blurry for a reason

17 September 2012

you mean to tell me your cellular takes better pics? right. 

I hadn't yet taken the 18 necessary minutes to unpack and brush off my maternity pants until Julia gave me a little piece of her kind mind this weekend. After the not-quite-2-year-old watched me get dressed (as she always does) she furrowed her yogurt covered brow, gave me a quick up-down, and settled her stare on my pants before exclaiming, "too tight!!" and laid any of my potential insecurities to rest. Just like that.

(Honest Toddler who?)


  1. That's better than my daughter asking me if I'm having another baby when I'm so obviously not.

  2. Oh my. Imagine the comments when she is a teenager.....!

  3. Julia cracks me up!!

  4. Maybe you should come to my house, where my four year old tells me, " Mom you look so beautiful! You look exactly like Bob the Builder." Can he build your confidence? Yes, he can!

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  6. Last year 6 teachers were pregnant at my school. I got married less than 2 months ago and upon meeting one of my students for the very first time they asked me, "Is it your turn to be a pregnant teacher this year?"

    Thank you child.

  7. Ouch Jules, not cool, not cool at all.

  8. When learning sizes, Miriam summed it up with "Joseph little, Miriam little, Daddy medium, Mama BIG!"

    kids can be meanieheads

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