7 Quick Takes

21 September 2012

Joining Jen and company once again.

1. Not complaining but simply informing you that it feels like someone has taken an ice pick to my throat and then thrown buckets of salt in the dramatized wounds due to a self-diagnosed seal cough. I'll live, obviously (but not before I tell the internet ALL about it!!!). I'm just happy to give Simon yet another feather for his saint wings after he endured last night's hours of coughing, medicating, and repeating.

2. I've been having really great luck finding "gently used" shoes for the offspring on eBay. Sebastian has an alarmingly wide foot and I found a pair of w i d e boots for 99 pennies and these for $4.99 that have been a lifesaver because he doesn't howl like an infant hyena after 4 minutes of circulation killing wear and we can take him out in public again without him looking barefoot and trash-ay.

See? Couch shopping in comfort.

(I believe this was taken shortly after I let Simon deal with the always fun "dirty diaper but nary a wipe in my invisible diaper bag to be found" situation c/o one eldest daughter)

3. I was a Pumpkin Spice diehard until I tried the Salted Caramel Mocha the other night and I don't think I can ever return to my former flame again. I've been salting my morning coffee to get a similar effect which is about a 95% fail but I just saw that the store now sells salted caramel mocha creamer. Can you hear my smile from there?

4. I was having a little four minute funk fiesta for myself this morning on the couch with the back of my hand meeting my forehead and all when I heard the kids being ............... quiet. I waited 3 seconds too long before going to find both of their dressers emptied and both pods of infant and adult Vicks Vapor Rub open and all over their stupid little faces. Sebastian had also moved onto the greener pasture of sucking down a tube of diaper rash cream. It's like they have no toys, no food, and no fun --- ever. They are both grounded indefinitely although that means absolutely nothing in their socially starved little lives.

5. Caroline added more things to her awesomely affordable blogshop -- check it here.

6. Many thanks to fellow resident wife Janel for her sweet birthday post for little J yesterday!

7. I'm with Cari in hating the new Blogger interface. Hate. Blogspot better listen.

7.6 Am I the only Silverstone that has no clue what "oxblood" is/means/does? Probably. 




  1. this sounds very familiar. I banished the hubster to the couch due to his coughing this week. Feel better soon!

  2. So sorry you are sick. Sick+pregnant=sucks. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. oxblood = really gross name for maroon

  4. 1. A has wiiide feet too...I have loads of wide shoes I can send you free of charge - lemme know which sizes.

    2. Thanks for the shout out!

    3. Oxblood is just fancy for burgundy. Fashion people make laugh with their wordage. I just say "dark red.". I am from the South though.

    4. I like being the less saintly parent - keeps Asher's expectations low. ;)

  5. I've been wanting to try the salted caramel, but have been hesitant to abandon my first love, the Pumpkin Spice. I'll consider your recommendation and maybe give it a shot.

  6. Ooooh... the salted caramel mocha. Deadly. I think I was almost mad at the friend who introduced me to it because once I had one, I was completely addicted. Our neighborhood Starbucks ran out of the salt once (ran out of salt???), and I actually wanted to write and complain about it. Because I was really, really, really that upset. So, yeah, the salted caramel mocha... amazing.

    And I'm sorry you're sick! Pregnant mama of two littles + being sick is just no good at all :(.

  7. Blogger is making me anger-ree! I heard they are getting rid of feedburner :/ what's an obsessed blogger to do?

  8. Salted caramel mocha - in a class of its own. It will be in heaven, I'm convinced!

  9. I had the salted caramel mocha for the first time yesterday. And I was like Oh. My. Dayum.

  10. The salted caramel made me sick. Sad day, friend.

  11. Ugh, I feel you on #1. I have had a terrible cough for the past few days too. I tried to convince myself that it was just allergies, but this morning Ben finally made me come to terms with reality that I am just plain sick with a nasty cold. Thankfully, he was a sweetie and despite having just come off a 24 hour shift, went to Walgreens to retrieve me some preggo-safe cough medicine. If you could order an extra pair of saint wings for Ben that would be greatly appreciated. :o)

  12. Oops, new items are at

  13. I'll weigh in here and say I loathe the new format as well. So frustrating. Sorry to hear you're feeling sick though. That's how I was the day I went in to have the baby. I was so sick, I just wanted them to knock me out.

  14. lol... I love this post, made me smile :)

  15. Last year my coworker introduced me to the salted caramel.....think i had one every day for a month.

  16. Oxblood, yes... My favorite fashion phrase currently is "vegan leather." let's just say pleather and be done with it!



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