Sunday Report

22 January 2012

hello internet.

Reporting live from a wild Sunday of screwing up row after row of purl and/or knit stitching while attempting to make this cowl.  So far, so bad. I might have to call it quits and settle for a lengthy potholder/ferret saddle/pretend king size Snickers bar if things don't start looking up soon. Sebastian is providing a grunty soundtrack for the relaxing activity while Simon and Julia take their afternoon naps.  You know you care.

And in even more exciting toddler development land ... while Julia still hasn't learned the word "no" (praise all things good and holy) she learned how to shake her head this morn which just might be worse.

Sebastian has added approximately zero to his skill set today or ever.

Ending and apologizing for setting the bar lower than ever before in postland.

And back to my yarn sweat box I gleefully trot.


  1. I can't wait to see the finished product. If we ever meet in real life, we shall recognize one another by our "nailed it!" cowls.

  2. "Ferret saddle"...hahahaha That is all.

  3. lazy Sundays, my favorite. although if I were to attempt to knit anything, well, that would be the highlight of my year, oh yes it would.

  4. Can we get a video of Julia shaking her head???

  5. All the cool people are making cowls these days. Am I gonna have to jump on this bandwagon? Say it ain't so!

    I cracked up at 'ferret saddle'. Awesome :)

  6. Thoroughly impressed that you're trying to teach yourself knitting, almost impressed enough to be inspired to do so myself. Almost...



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