Julia Says

29 September 2012


Because Simon is golfing, Sebastian is sleeping, Julia is busy with a teeth brushing marathon, and this mom don't wanna miss a thing ...

potato - "tut-tato"
tomato - "tut-tato"
tortilla - "tut-teeya"
Sebastian (with affection) - "bashy-cakes"
Sebastian (with malice) - "no, bashy, no!!"
Dad (with affection) - "daddy"
Dad (with malice) - "Si-mun!!"
Mom (with affection) - "mommy"
Mom (with malice) - "no!"
no - "no"
yes - "no"
I don't know - "no"
go away - "no"
hospital - "daddy house"
hospital - "fwench fwies"
Nana - "banana"
Grandma - "campa"
Grandpa - "campa"
box - "pwesent"
necklace - "neckwace"
bracelet - "neckwace"
train - "train"
truck - "train"
car - "train"
there is soap all over the bathroom - "washed hands"
Sebastian is playing in the toilet - "bashy trubo"
I'm climbing the stairs - "care-fo"
Sebastian is climbing the stairs - "don't faw!!"
I don't like this food - "bashy want it"
I need my clothes off - "open it"
Get this band-aid off my shirt - "open it"
I don't want to go to bed - "I sceeered"
I don't want to go to bed - "Band- aid?"
I don't want to go to bed - "snuggo?"
I'm awake - "goo mowning"
I'm awake - "coffee?"
I'm awake - "mommy?"
I'm awake - "daddy?"
lipstick - "mips"
Vaseline - "mips"
Vicks Vapor Run - "mips"
lotion - "notion"
shampoo - "notion"
ranch dressing - "notion"
peanut butter - "piddy budder"
I'm hungry - "piddy budder"
bra - "boobies"
underwear - "boobies"

If this list is at all indicative ... I'd go ahead and guess that Sigh-mun and myself get a big fat "A" for applaudable in our parenting class.


  1. Haha!!

    Asher's choicest words:

    I see you: Aww Shiii*

    Duck: Fu**

    Phone: Fu**

    Fork: Fu**

    Juice: Jew (I cringe when I imagine him at his school, which is a synagogue school, when he demands more juice at snack time, since we are not Jewish at the moment)

  2. Ha! I love how many things go on her "mips". So hilarious.

  3. Claire says mips for chapstick too. Soul sistas, obviously.

  4. My 3 yr old son refers to my nursing pads as my boobs. "Here Mom, I found your boob." he'll say to me as he walks out of the laundry room with a round, white nursing pad. And then he'll laugh "tee hee hee". We're a bunch of weirdos.

  5. My 2 year old uses "no" interchangeably as well ... always crystal clear!

  6. hilarious! the picture is awesome, especially that you caught her mid-air... love!

  7. "bashy want it."
    Hilarious. She's one smart cookie, that one. My oldest is constantly pawning things, blame, food off on my youngest.

  8. Love how neither one of her feet are touching the ground as she runs. Nice shot of her in motion Grace.

  9. Hahaha love it. I want to be her friend.

  10. I loved the list, but I especially loved the picture. It looks like she is air running!

  11. Yes, you and Simon get an A++. GG says she is talking a lot!

  12. Julia is TOTALLY the best!! "Bashy trubo".....Love that!!

  13. This list is amazing. Especially mips. This list is different in specifics but the same in substance as the vocabulary of my just-turned-two son. He uses the same work for truck and clock - it is pronounced clock, minus the L. The very very important L.

  14. Love the picture and impressed with the vocabulary.
    Hope today worked out for you!

  15. I'm going to start calling peanut butter "piddy budder"! Lol!

  16. i want to vote for her as president.

  17. "Daddy house" - kind of sad.

  18. Julia is just adorable! My favorites are "Si-mon!" "no, Bashy, no!" and "Bashy want it". My husband was probably wondering why I was giggling so much!

  19. Bahahaha!! Daddy's house! That alone would be enough for me to garner some major mommy points toward whatever comfort vice I might be obsessed with at the moment!



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