actually considering my first pair eva boots and skinnies. I may need therapy to actually wear them in public.

  10. waaaaaaaaaaait. are these three pregnant sisters?! how cute!



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