7 Quick Takes Friday

13 September 2012

Hello and a very merry welcome to all you newcomers hailing from Jen's place! And to all you oldcomers: your welcome mat is still there but just a little bit less merry. You understand.

I'll cut right to the takes ...

1. Many days before the kids go down for their naps and Julia has indulged in eight too many goblets of whine and Sebastian has consumed far too many bowls of toilet I vow to myself and to Simon if he is free and lucky enough to talk to his docile spouse at that particular moment that I WILL LEAVE THE HOUSE ALONE TONIGHT. And then I never ever do only because I'm able to talk myself down from the crazy during naps. I'm happy to talk to an adult by the time Simon gets home and you know ... dinner, walk, bath, wall stare, bed, up to check on Julia's imaginary booboo, back to bed, up to rock Sebastian out of his shark teeth cutting tantrum, back to bed, up to tell Julia that if she wakes up one more time ....... those things all get in the way. But tonight? I did. I loaded the kids up on pumpkin cake, left them in horrible overly sugared moods and in dire need of serious (as opposed to those not so serious) baths. Simon, I'm sorry, please forgive me I know exactly what I did, and thank you. I just know I'll be the picture of peaceful and tranquil mother all day tomorrow. No harried phone calls. Almost promise.

2. I'll be 22 weeks along tomorrow and had an ultrasound earlier this week.
baby no nose Patton

The tech said that she, "DEFINITELY could tell the gender" which would of course lead suspicious parties to believe that it's a boy but I am 98% convinced it is a girl. I was also quite certain that Sebastian was a girl. So, we'll see.

3. I had one of those fleeting "I've got everything under control! Why do I ever complain about anything? I'm so silly!" moments earlier this week. I loaded the kids into the cart at Costco and made it through the store relatively quickly with zero meltdowns and marched triumphantly outside to the car to find both sliding van doors left very much ajar by a one Mrs. Hasittogether. Luckily, the suburban parking lot thieves in the market for fruit snack wrappers and matching car seats smelling of delicious toddler weren't on the premises at the time and our vessel was left unscathed.

4. I'm at a coffee shop and there are two girls(nursing students?) talking about the proper procedures when catheterizing a male patient. It's urethra a little bit bladder distracting.

5. Julia is going to turn the big t-w-o next week ...
... which is funny because everything about her just screams "so muh-tour" to me.

6. Did you nod off? I've got just the smelling salts for you ... Ashley never disappoints and I will worship her knack for making me laugh (from a safe distance) for all eternity.

7. A big thanks and an e-hug held a little bit too long out to Jen for letting me guest host this week's Quick Takes. I know I'm not alone in saying that I CANNOT WAIT to watch her show's pilot. I'm going to go all out when it airs ... a new popcorn Pinterest recipe, a little swallow of sparkling Moscato, and some restraint not to email her about all 58 of my absolute favorite moments. It'll be great.


  1. First comment! (busting out some internet article troll behavior right there)

    So. You went somewhere alone? Traitor!

  2. I am cracking up over here about the doors being open in the Costco parking lot. This is exactly something I would do except I don't have sliding doors on my car! Thank goodness, now that I think about it.

    Isn't it so nice to get away a-l-o-n-e? Bliss! Glad you got some time to yourself!

  3. I have gone on errands, only to return home and realize I left the front door standing open. Thanks for hosting this week and congrats on your newest little one!

  4. Look at that sweet baby!! I'm throwing my guess in the ring right now: boy. Boy, boy, boy.
    But then again, I'm rarely right in this guessing category...

  5. #7 cracks me up. Glad you can make even e-hugs awkward. :)

  6. As for your #2, I always say as long as it's one or the other! We're good.

  7. I used to say I didn't want to find out my babies' genders until their birthday, but I do not do well with surprises or waiting (meaning, if my husband tells me he has a present for me, HE WILL DIE A PAINFUL DEATH if he doesn't give it to me right then and there) so of course I am counting down to the "big reveal" ultrasound with this little minion. (Five weeks and four days if you're interested.)

    Did you enjoy your big night out, in spite of the bladder talk? One of the perks of working outside the home is that I do get adult interaction all day long - well, theoretically, as some of the adults at my work act like toddlers. I do often wish I could stay home with my minions, though, even after I read your posts about glasses of whine and bowls of toilet :-)

  8. That is such a boy. Or a girl. Definitely one of the two.

    Thanks for being the hostess with the mostest!

  9. Hosting today?! Fancy!

    I can't even tell you how many times I have left one or both of the vans sliding doors open in the parking lot. The only reasons I can think of why no one has robbed us blind are A) we own nothing especially attractive to thieves and B) the interior of our van looks as if it was already tossed by a previous gang of bandits. And the smell . . . I'm sure the smell of eight bodies crammed into a van, four of them completely restrained in harnesses, is the surest way to make people steer clear. Don't you want to take a road trip with us?

    As for getting out of the house . . . well, my latest Facebook update was how much I enjoyed grocery shopping alone for the first time in 1200 years. I feel you, sister.

  10. the open van door scenario? i've done the same thing except with the front door of our house. yes, i left the door wide open for two hours while i ran errands. the door faces the street, and all that time anyone driving by could look straight in and see our stairs and part of our living room.

    easy pickings for anyone who was so inclined ... luckily no one wasn't!

    thanks for hosting quick takes friday!

  11. Congrats on letting Jen trust you to host! She must know something we don't. I kid. I kid.

  12. Congratulations on the BOY!!!!! Julia is going to be in testosterone heaven! lol! I can't wait to hear the name whenever you two decide on it!!! Maybe Julia and Sebastian would have some good input? ;)

  13. when eXACTly is J's birthday? want to make sure to return, or send a card at least from 'en.

  14. So, are you finding out if it's a boy or a girl? Or keeping it a surprise?

  15. Hi! Thank you for hosting the 7 Quick Takes this week! I always enjoy finding new blogs to follow! Love the pic of your daughter eating yogurt. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I always have to know the gender (we've had 5 so far and I've never been able to hold out). How fun!


  16. I have totally done the sliding doors thing. That heart stopping moment when you first glimpse your stupidity then the dawning realization followed closely by shaky relief that worst case scenario someone saved you the hassle of cleaning the junk out yourself! Gooood times! Great guest host of the beloved QT btw!! Happy Friday!

  17. I love your take on the van doors! We van drivers never need to worry about being burglarized, right? :)

  18. Hey, I've never linked up for quick takes does one go about that? Here's the link to mine..

    1. never mind... I figured it out!

  19. I am going with girl- that can be just as clear depending on how immodest your girl is (I am already worried about Lucy).

    Also, I literally cannot count the number of times I have left one or both automatic doors open for hours while I am in a store/coffee shop/play place. It does not help that our van malfunctions all the time and when the doors are just about latch closed, they re-open without my knowledge. I hope someone steals our nasty-A car seats one of these days, then I would not have to clean them.

  20. Congrats on the news!

    Our doctor had informed us that our first child would be a boy and we were happily celebrating the fact at our Lamaze class. The nurse asked us who our doctor was and she said, "Buy green and yellow baby stuff. He's wrong about half the time." We got to be surprised at birth, too, even though we'd peeked! (Our first was a boy)

  21. Fun shoes!

    Congrats on the baby...We will all enjoy another character in your daily life.

  22. Always loving your bloggy. Makes my day...because my crazy life feels a little less crazy.

  23. i have left our car doors open so many times in the last 8 weeks. such a problem. luckily no one seems to want our crap and the 3 car seats smashed across the back of our brand new 1998 camry seem to ward off any car thieves.

  24. My guess is boy. There were tons of boy hints like that that my tech dropped with both boys. With Christopher she said "he" accidentally. With Andrew at 13 weeks they said they could clearly tell? They also kept turning the screen away saying "opps don't want anything to pop out at you!" Now tell me what else would "pop out"? lol With Evangeline she said she had a hard time seeing the gender (we didn't know, but they needed to record it) and said the legs were crossed. Not many boys cross their legs :) So crazy we even bothered trying to keep it a secret till the end. There were so many little clues along the way.

  25. the van door thing. I totally did that last week....twice. I blame the power doors.

  26. Oh my goodness. #3. totally did that last month on vacation. Left one minivan door open while we ran into the Target Starbucks, and God bless the people of Birmingham who left all our stuff alone even though we had all our $$$$ electronics and a week's worth of beach stuff so nicely packed up for the taking.

    I totally dreamt my boy babies were going to be girls and my girl babies were going to be kittens. Two of each, and I was consistent. But somehow I never could bring myself to trust the system.



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